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03 March 2018


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Pacifca Advocate

You, apparently, are looking at a very different place than the Russia our host is talking about.

Sid Finster

When I lived in Ukraine, it blew the minds of people who had been educated in the Soviet days that I was able to get into university without having first mastered basic subjects like multivariable calculus.

The experience of Ukrainians who grew up under the post-Soviet system is rather different.

Sid Finster

I have been all up and down Russia. The whole country is crawling with smart people.


Indicting Seth Rich seems a bit cruel seeing as he is dead.


To boil it all down, we seem to have two choices, a reset of our relations with Russia, or an arms race with continued confrontations. In our country, to discover which policy our government will pursue, all one needs to ask is "Which policy will most enrich the already wealthy?" Here, I'm willing to bet the "further enriches arms dealers at public expense" side wins.



But indicting some random Russians who will never be extradited is also an exercise in futility. But of course the goal is propaganda, not prosecution.

I know TTG is waiting with baited breath for the indictments, as he will claim this proves the DNC was hacked.

As I said earlier, I laugh now rather than wait for my enjoyment.



"some random Russians" What's the basis for calling those indicted "random Russians?" do you know something I don't know? pl


Looks as though the next Litvenenko pack of lies is being lined up.

"Critically ill man is former Russian spy

A man who is critically ill after being exposed to an unknown substance in Wiltshire is a Russian national convicted of spying for Britain, the BBC understands.

Sergei Skripal, 66, was granted refuge in the UK following a "spy swap" between the US and Russia in 2010.

He and a woman, 33, were found unconscious on a bench at a shopping centre in Salisbury on Sunday afternoon."


Mike from the Galapagos

although interesting, the article you cited validates some claims which are common talking points in the MSM but have been widely discredited in this blog and other authoritative corners of the independent media, like the so called use of chemical weapons by Damascus, or the so called invasion of Eastern Ukraine by Russian troops. Both are lies.


A chance to chase some of the war clouds away... in Yemen...

Stand Up For Peace, Call Your Senator https://www.antiwar.com/blog/2018/03/05/stand-up-for-peace-call-your-senator/
During the month of March, the Senate will vote on ending U.S. military involvement in the Saudi-led war in Yemen, which has plunged Yemen into the world's largest humanitarian crisis.

S.J.Res. 54 would withdraw U.S. armed forces from this war that is now entering its third year. Because Congress has never authorized this war, this legislation is required to come up for a vote on the Senate floor in the coming weeks.
Call Your Senator and Urge Them to Support SJ Res. 54
+1 (202) 899-8938

Is there any chance that citizens could prevail on this issue?
How invested is the Borg in the Yemen issue? Has the humanitarian crisis gotten bad enough for the US to address it?


Yes. Since I don't believe the Russian government hacked the DNC, then by definition it will likely be some random Russians indicted - either random Russians in the Russian government or random Russians not demonstrably connected to the Russian government.

Either way it will establish nothing about the alleged DNC "hack". It will be interesting to see if the indictment provides any actual evidence or is just another bill of assertions.


Tha basic educational system in Russia is uniform; please check this on your own. The following data is for 2014, when Russia was still considered for evaluation. Since then, the "reviewers" pretend that Russian Federation does not exists. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2014/09/13/24-7-wall-st-most-educated-countries/15460733/
"These are the most educated countries in the world.
1) Russian Federation
> Pct. population with tertiary education: 53.5%
> Tertiary education spending per student: $7,424 (the lowest)
More than 53% of Russian adults between the ages of 25 and 64 had some form of higher education in 2012, more than in any other country reviewed by the OECD. The country has reached this exceptional level of attainment despite spending among the least on tertiary education. Russia's tertiary education expenditure was just $7,424 per student in 2010, roughly half the OECD average of $13,957. Russia was also one of just a few countries where education spending declined between 2008 and 2012."


Goof grief. Graham reminds me of a devious, conniving old time imperial eunuch.


'The compulsive hatred of President Putin in élite western circles has surpassed anything witnessed during the Cold War.'

Did that old video interview of Madeleine Albright lusting after Siberian natural resources actually exist, or was it just my imagination ?

Babak Makkinejad

Hey, I said that first on an earlier thread; "round up the usual suspects."


The system is rotten at the core: https://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/the-politicization-of-the-fbi/
"The Politicization of the FBI," by Joseph E. diGenova, Former U.S. Attorney:
"I spent my early legal career as a federal prosecutor. ... I have never witnessed investigations so fraught with failure to fulfill the basic elements of a criminal probe as those conducted under James Comey. ... A great disservice has been done to the dedicated men and women of the FBI by Comey and his seventh floor henchmen. A grand jury probe is long overdue."

Robert Bernard

This site tracks influence operations by Russia:



The Litvenenko II story is the lead headline on every single British newspaper (bat one) this morning.

The BBC website makes the points every other paper makes:

"The parallels are striking with the 2006 case of Alexander Litvinenko.

He, too, was a former Russian intelligence officer who had come to the UK and was taken ill for reasons that were initially unclear.

In that case, it took weeks to establish that the cause was deliberate poisoning, and it took close to a decade before a public inquiry pointed the finger of blame at the Russian state.

Officials are stressing that it is too early this time to speculate on what happened here or why.

The police are not even yet saying a crime has been committed, but if the similarities do firm up and Moscow is once again found to be in the frame there will be questions about what kind of response might be required - and whether enough was done in the past to deter such activity being repeated."


In the early stories it was said they had been poisoned by some extremely toxic optoid derivative, but this meme now seems to have disappeared from the story. ( know nothing about optoids except that they are a big thing in The States).


Sorry, don't know my optoids from my opioids. Tracked this down from The Guardian:

"Earlier on Monday there were suggestions that fentanyl, a synthetic opioid many times stronger than heroin, which can be fatal in small doses, may have been involved in the incident."



Kurt Volker, a regular profiteering opportunist of incompetent kind, is propagandizing more "democracy on the march" on the Russian borders. Note that a mass slaughter of civilian population has become a thing du jour for the US State Department: https://www.fort-russ.com/2018/03/trumps-kurt-volker-promotes-ethnic-cleansing-donbass/
During a panel discussion at the Hudson Institute, Special Representative of the US State Department on Ukraine Kurt Volker issued a battle cry for ethnic cleansing in eastern Ukraine: “The so-called Lugansk People’s Republic and the Donetsk People’s Republic are the entities created by Russia with the aim of generating in place of political reality in order to help disguise the role of the Russian Federation and to strengthen the ongoing conflict, and they must be eliminated…”
-- Had this this weasel really believe that his audience was made of late-Alzheimer patients who did not remember the 2014 coup d’etat arranged by the unholy inion of the State Dept, the ziocon Kagans’ clan, and Ukrainian neo-Nazis? The coup has produced the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine.
It has become a new normal among the State Dept. senior-level personal to show their lack of dignity and honesty. What kind of family has produced the bloody subhuman filth of Volker?


Out of all this Litvinenko 2.0 BS may come some good. As much as I am a fan of EPL in general and FC Chelsea in particular, I hope England keeps her word and boycotts WC 2018. English National Team is just plain colorless. This boycott may open the berth for my (and huge swaths of Russian fans) beloved Italian National Team and GiGi Buffon will see his final WC sent-off. This is not a tongue in cheek statement--I really hope so. The moment this possibility was conveyed through English tabloids, the most upvoted post in comments section on one of the major Russia's sports sides was: "Give us Italy!"


Russians love them some of this Italian football.

Sarah B
Officials are stressing that it is too early this time to speculate on what happened here or why.

Except maybe for Johnson, who has already opened his big mouth and menaced with withdrawing from the 2018 WC in case it is proven that the Russians did it.

Such a sudden reaction, after the Federal Assembly Address, smells of false flag more than any other thing....

Why the Russians would need to do such a clumsy performance right now? For not to mention the foggy Litvinenko, where their implication was not proved, along with other misterious deaths like that of Mr. Berezovsky, when it is said he was going to collaborate with the Russians after being pardoned by Mr. Putin
Totally at odds with the flamant and lively project Mr. Putin presented before the assembly.

I wonder what David Habakkuk has to say about this....


The tabloids and Boris the Buffoon have been pushing this Remove English Team from World Cup shit, but I can't see any English politician surviving for ten minutes if they actually force this through.

I've refused to watch this Litinvenko II shit on the television but I am assured by friends that the BBC have actually been approaching the story with some scepticism. Perhaps they could be regaining some independence.


Looks like false alarm, UK's Foreign Ministry rushed to "clarify" Boris' statement that the only boycott will be "diplomatic", whatever that means. No worry, English lads will be received with enthusiasm and, surely, will have their share of Russian fans. I remember Man U fans getting to Rostov last year on UEFA CL preliminaries with FC Rostov, they were absolutely stunned with the level of hospitality and friendliness.


I suspect and hope you're right.

I'm reading Alex Nunn's book on Corbyn and one of the points he makes most convincingly is that the more the MSM overkill a point - Corbyn is a terrorist, Ban English team from Russia - the more people support whatever it is they are attacking.

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