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06 March 2018


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It looks like SF have since updated their article. These images appear to be of a film titled "Revolution Man" which is about a journalist who helps fabricate false evidence of a chemical attack.

Nevertheless, I have seen White Helmets engage in the so-called mannequin challenge in which they staged a rescue on film (source linked below).



Could someone read the "clap" ?
We need to be careful, it could be backstage pictures, taken during filming a movie to be released this week on the Syria war :

Revolution Man, a new movie by Najdat Anzour, the stalwart of Levantine Cinema, 2 open in 2 days.

It accuses rebels of staging CW attacks, White Helmets of acting out fakes rescues, & a Western journo of covering for everyone to win awards.

Seamus Padraig

Vanessa Beeley has been covering the 'White Helmet' hoax from the start. Here's her FB page: https://www.facebook.com/vanessa.beeley

She's the senior editor of 21st Century Wire: http://21stcenturywire.com/


After my NBC recon & decon training in the army I about want to puke whenever I see white helmets 'operating' in 'sarin poisoned area' - sometimes wearing flip flops, sneakers, short pants, t-shirts, without gloves etc pp.

Magically, they are immune to all that poison they find. Amazing! I am sooooooooo jealous!

Alas, I wished I'd have been as immune, then I could have spared a lot of time invested in dressing in rubber overalls or these overgarment suits.

Admittedly, the immunity to Sarin to me is rather very much implausible.

The white helmets are, to be polite, drooling idiots, playing a piss poor script directed by a clown regisseur.

If the area was as 'sarined" as they assert, they'd be very dead. Alas ... now, point is: This is not about evidence or reality, but simply about gruelty propaganda.

This gruel was all ... Assad! He uses poisonous ... poison! The vile creature! ...

Well, if he uses so nasty poison, why can these white helmeteers survive and run around like playing beach games? Who knows, maybe there will be a new group come up next, the "white chicks", an all girl group, who wear white NBC-resistant sexy bikinis ...



I have a problem with the writer's handwriting, but the line across the top seems to say "the zima or mazima (whatever that is) general (adjective) for the cinema. pl


The pictures linked by Southfront and on that Facebook page are from the production of a movie sponsored by the Syrian Ministry of Culture and the Syrian National Film Organization. A trailer is attached to the tweet below.

Walid, the source below is deemed reliable:
Walid @walid970721
A new movie "Revolution Man" directed by Syrian director Najdat Aznour. Deals with rebel propaganda ,#WhiteHelmets fakery, child soldiers & the role of western media in demonizing the government . See photos on facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Revolution-Man-Movie-%D9%81%D9%8A%D9%84%D9%85-%D8%B1%D8%AC%D9%84-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%AB%D9%88%D8%B1%D8%A9-993146510832449 …) Opened in #Syria on Feb. 22.
9:21 PM - 27 Feb 2018

The full link from the tweet above

A hint that these pictures were not of the real White Helmets is the girl with the clapper board in one of the pictures. It is highly dubious that the White Helmets would allow a girl in her cloth on their sets.


Quite correct, the theatrics generally shown off in their footage as well as the - for a so-called "rescue-group" - bizarre obsession with PR in the form of competing for rewards should raise red flags as to their MO. That MO certainly isn't to merely provide limited relief nor to try and arrive at a resolution to the war they are a part of, and that they continue to be literally jammed into the screen at publicity events such as the Oscars and the Nobel Prize also is a give-away that certain circles of our esteemed elites want to continue keeping this agitprop-project in the limelight, come what may.

Another thing: in the following post John_Frank suggested regarding the way Mattis phrased several responses during a Q&A that said responses would not show the Secretary of Defense being doubtful about allegations of C-Weapons use:


Thing is, the WaPo now claims that the barrage of manufactured images, primarily provided by the likes of the "White Helmets", has had its effect on Trump if the following article is to be believed - and one of the obstacles to him ordering another round of pointless fireworks as last year has been none other than Mattis:


The denial that such discussions took place at all aside - which is also plausible, given how much another flurry of military strikes on SAR would fit the wishful thinking of the hivemind that is our FP elites - the key paragraph in the article alleging Mattis' unwillingness to go along with such action is this:

"One senior administration official said that Mattis was “adamantly” against acting militarily in response to the recent chlorine attacks and that McMaster “was for it.” "

If true, this would confirm that the Secretary's vague, non-committal choice of words back in February was in fact an expression of reluctance to go along with the playbook acted out by so-called activists and "White Helmets", for one thing that's clear in those remarks was that their shock-images are just not a good enough substitute for evidence.


A war looking for an excuse to happen.



Whatever the merits of this film, I must say that the scope and intensity of rebel propaganda efforts are impressive. They have a profound effect on Americans largely uninformed of foreign realities and that group includes DJT who is intelligent but profoundly ignorant of anything outside his business world. pl


@Pat I agree.

The White Helmets propaganda campaign is run by the British MI6 with heavy U.S. support. The photographers and directors of the clips are well trained (and paid). They know exactly what and how to shoot their pictures. I once put up a collection of 40+ White Helmets photos all showing "man with kid on arm (smoke in the background) runs towards photographer".

Such would be a once-in-a-lifetime lucky shot for any professional war photographer. The WH have created whole series of these.

robt willmann

Seamus Padraig,

Yes, I agree that Vanessa Beeley is a good source. Her father was Sir Harold Beeley, a British diplomat and historian, and very active in the Middle East--



As a youngster, she certainly would have observed and absorbed some of her father's perception and analysis about the Middle East. Although her thoughts and attitudes may have become greatly skewed such that she now has blinders on, I do not think that is the case. Whether she may jump to conclusions based on minimal information is difficult to know. Regardless, I think she is acting in good conscience and is not a propaganda front.


SF has taken that link down as of 9:54 PST



I am going to leave it up. We will continue to post on White Helmet and SOHR propaganda efforts. pl



This affirms the importance of having a "distribution deal" lined up when working in media. Even more important than copious financing.


The latest video from Vanessa Beeley (which uses my 44 pics series)

WHITE HELMETS "Manufacturing Consent" for War in Syria


Russophobia has become so huge and powerful that it is actually funny at times.
Remember that Russian sub in Sweden?
John Helmer reviews the facts and the hype.
Sweden spent $3Million on this hoax, and USA msm has never even attempted to explain away their breathless hype and misinformation.
> There was also a [50]storyline [50] [51]about [51] [52]a [52] [52]“suspicious man in black”. [53]Here [53] [53]is the picture of him shown in the media:
> [54]
> The media in the [50]US [50] [51]speculated [51] [52]endlessly [52] [52] that he might be a member of the Russian special forces who had abandoned the damaged submarine (even though the story about the emergency distress call was a lie), swam ashore (after rigging his sub to explode), and was searching for his Swedish “sleeper agent”.
> It turns out that the person was [55]Ove [55], [55] a local [56]retired [56] [57]Swede [57] [57]who was fishing for trout.


English Outsider

Outthere - "Russophobia has become so huge and powerful..."

Media working very hard on attempted murders of or medical emergencies affecting two Russians in England. Parliament also. Porton Down investigating the cause.

All are careful to say nothing is proved yet but the event has opened up the opportunity for the most extreme exhibition of Russophobia I've seen yet. Luke Harding and Anne Applebaum leading the charge this morning on the BBC "Today" programme.

It is now understood by most that the Russians are dangerous to us and must be "punished" or resisted. The cumulative effect of news management over the past few years has rendered this a fixed and indisputable fact perhaps for the majority. I find that to be so for many in Germany as well, both as regards Syria and as regards the Ukraine.

Those who don't believe the news management find the entire business contemptible. That at least I find inspiriting.


Not surprising the scope is large given that they have a budget of allegedly some 75 to 100 million dollars paid for by the US and Britain.

Compare that budget with the usual TV production costs of half a million to a million and a half per episode for a Hollywood TV production. The White Helmets could produce an entire season (or more) of actual TV with their budget or a feature film. Producing a series of small propaganda films would be easy.


For me it is the coordination of media on Syria which has been most fascinating. The NYT runs an editorial calling for regime change in Syria on the same day the white Times in London runs an editorial calling for regime change in Syria. How does that happen?


Sounded to me that he had a lot of potential enemies. Including his handlers.

Pacifca Advocate

>>> These images appear to be of a film titled "Revolution Man" which is about a journalist who helps fabricate false evidence of a chemical attack.

Or perhaps (likely?) this was the fallback story of a group that knew it may have already been targeted for infiltration by powerful and antagonistic intelligence services.


PA Maybe you could re-write your comment. I can't understand it. pl

Account Deleted


Agreed. This incident has seen an orgy of Russophobia in the British media, so much so it is hard not to conclude it is orchestrated. Not many asking why the evil Putin would choose to poison an ex spy (& his daughter) so publicly 2 weeks before the Presidential election. Looks like Litvinenko all over again - perhaps David Habakkuk will do a post on this in due course.


For reference, the SF article was copied apparently in whole to this blog before SF deleted it:


A guess: if you presume this to be Arabic letters, 6943 might be the number on the board, if one presumes that the middle line of the 3 has blurred out.
nmamhL might be the transliteration of the second line (whatever this may mean).
Do you have the original or a higher resolution pic?

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