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19 March 2018


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ex-PFC Chuck

re "I agree with your statement, for many years has been this in way, an oligarchy of political class under control of rich and associated corporate feudalism."
Yes, and it's not an accident. See this: Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America. It began in the 1950s and is still underway.


Peter AU

US officers who are students at a senior service school like the Army War College write papers on a variety of subjects as part of their school work. Some of these are published by the school's press or journal. these papers are not policy papers of the service. It is a common mistake to think that they are. An official paper that contained opinion like that which you cite would not be available to the public. pl

Peter AU

Thanks. I have read a few of these and was unsure if they were opinions of individual officers or studies commissioned to help decide a policy.

Peter in T.O

How brain-dead must the constituents of Graham be to continue to elect a man who has made no attempt to govern on their behalf, but rather openly carry the Israeli agenda in Senate?


Peter AU

When Elihu Root started the Army War College and for many years thereafter the institution was part of the Army General Staff and the students did planning work and theoretical studies for the War Department during their time in the course, but that time is long gone. these are now altogether educational institutions. pl


Israeli journo Barak Ravid revealed that a "secret meeting" held at the WH on Dec 12th between "senior Israeli and US delegations" led by McMaster and Meir Ben-Shabbat after reaching "a joint strategic work plan to counter Iranian activity in the Middle East." The article cites a "joint document" resulting from two days of talks between the principals.



"To post same again, I think the IDF will be able to hold a line against Hez/SAA/Hajd Al Shaabi somewhere in the Golan but positional warfare is death for the IDF: Body bags, lots. Meanwhile Hezbollah missiles will wreck Tel Aviv. I believe those two things will put Israel into an existential crisis. Many Jews will decide that New York is the promised land. Others will scream blue murder & try to get the US, the UN or any guilty libs to help: Will you?"

Ironic isn't it? Others are suppose to come and save them when half their population won't try (and considering how the Chasidim engage in conflict with their police they would make the perfect secret weapon by having the enemy stop fighting and start laughing).

Looking at the reactions in all spheres it indicates the game is up and the instigators don't know what to do, so throwing everything and anything hoping something sticks is the rearguard act while bravely boasting "We are in control here".


I doubt Hizballah has any interest in initiating a war with Israel just to get the Golan Heights back.

Any inspection of the land taking place is likely because Israel's opponents know that Israel will attack Lebanon and possibly Syria again, and they want to be ready to extend the fighting to the Golan area where allegedly Hizballah has established a presence.

Israeli war planners are undoubtedly aware of all this and when Israel attacks Hizballah again Israel is likely to initiate an attack into Syria to forestall any Hizballah response from the Golan region. Whether this will be effective and how many Israeli forces will have to be diverted from southern Lebanon to achieve it is unknown. I do expect Israel to commit much greater land forces to the next war than they did in the 2006 war.


Nope. No clue. I would assume the "usual suspects", i.e., those Senators who work mostly for Israel rather than the US, supported by the usual "think tanks" being run by neocons.

I've no idea how the Pentagon feels about it - they have so many bases worldwide that one more probably didn't matter to them regardless of the geopolitical implications.

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