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28 March 2018


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David E Solomon

what makes you think you have a choice? pl



Do you think the script calls for boom-boom with respect to carrying zionist water? I think it would be against Trump's instincts to do that, notwithstanding ziocon Bolton and Pompeo. And Jared cavorting with Bibi and the Crown Prince.

The political and media establishment have a lot at stake here. If Trump can mess with them and come out ahead that will pave the way for others to do the same. The fact that Trump won the election while being attacked continuously by the entire status quo gives the green light to other candidates outside the political establishment to give it a go. That is a good thing despite the hysteria of the coastal & urban elites.

David E. Solomon

Colonel that is precisely the problem, and I don't have an answer for it. Unfortunately, unless I take to the woods, I must endure him for the duration. Either the duration of his term or two terms or until he manages to get us all vaporized. I hated all things Clinton and I certainly was never entranced by Obama, but at least they were easier to ignore.


PS: Thanks for your "editorial".

wisedupearly Ceo

There is one component that is missing from the analysis of Trump, his obsession with damaging himself publicly. It is the equivalent of a teenage girl cutting herself.
Just 2 instances. His claim of best inauguration day crowd number and his speech to the CIA the day after inauguration.
Both were totally avoidable, but were self made tragedies.



I could not for the life of me figure out the "Melian States" reference. At first, I thought that you were speaking of the obviously long-suffering mother of his youngest child, but that didn't make any sense.

So, research it was. Then following that, I realized that, while I had started to read it back in the dorms in Utah, I had never finished Thucydides.

Now I have to read the Peloponnesian War this weekend to maintain intellectual self-respect. I am never going to get the garden put in this way.



you will find it most rewarding. pl



What is the proper number of acres the federal government should own? What is the proper public use of these areas? How many national forests? How many monuments like the the NYC gay nightclub monument does the republic need? Why can't it simply be given to NYC so they can pay to maintain it?



Speaking of 'his' actors, he just fired VA SEC and replaced him with one of his WH Physicians.


What bugs me the most is neither Trump or any in his adminsitration have defined "Make America Great Again". What kind of data do we have to see to determine if MAGA has been reached? It is a Dow 30,000? Unemployment at 1%? Budget surpluses in the Federal accounts? The average annual income of all Americans $10,000/year higher? A war in which America wins?

Specifically what are Trump's real goals? Does he have any? As far as I can see we will be running trillion dollar deficits indefintely and where will interest rates be in this environment. I still remember the days of having to handle a 16% Home mortgage.

It appears to me that Trump just wants to be the center of attention and does not want to spend the time and energy to build a specific plan to reach specific objectives for our country. This is a stupid way to run a business or a nation.


Nah, just results oriented. When a politician claims they have done something wonderful, I look to see if there are results backing up the claim. We are way over regulated in many areas. I look forward to some of those disappearing, but not seeing it happen. In the medical world, is has actually gotten worse since Trump took office. (Actually kind of funny as wife and I had been life long registered Republicans until we changed registration just so we could vote against Clinton.)


John Merryman

Hasn't the political and economic feedback loop spun itself so tight that the rest of the country and world were already little more than decorations on the walls?
So that Trump is simply the nexus of money and media dislocating from the power assuming to control it? Blowback?
My sense is there are basic physical principles underlaying human activity and the complexity is between the extremes. When it gets pushed to extremes, the raw dynamic breaks through the complexities.

The Twisted Genius

Despite all the drama of the reality show, the government continues to function, even in a fitful and disjointed way. The country will survive and will probably be better for the shake up. Despite all the tough rhetoric, Trump signed a budget that should please any denizen of Ecotopia. It pleased me.
The budget fully funded the Chesapeake Bay Program with 73 million. This program has strong regional bipartisan support and has dramatically improved the Chesapeake Bay over the last nine years. I and many others in the area were worried about Trump being good to his word in gutting this program. In fact the EPA retained it’s current funding level and the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy received an increase of 12.5 percent. The anti-environmental budget amendments put forth by the Republicans were dropped. The CDC and NIH also received funding increases and the prohibition against CDC research on gun deaths has been lifted. That surprised the hell out of me.

David E. Solomon

Colonel Lang, Thucydides is very good, but Herodotus is even better. Thucydides is often thought to be the better historian, but I have always thought Herodotus was the real gem.

I love the stores about the army ants and what you have to do to collect their gold, not to mention the lovely account of the superior Scythian steam path that is enriched by the application of hemp to the coals.

blue peacock


These tunnels were built over 100 years ago by the Pennsylvania RR in four years (1904-1908). The most recent numbers I have seen is that this will be a $30+ billion project...

This is such an important point. Why were we able to accomplish so much 70-100 years ago? It is not just these tunnels but so many engineering feats. Construction on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco began in 1933 and was completed by 1937. All the steel beams for the suspension bridge were cast in America. Now, compare that with the replacement of a span on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge where all the steel beams were shipped on barges from China.

It was built between 2002 and 2013 and does not have a name other than the unofficial name of the bridge as a whole ("San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge"). The eastern span replacement is the most expensive public works project in California history,[5] with a final price tag of $6.5 billion, a 2,500% cost overrun from the original estimate of $250M.[6][3] Originally scheduled to open in 2007, several problems delayed the opening until September 2, 2013.


Clearly our ability to get things done in a timely and cost-effective manner have declined precipitously over the last century!!


D. Solomon

Herodotus is a chronicler. Thucydides is a philosopher historian. pl

English Outsider

Colonel - thank you for that assessment.

Not as discouraging a progress report on our Donald as I had feared. Remembering the long ago experience of reading between the lines of my own school reports it's mid way between "Could do better if he tried" and "I regret to have to inform you ..."

As you predicted a while back he's more than a little vulnerable on the sex and business scandal side of things. All so very different from the home life of our own dear Queen. Since Clinton the White House has veered between brothel and madhouse and I do hope it won't be Trump's achievement to combine the two. If he does, I hope he doesn't combine them to the extent our rulers have here and in Europe.

You have refrained from giving any marks. That's perhaps too much to hope for at this stage, but in the all important subject of setting the cronies by the ears could you provisionally award him an A+?

I have uncomfortable memories of those old school reports of mine. One of them surfaced a year or so back. I'm a great believer in preserving ancient historical documents but that one went into the wood burner quick before the children got to see it. My headmaster also specialised in accurate assessment.



I want to see a couple more SCOTUS justices, more tax reform, disarmament in Korea, an agreed trade deal with China and the border barrier system funded by re-programming Defense appropriations for construction supervised by the Army Corps of Engineers. If he gets all that done he gets an unconditional A+. pl



The Chesapeake Bay Foundation has a program for re-seeding native oysters. I kicked in some money for a few thousand. http://www.cbf.org/how-we-save-the-bay/programs-initiatives/chesapeake-10-billion-oysters.html



Compare the new Bay Bridge span to many CMIC/DOD programs that used up billions with no product or vastly reduced in number. At least bridge achieves it’s mission.

David E. Solomon

Colonel, of course you are correct, but I still (after more than fifty years) find Herodotus to be so much more fun. Just my opinion.


It’ll mean something when money is allocated for research at the CDC.

Account Deleted

Most folk would guess the "Melian States" are the ones the FLOTUS has visited, I guess.

I hope you finish The History of the Peloponnesian War and when you do, appreciate that The History of the Peloponnesian War will never be 'finished'.



I was a significant participant in the disasters that brought on the downfall of boh men. We beat them like a drum and it shattered their armed forces and confidence. Neither ever recovered from the experience. pl


Having not supported Trump in the election, I have been surprised at my evolution into a full-throated supporter of his presidency (though not without ongoing reservations about his temperament). That support has cost me a number of relationships and gotten me in trouble with my spouse on more than one occasion. When going into polite (ie Trump-hating) situations, I always try to avoid the topic. Only when pressed will I voice my opinions. Responses range from bemusement to spittle-flecked rants.

I have come to identify with Elaine Robinson in The Graduate at the moment, late in the movie, when Ben is banging on the window overlooking her vows and she looks from one side of the room to the other, at everyone apoplectic with rage. The rage is real. But it is not justified. We have been sold a bill of goods over the past 20 years by both mainstream parties, and Trump is leading everyone to question these decisions before they become permanent. Even if he is wrong on some (perhaps many) things, the fact that he has woken us from our sleepwalk is incredibly valuable. But I don't think he is wrong.

Take just the decisions made this week: to add a question about citizenship back to the census form, to prevent many (not all) transexuals from joining the military, and to rescind the "Dear Colleague" letter at DOE. Even my eminently sensible husband says he cannot see anything wrong with any of these decisions, but they have been greeted with howls of anguish from the Left. Good. I prefer an honest fight, and Trump is excellent at starting them.

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