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12 March 2018


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As the Siffre experience showed, internal time senses distort in unexpected ways. Hence my 'late' response.
The big advantage for doing SST from "the spaceship," would be a perceived 'higher ground' effect.
"Take the high ground and make them come to you."
I believe that the Heinlein/Pournelle wing of the science fiction cadres used to have a limited issues per year magazine called "The High Frontier." I'm of decidedly undecided opinion of that group, what with their 'pushing' of the dreaded "Star Wars" anti-missile defense scheme.
Now the descendants of the "High Frontier" generation are pushing for weaponizing near Earth space, as did their forbears.
It all started with this: http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1985-05-02/features/8501270085_1_missile-defense-star-wars-authors
As I mentioned a few weeks ago, what I'm worried about is if some "other" power gets to control near Earth space first and then gets to write the rules as to who or what gets to utilize the endless resources of our solar system.
Can humans work up a truly multi cultural governing system that will work? I don't have enough experience to say.


Paul @10
Paul, why do you speculate on ´bleeding from all orifices´ on arrival on Mars? Just curious. Can you give me a hint?




Well, the atmospheric pressure of Mars is said to be about 1% that of Earths' atmosphere. The human body evolved to live and work in the terrestrial atmosphere, so, internal body pressure will cause hemorrhaging, especially in the lungs. Space suits of some sort will be needed to work on the Martian surface. Something like a skintight spandex suit with breathing support is envisioned.
More on this: http://www.spacesafetymagazine.com/space-exploration/mars-mission/earthlings-martians-living-red-planet-affect-human-bodies/
Some of the commenters to this piece mention the superiority of using space based habitats with artificial gravity, a la O'Neil L-5 designs.
We are taking baby steps right now, but someone has to do it. It's that or eventual extinction.

John Minnerath

LeaNder and others,
The cones in our eye determine color and individual eyes vary quite a bit.
I remember a woman who when looking through my 12.5 inch reflector would try to explain to me the bright red clouds she saw when looking at the Orion nebula.
Her eyes saw colors few can.
Generally speaking much comes into play when observing deep space objects.
The sky conditions, surface brightness of the particular object, and aperture of the telescope used. The bigger the scope, the more light delivered to your pupil.
Discussion of what colors are there has been discussed since the invention of color film began to reveal them.
For those interested, here is a good article on the subject, one of many available.


Ambrit @29
Thanks Ambrit for your explanation and the link; I was thinking about Paul's (at #10) consideration of 'bleeding from all orifices' in context of the absence of magnetic field. Firstly, that absence would be noticeable by biologic organisms already a long way before reaching Mars, secondly - the lack of atmospheric pressure would never be an issue, because that is one of many "known unknowns" and it must be dealt with as you say with pressurized environment, a closed ecological system if you will. What cause me curiosity is the effect of magnetic field on the hemoglobin molecules in red blood cells, these have a strong magnetic relevance due to the atoms of iron. Is red blood cells adherence (in presence of thrombocytes) change after prolonged absence of magnetic field? - that is what I am curious about. -

Babak Makkinejad

And Dr. Linenger's book about his experiences, titled "Off the Planet: Surviving Five Perilous Months Aboard the Space Station Mir" also provides medical observations - him being a flight surgeon.


Babak Makkinejad

Thank you for supplying a concrete example of the issues that I had asserted earlier.

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