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27 March 2018


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Seamus Padraig

I hope Sy Hersh is avoiding cars these days: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Hastings_(journalist)

Seamus Padraig

"I don't see this as a battle between us and the Russians, though it's always prudent to take precautions. I see it as a battle between us and our ruling elites."

Exactly. But that also goes a long way towards explaining why those selfsame elites would see advantage in starting a row with the Russians at this time: they want us to redirect our wrath outwards at a foreign 'enemy', rather than upwards at its proper target--those corrupt elites.



Paranoid fantasy. have you ever worked in the US government? I am going to ban you as a useless distraction. pl



It looks like DOJ IG Horowitz is going to initiate a review of the Carter Page FISA warrant process. Maybe we'll find out the role of Fusion GPS, Steele, Comey and others in this surveillance. And what if any surveillance of the Trump campaign took place and the evidence that caused the DOJ and FBI to that.

Babak Makkinejad

A Melian dialogue is indeed what we have, North Korea first took Seoul hostage and then proceeded to take Japan hostage too. US objects to being taken hostage by them and thus we are going to have the Trump-Une meeting to prevent that.


TTG at #18
...Beyond L'Affaire Russe, there is much that needs to be investigated concerning the CIA's capture-kill MO during the entire GWOT era. Brennan was in the thick of that, but that is not a subject for Mueller...

TTG, I think you are on something - Mueller is totally confused in the web of deceits so that he actually might stumble on Brennan's knowledge how the Russian oligarch Mikhail Lesin died in Washington D.C., and the web of deceits will get ever bigger and more confusing, as seen in the diagram within the article in this link


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