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27 March 2018


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Presumably Brennan can shoot off his mouth with his opinion. I have read things that made me wonder if there were a connection between some Russians and Mr. Trump, or certain members of his family, or his campaign. But at this point such claims are mere conjecture. Supposedly this is why we have an investigation by Mr. Mueller. Maybe at some point we will have concrete facts. So for the time being we have opinions without proof.

But as opinions go this does not strike me as outlandish as the claims that Barack Obama was not a natural born citizen. This was objectively verifiable. Why did the birth announcement appear in the two Honolulu papers? The truth on this matter was known, or knowable, from the beginning of Obama's political career. So to go about claiming he was not a citizen meant that one was: 1. Illiterate (possible); 2. Ignorant of objective reality; 3. a liar.

I am waiting for some report from the investigation, for documents that we can examine, something to move this beyond conjecture. And for anyone harboring suspicion about the birth records check here: http://www.staradvertiser.com/2011/04/23/breaking-news/obamas-isle-birth-is-easily-verified-but-few-check/

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