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09 March 2018


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Babak Makkinejad

I would start by not inflaming it.



Russiagate is being used for a host of multipurpose items. Including the suppression of any disagreement with the Mainstream Media, and any dissent with the official line.


"I suspect a few absurdly wealthy Russians harbor a deep fear of Mueller."

"I see Mueller as an old-school lawman, and suspect he is using all this as a golden opportunity to put the hurt on some Russian mobsters"

Thank you ! You have such a refreshing level of naivety that I really enjoyed your posts.

How one in his sound mind can call Mueller "an old-school lawman" if one remember Mueller's role in 9/11 and anthrax investigations.

And FYI those "absurdly wealthy Russians" represents the US fifth column in Russia (as guarantors and protectors of neoliberalism in Russia; Google such a name as Chubais https://www.rusjournal.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Yeltsin_Putin.pdf ) and to destroy them might be not in best USA interests. Moreover, such a move actually will be do Putin a huge favor, strengthening his hand.

As for "a golden opportunity to put the hurt on some Russian mobsters" the danger of such a brilliant move is to reveal criminal connections with Russian oligarchs (and financial oligarchs in general as you never know where the oligarch ends and the mafia boss starts) and the Democratic Party.

Just think about who can go down with Trump is such a case. It's not only Bill and Hillary. It is also a very dangerous thing to open this can of worms as "the people" might learn something that neoliberal elite does not want them to know -- specifically the USA and intelligence agencies role in creating Russian mafia and oligarchs after the dissolution of the USSR. Do you, by any chance, know such a name as Andrei Shleifer and such a term as "Harvard Mafia" ? Please Google those if you do not.

FYI Bill Clinton took a huge bribe in the form of speech fee from people very close to "Russian Mobsters" (organizing crime figures should probably more correctly be called "the informal neoliberals" ;-)

There was some interesting discussion in Quora in 2016 on this topic:



I don't really Soros has the time to do everything of which he is accused. He is very much analogous to the Koch brothers, on whom the left like to blame everything. In any given instance the allegations against Soros might be true, but there are so many they just can't all be true, unless the guy never sleeps and is a super genius reading 10,000 words a minute and typing almost as fast.




How many spouses of senior Republicans staffers work for Fusion GPS?
"...former staffer for Vice President Joe Biden whose husband works for the firm ..."

Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg

You have a good point, but I often think that, a the machinery of surveillance and repression becomes so well oiled and refined, the ruling oligarchs will soon stop even paying lip service to 'American workers', or the "American middle class" and go full authoritarian. Karl Rove's dream to return the economy to the late 19th Century standard. The Clintonoid project seems set on taking it to the late 16th century. Probably with a return of chattel slavery. I recall during the George II administration someone in congress advocating for he return of debtor's prisons during the 'debat' over ending access to bankruptcy

Mark Logan

Fred, if we adopt a system wherein any link, no matter how slight, equals guilt then it must be applied to all.


Yes, as a baseline, but how would you subvert it ? Iran would seem to have all the attributes of an eventual Soros target, ie., Russian affiliation, natural resources, strong national identity and borders, and a willingness to compete against Western interests.


Yes, Soros seems to be a bit of an athlete for a sedentary man of 88 years of age. As I mentioned in my perhaps flippant comment #2 above, George is likely to be one of many, but has chosen to be the standard bearer.


'I see Mueller as an old-school lawman, and suspect he is using all this as a golden opportunity to put the hurt on some Russian mobsters'

There are indications Putin may be throwing Peskov under a bus too. The closer Mueller gets to the big boys the more they betray their useful idiots. Putin will throw Assange under a bus too when it suits him. Interesting to see how Deripaksa reacts to the alumina tariff.

Balint Somkuti, PhD

Not stupid.

Intentional. Controlled environment, in an own university training the next or after govt's janissaries.


Thanks, Balint Somkuti,

would it make sense for Hungary and the whole Visgrad Group to opt out of the larger European project?

Full discovery, I have a Belgian multilingual friend. Her father was Czech, thus this is one of the many languages she speaks. She worked in the larger EU's Eastern Enlargement field at one point in her career for the EU. - To the extend I read studies on the different EU programs focusing on the Eastern landscape, I got the impression the warning voices around a too rapid change were heavily underrepresented. Never talked about it to her, though. In other words, I have no idea what her impressions in the field were.


Soros, like the Koch brothers, heads an organization. He has lots of “people” who do what he demands of them. Do you really contend that Soros and the Koch brothers, and people like Adelson, aren’t busily “undermining American democracy,” whatever that is, via their organizations (like ALEC and such) in favor of their oligarchic kleptocratic interests, and going at it 24/7? The phrase “reductio ad absurdam” comes to mind, for some reason...

Let’s give these guys (and gals, too, let’s not forget the Pritzkers and DeVoses and the Walton Family, just among us Norte Americanos) full credit for all the hard work they are putting in, and money too, of course, to buy a world the way they want it — one which us mopes have only slave roles to play...



That is the main rationale for the continuation of the Mueler probe.

Babak Makkinejad

You no longer are dealing with a nation, you are dealing with a religion and you have lost that contest.

Balint Somkuti, PhD

I cant speak for the whole V4 as czechs and slovaks have been sneaky in diplomacy in the last century, and even as V4 members. We hungarians and our polish brothers were usually stupid enough to say what we meant (and damn the consequences) and not hide away behind ambigous terms or actions. While I can understand their cautiousness (Sp?), we 'dwa bratinki' usually say yes or no. For the czech/slovaks it is usually abstain, even if everybody knows what their stand is.

As of leaving the EU, we have fought long and hard (sometimes each other) to be independent and free. 45 years of communism (with the obligatory internationalism) does not fade out unnoticed. I have written a long essay some two years ago here on SST about 'if it looks like a duck'.

We have sensors for unsaid intentions becuase of that oppression, and for us (V4) Brussels is turning into Moscow in an ever increasing pace, only the tanks have been replaced by banks, as a late hungarian politician has said. Of course everybody welcomes free money (EU funds), but as

1. most of it flows back to german/french/italian/austrian companies anyway
2. the previously hidden internationalist and centralized agenda is slowly turning into reality, not to mention the intended connection between the two (funds and internationalist policies).

it is more and more seen as Judas Iskariotes' 30 silver pieces.

Noone wants war again in Europe, and noone wants to leave the EU unless forced to do it.

There has been a more or less functioning proto-EU, the Austro-Hungarian Empire that is. A similar EU, where noone really can and should question german-french leadership is viable, with the following terms.

1. Internal policies are handled locally from education, to justice system, from internal affairs to other local issues etc. No human rights meddling in partner countries, no SJW pushing to accept economical migrants to poor countires etc.

2. ONLY foreign affairs and military affairs are handled centrally, but no typical french meddling in ex colonies or R2P. European army CAN be exclusively used abroad, with all parliaments giving consent (In the age of IT this should not be a problem) or in case of foreign attack against or own soil.

3. ONLY money to finance the above two are handled centrally. euro can stay, but no pressure to join it. And V4 will definitely want a say in it how it used.

4. Dismantling of the social justice warrior turned, democratically deficited, internationalist, and non-transparent bureaucracy in Brussels/Strasbourg.

Balint Somkuti, PhD

Exactly. I always say to my students, that like it or not, agree or not, human rightsism has turned into a full fledged monotheistic religion, with a credo, an instutionalized church, and a serious hate against unbelievers.

All that in the name of tolerance and progress.


Definitely the Iranian leadership is committed to Islam, however how far down into society would that be the case ? Would the true test be that under the pressure of some notional imminent war threat, would Iranians think first of, and derive emotional strength from, Shia Islam or from Iranian nationalism ?

Sid Finster

What absurdity is that? Mueller can't get extradition. Assets are easy to move and remove, as the Panama Papers and others have shown.

Babak Makkinejad

I think it behooves you to look at the historical records.

The hypothetical war that you are contemplating already took place and young men walked over the mine fields - with the certainty of death - in order to save Islam - there was no hesitation.

You are also making the conceptual distinction - Iranian Nationalism vs. Shia Islam - that is largely irrelevant - that is not how those people feel or think of themselves.

Now let me ask you a couple of Questions:

What is the Passion of Israel?

In the case of war against Iran, which would last decades, how long would the Sabra fight before they cash in their foreign-passport chips and leave?


1. most of it flows back to german/french/italian/austrian companies anyway

Balint, I guess, I have to opt out here. You refer to banks too. A world I don't understand. As economics. That's why a former Austrian banker or one of his blogs is my source in the post 2008, European Greece Crisis universe. But I learned during that crisis that while the East was doing quite well, they had to contribute their share. Love your reference to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, no doubt. But more historically. As German.

My friend worked for the Austrian National bank before she changed over to the EU. I did some research for her on subjects on my home ground and beyond covered by her exams for the EU. She is Belgian with a German mother, a Czech father and a family that spoke Flemish. I have this vague memory for a Belgian it was more difficult to get into the EU. Due to a rather arrogant German lawyer, her former friend, working for the EU suggesting she would never make it. In the end, I did my very, very best to prove him wrong.

That said. I assume it would be very, very hard to dig through transfer statistics. ... To what extend does Hungary use programs, to what extend can it afford the same regional/representative expertise (knowledge collecting institutions) on ground that "Old Europe" has?

Strictly, there are newsletters that alert you programs. Maybe even some that may make sense in your field to know about?

But more arbitrarily back to banks does Magyar Nemzeti Bank have an office in Bruxelles? ... Seems to be a necessity.

I see, highly superficial nitwit comment, that Magyar Nemzeti Bank as England via one of his traditional (controversal) Asian banks opens up to the Chinese Yuan.


As economics.

Ok, on my home-ground research covered purely economical subjects. I learned in the process about direct and indirect taxes.

Balint Somkuti, PhD

"That said. I assume it would be very, very hard to dig through transfer statistics" If not impossible as we all know from Churchill how much statistics worth.

They can cheat on all of your senses except common sense, as most if not all major companies where really EU funds go (infrastructure, highway building etc.) are foreign owned.

Economy is not my cup of tea. But after literally putting our pants down in the 1990s to join th EU I can tell you this is not what was promised, and this not we wanted.


For those seeking further insight into how Soros thinks and operates, I highly recommend the following articles and videos linked below.

Bill O'Reilly explains Soros' ruse and tax avoidance (video):

Infamous CBS interview with Soros in 1998 (video):

A critical article about Soros that details his delusions of grandeur:

An article detailing how Soros typically developed influence in eastern Europe:

Mark Logan


I stated he would go after their money laundering operations, which is an international undertaking, especially in real estate.

There seems to be some confusion on what I meant by "old school law man."

US lawmen have to operate under many constraints, schizoid political leadership, and limited resources. Over the course of a career they acquire the arts of exploiting opportunities and the eyes and ears to spot them.

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