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07 March 2018


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Israeli El Al airlines is seeking UN assistance to fly through Saudi airspace.


Not that Cotton doesn't mean it, but competing for attention at the AIPAC Policy Conference wouldn't be easy, with speakers trying to out-do each other in pro-Israel initiatives. When it comes to being pro-Israel these days, too much hyperbole is barely enough.
Lucky you've got that First Amendment.

robt willmann

As catherine noted above, there are 275 co-sponsors of the U.S. House version of the Israel Anti-Boycott Act. The initial sponsor is Peter J. Roskam, a Republican of Illinois. The bill is H.R.1697 and the text is here--




The Senate bill is S.720. The Congressional website lists 54 co-sponsors in the Senate--


The text is here--



The bill is written to amend the Export Administration Act of 1979. This puts it into the House Financial Services Committee and the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee. Both were introduced on the same day, 23 March 2017, and both at the present time are only in the designated committee.


That decision by the U.S. District Court in Kansas against the anti-boycott law there is interesting.

A law was passed by the Texas Legislature and signed by Governor Abbott when it met in 2017 to prevent the State from entering into a contract with a company unless the company signs a "verification" that it does not and will not boycott Israel, and that retirement funds and the permanent school fund of Texas have to divest themselves of investments in companies that boycott Israel and cannot invest in them. The section 808 about retirement funds and the school fund divesting and not investing in companies that boycott Israel tap dances around some to try to say the investment ban is not absolute. But it prohibits any lawsuit to challenge the anti-boycott law, plus it says the State will defend and indemnify anyone sued, plus it says the person suing has to pay the attorney fees of the state or person or entity sued.

The Texas law is obviously unconstitutional, but I have not heard yet of any legal challenge to it. The Texas Constitution has both an equal rights section and a free speech section--



Fortunately, the Texas Legislature meets only every other year, from January until the end of May. Next year they will be back.






YouTube censored Weir but now she's back

Willy B

Ben Cardin's hysterical adherence to the Russia-meddled-in-our-elections fraud long ago convinced me that his real loyalty is to somewhere other than the United States.


Mikee at 29,
´not all is lost´- now comes fresh what´s fit to print so to speak - the ruling in Washington state
WA Court Dismisses Seven-Year Lawsuit Over Boycott of Israeli Goods - press@ccrjustice.org


Let’s reflect on the LockheedMartin company motto: “We never forget who we are working for.” Some details on what that might mean, in addition to the Fealty To The Likudniks part: https://www.corp-research.org/lockheed-martin


Catherine, yes, those are the two 'recent' ones, although I wasn't aware of the mole hunting. Steny Hoyer seems quite proud of his work and sees little daylight between the interests of the country to which he has sworn an oath, and one that provides him with free stuff.

Can we conclude that a civil service member's prosecution occurs every couple of decades, but a regular program of investigating potential recruiters and warning their targets seems to be the counterintel agency's method of dealing with approaches to elected representatives. Very polite for law enforcement !

When the numbers of elected representatives involved reaches the level is has, it creates a momentum and allows an easily exploitable group-think to occur and be used against outliers, ie., 'all the others are in with us; are you ?'

The means to prevent this influence is a set of comprehensive legislation rendering it illegal as opposed to accountable. The use of donations and interests registers and disclosure of contributions is ineffective as it accounts for only one side of the ledger - it does not establish any causal link to favours granted in return. Until that is redressed it will be business as usual.

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