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06 March 2018


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I believe this scenario sounds plausible, but I also repeat my earlier suggestion that somehow Russia and Turkey worked out a deal between them as to how much of Syria has been allocated for Turkey to acquire.

Assad seems overly cautious about direct confrontation with Turkey, and Russia is staying very quiet on this. Of course Assad must do whatever Russia tells him to do, so I expect he will continue to sit and watch it happen.

I'm not sure exactly what Russia gets out of the deal. Maybe they feel that US support of the Kurds is destabilizing, maybe they are buying a favour for future use.


Do you think what Ero is actually up to is the creation of a "safe space' for all the Syrian refugees now in Turkey? If he can clear out the Kurds, repatriate the Syrians and leave a garrison or two to protect them until Syria is finally up and running, how can this be a bad thing for all concerned? Assuming that is his plan of course...

different clue

Colonel Lang,

(reply to comment 75),

Thanks for telling me what this is. Since it is not a sigil at all, I would never have found it anywhere in "images of sigils".

Given its ornateness, I am left to wonder whether Suleiman the Magnificent signed with it by his own hand whenever his signature was needed, or if he had a professional signer to do that work whenever he so decreed it, or if he had a "rubber stamp" made up for his signature to be imprinted whenever he decreed it.

Account Deleted

Re how far gone Erdogan is, this is extraordinary. 'Bozkurt' is the Gray Wolves, whose salute he appears to have made at a rally.



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