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15 March 2018


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blue peacock

Col. Lang

That would imply that the zionist neocons are in firm control of the Trump administration foreign policy. Bomb, bomb, bomb....Iran would be very happy.


Then does "national security team" denomination still applies?


Face it:
Since the cold war the so-called "establishment" has had a miserable track record of inept adventurism (Bush) balanced by timidity (Obama)and just plain being out-maneuvered by cleverer adversaries.
Give a new crew a chance;they can't really do much worse.
And "gutting" the State Department; no big loss there.
Predominantly "America last" left wingers whining about housing and PX privileges.


I never met the man. I note that he has been described as a "kiss up, kick down" type of guy by some of his former employees.

Some claim that Trump hates Bolton's mustache and will never appoint him:


Since the election there have been rumors that John Bolton will soon get this or that position in the Trump administration every 6 to 8 weeks. The original source of each and everyone of these rumors is likely one John Bolton.

I don't think that Trump or Kelly want to have such an uncontrollable nutter in a position where he could create real damage.


You forgot to add Bolton joining the Maryland National Guard to avoid service in Vietnam, nice move for a War Hawk...lol

Pompeo, the mechanical engineer type - pl

What is wrong with Engineers?


Wars in the Middle East, Mrs. May's tantrum re Scripal, and the vsiceral hatred towards Russians when they are not-Yeltsins:


I am on the left, and Tucker Carlson is a rare voice of sanity in my opinion. His willingness, at various times, to give Tulsi Gabbard, Jordan Peterson, and James Damore a hearing endeared him to me. He appears to me to be a man of principles in a job which selects against that.

The Beaver

Oh no, that crematorium fake news is back ON again from the mouth of HR McMaster:
I don't like Lister, the parvenu on the Think Tank
the set-up for another war in the ME is on _ the pipsqueaker at the UN, Pompeo at Foggy Bottom,etc
Will see what MBS will be told to do next week on his visit to the US!


james et most

You still don't understand DJT's mentality. In the world he comes from, only the boss matters. The rest of these people, whether of cabinet rank or not are just staff assistants, to be used so long as they are not a difficulty and then discarded. All of these people will eventually pass from the scene. pl



Most engineers are people who do not do the vision thing well. They are problem solvers and assume that for every problem there is a finite factorable solution. pl



I hope you are right but I see the possibility of a war cabinet full of ignorant hawks. pl



What is the thing about "housing and PX access? Ah, but you must be right. Only a leftist wimp would fear war with a nuclear power. pl


It should be clear to most people that our invasion of Iraq was our country's worst blunder ever. To see Bolton claim that it wasn't is frightening. Sure, Obama withdrew our troops from Iraq. However, in doing so, Obama was merely following the peace treaty Bush had previously negotiated with the Iraqi government.

Now, our government is turning its sights on Iran and Russia. Worse, the presidential candidate who seemed least likely to involve the US in military action is now choosing unrepentant war hawks like Bolton for advisors. What a frightening development this is. If we go to war in the Middle East again, it could soon turn into WWIII, this time with nukes. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see the great reward that is supposedly worth risking WWIII over. What are we doing, other than trying to ensure everyone on the planet jumps when Washington says to?


Don't blame me, I voted with the majority.


So true and here is a piece I just read that certainly supports your analysis: https://washingtonmonthly.com/2018/03/15/trump-just-explained-why-he-is-a-congenital-liar/

Ex 11B

I consider myself on the left and I think Tucker Carlson is the real deal. I watched him take on some crazed neocon about the Iraq war. When the idiot trotted out that Tucker was for the war too, TC simply said I was wrong. Having never dealt with open honesty in any media format the slime creature was reduced to babbling scripted platitudes.

Pure beauty to watch. And to tell the truth I used to really hate him.

But I was wrong.


Let's start a rumor - Tulsi Gabbard is under consideration again for Trump's cabinet. I know, it's just a dream.


Some claim that Trump hates Bolton's mustache and will never appoint him:

I can not stop laughing after reading the piece. Man, talk about high standards for a Cabinet position.


I can understand hating Bolton's mustache. Every time I see the man on my tee vee, I am reminded of old Yosemite Sam cartoons. Not a good image for anyone wanting to be taken seriously.


Does anyone know if Trump himself specifically said in a tweet or somewhere that he doesn't like Bolton's moustache?

Because if he didn't say it, Bolton is a shoe-in. Because Bolton is the only person around with the maximum anti-Iran credits to satisfy Trump. Bolton has been the number one "diplomat" screaming for war with Iran for the last decade or two. No one else could outdo Nikki Haley for sheer insane proclamations about Iran.

So either Bolton goes to the UN and Haley gets promoted or Bolton goes to the White House.

Either way war with Iran is guaranteed - but only once Hizballah is degraded (if possible) because Israel won't allow war with Iran as long as Hizballah can drop 1,600 missiles a day on Israel.

So we're back to an Israel/US war on Lebanon, extended into Syria.

Unless Russia decides to step up. Which they might since they've said they want a "military cooperation" agreement with Lebanon.

James M Blake

F--k You, you biased moron!

Eric Newhill

Oddly, it seems that lots of leftist wimps are indeed all for war with a nuclear power, if the pronouncements of their representatives in the MSM and government are to be taken seriously; that or these people simply lack the imagination to understand the potential consequences of their bellicosity.

This Russia/Iran/Syria/Ukraine derangement syndrome seems to have just about everyone who is anyone (aka Borg) in its grips.

I agree with B - this Bolton rumor keeps coming up and it probably originates with Bolton himself. If it ends up being true, even I will turn my back on Trump and write him off as an idiot that has betrayed his base.



The majority in the Bear Republic? pl


I have spent a lot of time over the years with engineers and they are wonderful people. But they will never ever come up with a simple solution for anything, even if one is available.

As far as Trumps' B team, I do not expect them to be any better than the A team, which lost 40% of the players in the first year. The best we can hope for is that they do not start WW III.

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