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05 February 2018


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Your shocked that Schiff is a member of the intelligence community, I'm shocked that Trump is the president. We live in shoving times.


Cvillreader at #54 - Victoria Nuland was on Face the Nation on Sunday, the host was a Ms. Brennan (if I remember correctly)(any relations?) who called Ms Nuland by the admiring "Toria" or "Tory" - and Ms. Nuland was talking about Steele talking to her and her telling to FBI... so the story goes.

Anna at #59 and Eric Newhill #61 - Armand Hammer was another benefactor and beneficiary of Lenin and Soviet Revolution.

And VV - I was confused , but I see now...And it is not a pretty sight. I love your comments as always.



re: comment 74. The Borg have no transcendent religous moral foundation and are only loyal to the collective.

Eric Newhill

You are probably already aware - the Senate memo released last night states that Steele either lied to the FBI or the FBI lied to the FISA court.


Steele will have to be dragged in for questioning. He could be charged, minimally, w/ lying to the FBI (it's not like the FBI is going to confess to lying to the FISA at this stage of the game). I would not want to be his life insurance company. IMO, they are headed for a payout. This is clearly leading to Obama and Clinton and Steele will be squeezed to get the dominoes falling.


In a previous thread I had asserted that perhaps Page is no idiot, but rather an intelligence asset of some sort operating without official cover.

Colonel Lang replied with a question: “That he was a US NOC working the Russia target?”

I answered: “Yes. Or perhaps as TTG puts it (…) “an OFCO (offensive counterintelligence operations) dangle.”

As news has broken and rumors surfaced, I now wonder if maybe Russia was not the target of ‘the dangle’ after all.

What if the target was the FBI?

Based on the chain of events that culminated in Clapper and Ash Carter calling for Adm Rogers to be fired, we might deduce that the NSA and/or military side of the intel/cyber house had discovered a multi-pronged operation of ’domestic spying for political gain using the organs of the national security state’ collusion between FBI-DOJ / other non-mil IC / British assets / ObamaAdmin+Brennan+Clinton.

Page is ex Navy Intel. It seems possible he is still Navy intel, undercover for the DIA…or similar?

Thinking about this scenario I found I had a grin on my face like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas when he conceives his evil pan to rob the Whos. Impressively dastardly!

Perhaps I’m wrong, but it fits the facts insofar as I can see them and gave me hope that perhaps the swamp will be drained after all.

blue peacock


Grassley's & Graham's criminal referral to the DOJ corroborates the Nunes memo insofar that the Carter Page FISA application "relied heavily" on the Steele dossier.

This is a very smart referral as it now gives FISC an opportunity to investigate the DOJ's FISA application while putting them in a spot for rubber-stamping the application with no verification of the evidence and it puts the DOJ & FBI in a tight spot as their application stated that the information from Steele was credible because he had been credible in the past knowing that Steele was briefing the media contradicting what the FBI claimed. This becomes an issue especially when it comes to the FISA extension requests timelines. The other contradiction is the use of the Isikoff story to corroborate the Steele information in the FISA application when Isikoff's source was Steele himself.

Today, Sen. Johnson released his memo on the FBI investigation of Clinton's mishandling of classified information.



What is your take on WAPO's puff piece today "whitewashing" Christopher Steele. The apparent involvement of Sir Andrew Dearlove and Sir Andrew Wood, the former advising Steele while seated in a winged chair within the cozy confines of the posh and venerable Garrick Club "to work discreetly with a top British government official to pass along information to the FBI". There are a lot of threads in the pro-Steele article that might be pursued, such as the involvement of the British government to build a case against Trump. After all, the Brits had strong motives to bring down a presidential candidate who cared not a whit for the "special relationship, supported Brexit and was less than lukewarm in his feelings about NATO.


Keith Harbaugh

reply to #59:

Anna, are you familiar with the tract
“Russophobia”, 1989
by the great Russian mathematician Igor Shararevich
(associate of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Andrei Sakharov,
as well as his scholarly career)?

Shafarevich, from his inside knowledge of Russia, in Russophobia discusses at length
issues congruent with those you raised in your comment 59,
in particular,
the attempts by what he calls "The Lesser Nation" (or "Lesser People", depending on the translator)
to undermine, attack, and ultimately dissolve
what he considers mainstream traditional Russian culture.
A charge which certainly has resonance with the changes in America since, say, 1960,
driven by the cultural Marxists and their Frankfurt School.

I really am surprised, amazed, and disappointed that
“Russophobia” is not more widely available than
through the military link below,
and that Americans have not taken advantage of the insights it provides into
the forces that have shaped Russia.

BTW, if you want to give Russophobia the attention I think it deserves, let me add a practical suggestion.
It is a densely written work, one I find difficult to read online.
If you print it, and your PDF print software allows 2x2 printing,
i.e., putting four logical pages on each physical sheet of paper,
that may be a good idea.
That works well, starting with either (logical) page 1 or 2 and going up to page 39.

For some discussion between me and Lyttenburgh about this work, see

Also BTW, Colonel Lang, if you happen to be reading this,
do you have any comments on the FBIS and/or its JPRS Reports in which Russophobia appeared?



Like Radio Free Europe these institutions were largely manned by soviet exiles who spread the same bile that was inculcated at Garmisch. it has become a collective disease in the US and if not challenged it may kill us all. pl


Very little chance of this, I'd guess.
This whole mess is the actions of clumsy, sloppy not bright people - the "gang that can't shoot straight."
Just the teen age girl texting between Strzok and Page shows the ineptitude of this bunch.
"OPS security" - what's that?
And Comey (another legend in his own mind) seems to have left a trail of breadcrumbs a rookie cop could follow.


Comey. Dunce, liar, or political dancer? Beltway bureaucrat? Likely he's some combination of all of them. I'll throw Brennan and Clapper in there with Comey as well. Comey even tried to dance with Trump but couldn"t pull it off, probably because he couldn't shake off the narrative into which he had gone all in; and no one in that warm little nest of all in deputies could shake it off either to maybe give the truth a chance.
Comey was done from the moment he let himself, and worse, the Bureau, be played by the DoJ at the outset of the e-mail investigation. The longer the case wore on, sustained strictly on the Bureau's reputation, the uglier it got. When it was declared over, anyone who knows what an investigation is supposed to look like, saw that it was not an investigation at all. FBI reputation - poof. Throw in being taken in by Steele as a result of clinical Trumpophobia complicated by clinical Russophobia, double poof.
The russophobia is probably worse over in GB - eases their pangs of nostalgia and gives MI 6 the feeling of the way it had been in the old days. No moving on for them, either.
All very sad.

Arioch The

Flavius: Steele's credibility and reliability are peripheral .... whether Steele's alleged Russian sources were credible and reliable.

You know... I have an intel that Trump eats Christian newborns every morning. My sources? The best they can ever be, Trump himself. Surely he would deny it if confronted, it is not the public info. See, you don't have to trust me, but because my source on it is the best that can be imagined you have to trust my intel. Thanks for understanding and cooperation.

Arioch The

> ... that the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was a popular uprising .... against .... the Tsars

> ... American Schiff's grandson, John, ... given about $20 million for the triumph of Communism in Russia."

Assuming in this context Communism and Bolshevism mean the same. So far so good.

> On March 23, 1917 a mass meeting was held at Carnegie Hall to celebrate the abdication of Nicolas II, which meant the overthrow of Tsarist rule in Russia

Sorry, WUT ?

> On March 23, 1917 a mass meeting was held at Carnegie Hall to celebrate the abdication of Nicolas II, which meant the overthrow of Tsarist rule in Russia

Again ???

> On March 23, 1917 ... overthrow of Tsarist rule in Russia

Oh, yeah, Bolsheviks did it.


Yep, this American liberal movement was of Bolsheviks, sure.

....except that in March 1917 Bolsheviks were no one fools, tiny fringe marginal.

It was only in October 1917 that incompetence of the liberals allowed two marginal "doers not thinker" parties - Bolsheviks and Social-Revolutionaries together - made the THIRD revolution.

However it had nothing to do with Tzar and monarchy, which were long sieged and finally finished by the second, Liberal revolution half year before it.

Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg

Weren't they originally Gehlen's guys? An independent Ukraine as foil to Russia seems to be a consistent project of German foreign policy. And a lot of Gehlen's ideology was absorbed by the nascent CIA

Just a radioman

Actually it was Victoria Nuland who passed the Steele memo to the FBI after Steele passed it to her. It was Victoria Nuland that arranged and authorized the meeting between Steele and the FBI.

She actually has stated that herself. "He [Steele] passed two to four pages of short points of what he was finding, and our immediate reaction to that was, 'This is not in our purview,"

I have read Glen Simpsons testimony and the interviews that Steele himself have given and both leave out the fact that Steele was actually sharing the Dossier with the State Department first. WHY?

Was Steele misleading Simpson or were they trying to establish better cover and bona fides of the dossier.



What kinda radioman? I remember Shapiro who stood at my elbow for two years when I led 42 good men and true. pl

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