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09 February 2018


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Makes me long for the "best and brightest."


Sounds a little like "peoplekind."


Sociopaths learn only from reward and punishment, but they do learn.

Outrage Beyond

re: Kissinger told Newsweek that Jared Kushner is brilliant and can bring peace to the ME.

Jared Kushner was not smart enough to get into Harvard on his own. His daddy had to pay $2.5 million as a "donation" to buy his admission.

"New Jersey real estate developer Charles Kushner had pledged $2.5 million to Harvard University in 1998, not long before his son Jared was admitted to the prestigious Ivy League school."

Source: https://www.propublica.org/article/the-story-behind-jared-kushners-curious-acceptance-into-harvard

Account Deleted

Well put Bill Herschel. We are somewhat beyond good and evil WRT wars in the ME. The choice is more fundamental; order or chaos.

St P

You could be mistaken on that. Some claim Bernie Sanders voters voted for Trump because there was nowhere else for the antiwar constituency to go. Further, some experts claim those Bernie renegades swung the election for Trump (without crediting why they switched of course).

St P

AIPAC, JINSA, ZOA etc along w/ IDF is running our foreign policy and military policy. In their own words. In that context everything makes sense and is indeed predictable. Or as the neocons relentlessly insisted in the preIraq invasion of 2003: "inevitable".
US beefed up forces for joint Juniper Cobra drill in Israel over last week moved it into a 'done deal'.

English Outsider

Laura - I suppose any politician's chances of incipient dementia are much the same as for the rest of us. Our Great Leader over here looks safe enough. Incipient desperation, perhaps, given what she's go to cope with, though desperation is probably clinical proof of sanity these days in UK politics.

But this? - " Actually, the fact that folks say he used to read and also used to have a wider range of conversation topics leads me to wonder if dementia is part of this story."

I don't know about the reading. Can politicians read? Never seen that mentioned before on SST but I'll take your word for it. And one would assume that a man who suddenly finds himself President of the United States wouldn't have as much time for chat as he used to. But on your general point take just one past example. Clinton was impressively sharp and absorbed information like a sponge, often knowing more details than his generals or advisors. So much so that one wonders whether he ever stopped to think where it was all going.

In fact Civil Servants conscientiously put masses of information in front of their bosses and as a rule their bosses conscientiously plough through it all. The result is that the bosses can't see the wood for the trees. Also Civil Servants are a cautious breed and tend to play safe and affirm the status quo. Trump wasn't elected to do status quo. I'd like to see him, and other politicians too, putting in more time on the golf course, not less, and doing a bit of pondering.


I agree and believe that’s true, I am one of those Bernie voters who voted for Trump. Now I wish he wouldn’t have been such an easy pushover, though, I no longer believe he was a real contender. Unfortunately at our own hand and doings, a general mass public laziness, elections in this country, have become a sad and useless event.

Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg

A lot better to use a touch of humor;"A swift kick to the IDF's 'nads " is less racist sounding.

Karel Whitman

Well put Bill Herschel. We are somewhat beyond good and evil WRT wars in the ME. The choice is more fundamental; order or chaos.

Barbara Ann, both you and Bill are experts in Russian/German language, literature, history and culture? May not have paid enough attention to your contributions so far.

Russian itself is probably a dying language. It certainly is a difficult language. (German is certainly a dying language, in passing, a language whose body of literature is pitiful and grotesque in comparison to Russian literature).

The Russian language is gonna die? How? Comparable to Latin? Or the Greek Koine? The latter would be a bad example since there is still modern Greek after all. And Modern Hebrew, Ivrit, isn't exactly the ancient Hebrew of the script either, but still exists. What would be the historical precedent for the Russian language to die? Latin? Well complex path to Italian too.

But yes a synthetic versus analytic language may be easier to learn. Thus no doubt has a better chance to become lingua franca.

What's your vision? After Russians bring peace, establish order they give up their language and shift to English? Or would you allow them to keep their language while using English as some type of lingua franca up to scholarly levels of expertise, if they have something valuable to add?

robt willmann

I have expressed concern about this area for a long time: basically a horizontal line or latitude at Deir ez Zor (Dayr az Zawr) to the border with Iraq, and covering the area straight down to the southern border of Syria. This would have given Syria control of its border with Iraq from that eastern point all the way down and around going west as far as possible, and control of the Euphrates River and the oil and gas fields and pipelines in that area--


I do understand the great difficulty R+6 has had with limited resources and logistics and thus could not fight all over the place at the same time, and the hard choices they have had to make. However, a horizontal line of demarcation from Deir ez Zor to the Iraq border would have made it much harder for the outside interlopers to go south of that line.

By now, everybody knows that Israel has attacked inside Syria with aircraft and that an Israeli F-16 jet crashed--




You mean Barack Obama and the ideology of the American left don't have humanity`s best interests at heart?

Account Deleted

Karel Whitman

My comment to Bill was in support of his view that "Russia currently represents the best interest of humanity" and I would stress that humanity includes the citizens of Israel.

War-making in support of Israeli 'security' is reaching new heights of lunacy. It now seems to not only demand the destruction of Syria & Hezbollah/Lebanon, but Iran too. US presence in the ME creates ever more chaos & the Russian-led alliance is presently the best hope of preventing this trend from continuing.

I suggest you address the language questions to Bill.

St P

The ventriloquist is??

St P

sorry- i meant this link. quite fascinating

Karel Whitman

and I would stress that humanity includes the citizens of Israel.

you feel I excluded them? While meditating about the idea that Russian could soon become extinct, as Bill suggested?

One never stops to learn.


North Carolina Terpsichorean Club 1963.....so now you now how old I am...lol


I'd have to agree that this is definitely in the cards.

As I've argued many times here:

1) Israel wants Iran gone.
2) Only the US can do this.
3) Israel can't start the war while Hizballah can deliver 1,600 missiles a day all over Israel, driving the population into bomb shelters and devastating the Israeli economy and ticking off the electorate so they vote out the Likudniks.
4) Israel can't attack Hizballah in the Bekaa Valley without crossing Syrian territory and engaging the Syrian military, so Syria's military has to be degraded.
5) Result: Syria crisis.
6) Now that Russia has (mostly) prevented that plan, only Israel and the US together have any chance of taking out Hizballah (if possible, which is not certain, as the Colonel has suggested many times.)
7) Next step: war between the US/NATO/Israel and Lebanon which extends into Syria.
8) PROFIT! (war with Iran for the military-industrial complex to make another several hundred billion profit a year for the next decade...)


I think she means that this blog doesn't need a flood of hasbarists attracted by alleged "anti-semitism." Phil Giraldi lost his previous outlet as a result of such events, as an example.

You're correct in your assessment, however. Israel is going to have to be militarily defeated at some point in some manner.

different clue

Bill Herschel,

( Reply to comment 52),

Why would the South Koreans want to be unified into North Korea?

Also, why is Russian a dying language? I see over a hundred million Russian speakers. I see the Russian population stabilizing and perhaps slowly increasing again. What do you see that I don't see?

different clue

St P,

( reply to comment 58),

I am one of those renegade Sanders wanna-voters. My thinking on Trump ran on two parallel tracks. The "main" track was the Three Big Things which Clinton supported and Trump said he opposed . . . Assad must go, conflict with Russia, and more Free Trade Agreements.

The "parallel" track was this... the Democrats would not let me have my Sanders. So I would not let them have their Clinton.



Alexander Mercouris analyzes the shootdown of the Israeli jet by the Syrians.

Military balance shifts: Syria shoots down Israeli F-16

While I think he overestimates the effect of one single success by Syria, I suspect he's right overall - that this reflects a new-found lack of fear by an Arab state of Israel.

However, this may not have good consequences:

Israel launches 'large-scale' attack in Syria after fighter jet crashes

Israel has been trying since 2011 to get Syria to "fire back" at provocations initiated by Israel (and Turkey in previous years, of which the latest invasion against the Kurds could be seen as more of the same.)

Alexander suggests that Israel has "muted" its response to the Israel jet crash, but I see this as just one more step in getting the US and Israel ready for the next war.

Mattis Dismisses Fears of Wider War After Massive Syria Strike

I agree with the above article. This just looks like more escalation with the end goal being a general war between the US/NATO/Israel and Syria/Lebanon, preparatory to a war with Iran.

Assuming we don't go to war with North Korea, which this article discusses in chilling detail (albeit citing a lot of people like Bennett who I believe are war mongers - it was Bennett to set up North Korea with the Sony movie...)

Here’s what war with North Korea would look like
A full-blown war with North Korea wouldn’t be as bad as you think. It would be much, much worse.

This sounds like an "anti-war" article but reads more like a justification for war with North Korea. Makes me suspicious of the motives of the writer. Also, as has been discussed here previously, the US doesn't HAVE 200,000 troops to send to South Korea.



I graduated from VMI in 1962. I was the escort for a couple of girls at Virginia cotillions. pl


Ahhh...VMI, that brings back memories. I had a good friend who's boy friend went to VMI and he was also her escort at the deb ball...I had to settle for my brother, I was very jealous..lol.
If you graduated in '62 our ages would be close. I went to Marymount college in Arlington Va...I think you live nearby in Alexandria? Fun days those, by accident I got to go to Johnson's inaugural ball with friend Jose Montoya because his father Senator Montoya was sick at the time and Joe took his place...I was slightly unimpressed by the experience though, politicians and inebriated followers weren't my cup of tea. But overall I appreciated being in that location for my college years...got to know lots of interesting people.

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