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09 February 2018


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The thought of this FUBAR becoming larger and the US and Russia colliding makes my head explode.
I have been following this fellow lately, who seems to have good creds, for 'local reports' on Israel, Syria and Lebanon.
See what you think.

Elijah J. Magnier



Yes, we live near the memorial to Washington. In those days the Institute would give you a short leave to be a deb escort. My presence was brokered by classmates for girls who wanted a VMI escort. Great weekend away from school. pl

robt willmann

different clue,

(Number 73) You ask, why would the South Koreans want to be unified into North Korea?

It is not a question of South Korea being unified into North Korea or vice versa. Korea is one of the most homogeneous countries and areas on earth. However, due to human nature, other countries have put their fingers into Korea. Japan annexed it in 1910 and basically ruled Korea until 1945 at the end of World War 2. Russia, China, and the U.S. have put their hands into Korea as well.

What has all of this activity by outsiders produced? Your are looking at it: an intractable mess--


Nevertheless, all logjams eventually come apart. Kim Jong-un was educated in Switzerland for a while, it has been said. A little talking has begun between the political areas of north and south Korea. It may be that they are starting to understand the Natural Law that they might be better off with each other -- fellow Koreans -- than with the outsiders and any specific political doctrine. Once that realization expands, the problem will take care of itself.

different clue

robt willmann,

( to number 79),

That would be fine if it actually works out that way. Is the Kim Dynasty and all its support staff and cadres really willing to see the setting aside of Ju Che? Are the South Koreans really willing to see their buildup of wealth be taxed away and their standard of living reduced so the North Korean standard of living can be raised, to where they both meet in the middle?

If it really works out that way, then that would be fine. The South Koreans should understand that once all our forces have evacuated from South Korea, that We Shall Not Return. Never Ever. If they decide they are okay with that, well okay then.


catherine #13

"Last week we were informed that missile interceptor systems have already been deployed throughout the country as part of a joint “drill” between the IDF and the U.S. military."-lobelog

It will be interesting to see how effective the interceptor systems are.


LondonBob#50, you should be more patient with the non-native SST readers, especially with Lyttenburgh. ;)

Feminists have a different task in English then in other languages, no doubt. Never mind that their endeavors may feel unfamiliar and sometimes even a bit silly to both male and female, occasionally?

Surely both the more general "spokesperson" and the "spokeswoman" are used by now. Spokeswoman according to Webster was first first recorded: First Known Use: 1569. Wonder in what context exactly. Have to check OED.

Oxford agrees:

While Webster only lists more recent examples in the arts, Oxford seems to be closer to reality. Women are quite present as Public Faces. ;) Had Clinton become president, how would she have been called? A Presidentess? Analogous to lion, lioness? Prince, princess?


Finally, slight irony alert: the word woman was created from Adam's rib after all figuratively speaking. Woman should never forget that! ;)



But the horrifying thing is that this applies to almost all Americans throughout our country's history. Protected by the impassable moats of two oceans, America has never had to fear invasion, although for some reason they very much did after Pearl Harbor. I suspect that was just an act to justify stealing the property of people of Japanese ancestry. Anyway, if you read some of the essays over at Vineyard of the Saker you will see that althugh America still does not have to fear an invasion, we are no longer save from bombardment from the sea. The current generation of Russian hyper-sonic cruise missiles can be launched from any platform, including civilian cargo ships and railway cars. The vaunted American anti-missile defenses actually don't work very well, and they certainly could not handle multiple missiles traveling at three or four times the speed of sound and changing direction and altitude every few seconds. Thus, they don't understand the consequences of a "bloody nose" strike against an opponent. I don't know what they're telling each other, but I think it has something to do with, "The North Koreans will figure out that we don't intend to follow up with further attacks if they just don't respond, so there's no risk." We saw how well that worked with Hanoi.

different clue


(reply to comment 22),

" You really must let Hillary Clinton rest in piece." Oh? She doesn't let me rest in peace and she doesn't let the political system rest in peace.
Here is a very recent article from the Washington Post about how she continues to meddle in the American politics, after having brought us Donald J. Trump to begin with. Here is the link.

Hillary Clinton remains an active threat and a deadly menace to any hope of political progress in this country. I will let Hillary Clinton "rest in peace" when every last vestige of Clintonism has been purged and burned from out of the Democratic Party, and also when the Clinton Crime Family which she is working so hard to turn into a long-standing Crime Dynasty like the Bushes is purged and burned all the way out of political influence and influence-peddling grifting opportunities. This will of course involve destroying any hope of golden brat Chelsea ever entering politics of any kind.

Once all that is safely achieved, then I will let Hillary Clinton "rest in peace."



Uncontrolled immigration is invasion. Especially as practiced by the open borders globalists.


A new report out of Bloomberg contends that those killed in the attack were mostly Russians and Ukrainians. About 100 killed with a further 200 to 300 injured.


I also found this tidbit to be of interest:

The Russian assault may have been a rogue operation, underscoring the complexity of a conflict that started as a domestic crackdown only to morph into a proxy war involving Islamic extremists, stateless Kurds and regional powers Iran, Turkey and now Israel. Russia’s military said it had nothing to do with the attack and the U.S. accepted the claim. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis called the whole thing “perplexing,” but provided no further details.

President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, declined to comment on reports of Russian casualties, saying the Kremlin only tracks data on the country’s armed forces. Putin talked with U.S. President Donald Trump by phone Monday, but the military action in Syria wasn’t discussed, he said.

The Twisted Genius


Don't put your faith in these reports of excessive KIAs and WIAs from this incident east of Deir Ezzor. Military actions in Syria haven't had that kind of mass of troops involved as far back as I can remember. Watch a lot of the videos of battles. This is a war of platoons and companies, not brigades.


My hat off to you sir.


“The reports on the deaths of dozens, hundreds, of Russians is classic disinformation,” Zakharova said, who nonetheless admitted that some Russians did die, although in Moscow's official estimation, the number was far lower, no more than "5 people" [....] adding that their citizenship still needs to be checked.


The Russian Defense Ministry later said 25 Syrian militia fighters had been wounded in the airstrike. The ministry added that they came under attack while conducting a reconnaissance operation that was not coordinated with the Russian side. No Russian military servicemen were in the area, according to the ministry, although that narrative now appears to have also changed with "at least" 5 Russians admittedly killed.

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