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12 February 2018


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Sylvia 1:

Wow, 200 - 300 Russians killed. Hmm. a quick scan of google news shows estimates are from two (!) to a score. Since neither Sputnik nor RT are screaming about the injustice, I am guessing inflated . . . . .


Nothing, the correct name in english for Iranian language is Persian, and the correct name for that same language when speaking in Farsi is Farsi or Parsi. Once an Iranian was complaining why should Amerikaies not say Iran, and instead say I Ran, like they are downgrading or speaking down of Iran. I asked him, are you willing to equally cretizaze yourself for calling their country Amrika. There is no P in arabic so after arabs invaded Iran Parsi or Persia became Farsi or Fars , since english speaking folks have not invaded Iran
or vice versa, I don't see the need or a requirement to change the pronunciation and spelling of the name in english.

By the way I noticed Colonel' full name in Arabic, is missing to of the sounding alphabets, which like in English is actualy available in Persian , so I wonder if colonel' full name when written in Arabic becomes باتريك لنك


Same with Bam Baiee ?

Babak Makkinejad

In Hindi movies that is actually how it is said. And they also say "Amrika".


IMO, using or promoting to use Farsi instead of Persian to English speakers, will automatically distance/ separate Persia and Persians and their 3 millennia of history, in English/western speaking minds, specially the new generations. Use of Farsi instead of Persian will eventually distance the present existing, somewhat newly relation that English speakers have begun to associate between Iran and Iranians and Persia and Persians. On historic related issues, is essential for Iran to promote in Western/English speaking societies, that Iran and Persia are the same, and to prevent use of other terms to replace Persian.


I am guessing inflated . . .

Didn't happen at all.


Now the US has bombed a Russian tank...without bothering to see who was running it.

US destroys Russian tank in Syria, reportedly killing three

I'd say the probability is that it was Syrian forces, but until we get more details or a statement from either Syria or Russia, we don't know. Once again, this attack was allegedly in "self-defense" since the tank was allegedly doing indirect fire against a hill occupied by US-supported SDF personnel.

Now the media - in lockstep - is calling it a "Russian-made" tank...


"indirect fire"? Was it a tank or SP howitzer?


Now the US has bombed a Russian tank...without bothering to see who was running it.

No, it didn't. It is T-72 of first models and it was Syrian. In fact, it most likely not Russian but Soviet.

I'd say the probability is that it was Syrian forces, but until we get more details or a statement from either Syria or Russia, we don't know.

Oh yes, everybody in Russia already knows, most of what US media regurgitate is fake news which originated in CTI (a "opposition" source in Russia--a rough equivalent of Bellingcat). No dozens, let alone hundreds Russia "volunteers" died. NO, military hospitals in St. Petersburg, Rostov, Moscow are not overwhelmed--first hand information, no urgent deliveries of anybody since 7th. The only guy known to die on 7th is former GRU Captain Kosaturov, a volunteer who was retired and fought in Donbass. Where in Syria he died--nobody knows. That is it. NO losses in Russia's Armed Forces units deployed in Syria, none--zero. Most of what you read in US about Russia is BS anyway. US media and even US "spies" DO NOT have and can not have any credible sources in Russia. If they have any, those will never be exposed to such a pathetic PR fake news campaign. If there, by some chance, some Russian mercenaries in the area, well--comes with the territory but no--there is no crisis, only media hysteria, primarily in the West and has nothing to do with events on the ground in Syria. It has EVERYTHING to do with Russia's elections and US elites and media-whores obsession with Putin, and Russia. Expect more of this in coming month.


If Dogear is from Canberra he can safely be ignored. Canberra is our own version of DC but without the black population. It is entirely composed of SJWs at the University or the federal public service.



His IP was in Canberra. Who knows where he really was. Wanted to jack me up. Good luck to him. pl


I cannot see, or even understand, how is it possible, if, really there were 200 Russian citizens of any walk of life killed, or missing in action by an American attack in Syria Russian government or the Russian media be mute on this event. Only our ever truth reporting American media are running with this report without investigating? Where are the witnesses any survivor?, I haven’t seen any. The only witness ever mentioned is the US military personnel who as usual is sharing this report anonymously with the media military embeds (you read In Bed stenographers ).
What do our friends in USINFO or Langley think they can archive with this, Is this for our consumption to make us proud and justified, or is suppose to bring about an uprising in Russia against Putin, make him look incompetent and demand for leaving Syria, ala Vietnam style?
Childish, we need better hands, at least a decent junior collage grad level for our foreign war propaganda campaigns.

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