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02 February 2018


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For what it is worth "The Last Refuge" on www.theconservativetreehouse.com has an article up claiming Carter Page was an FBI under-cover employee from 2013 through 2016. They go on with speculation but again For What It Is Worth.

Cold War Zoomie

"My first reaction to reading the much ballyhooed Nunes memo was to wonder why the DOJ and FBI fought so vociferously to prevent its release. It didn’t give a lot of what I would consider worthy of a TOP SECRET classification"...

Good thing they didn't use portion markings or we would actually know what supposedly justified a TS//NOFORN classification! I wish I had it so easy.

Eric Newhill

I have concluded that you are a voice of reason. The Nunes memo proves nothing about spying on Trump. Page /= Trump.

It does point to Clinton and Steele trying their best to damage Trump in the public sphere and the FBI collaborating to some extent, but not that Trump was actually spied on (i.e. surveilled). Misinformation in the press, yes (assuming Steele is BS, which I do at this point), but not "spying".

What about all the unmasking involved in the Manafort and Flynn cases? Those guys actually met w/ Trump and had offices in Trump Tower, I understand. That seems to me to be where spying on Trump may have occurred? No one is talking about that anymore. Why not?

Your opinion?

Genuinely interested. I am told that I am an intellectual midget for pondering that.

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