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02 February 2018


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State Treason, that's the feel one gets.

Sid Finster

The Memo only serves to confirm what we already knew, but could not be said as part of the Establishment narrative.

The language of the Memo is rather bloodless, even though the implications are terrifying. Once the unelected and unaccountable intelligence agencies have taken it upon themselves to overturn election results that they do not approve of (to the cheers of the losing side and no small number of the winners), you are no long living in a republic but something else.

Account Deleted

"Declassified by order of the President" - the incantation is uttered. Let the draining begin.





They were working to rig the election in favor of their preferred candidate.

Sid Finster

And after their preferred candidate lost, to overturn election results they did not approve of.

That does not sound like a republic to me, no matter what is written in the Constitution. I wish heartfully that things were otherwise.

After all, the Soviet Union had a constitution that granted all sorts of freedoms. As to whether any of that verbiage was ever honored...

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