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02 February 2018


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They removed the blatantly bad math from their post. Another commenter eventually piped up pointing out the same thing providing links to a Wolfram analysis. Two out of hundreds of comments. What's with math education these days? This stuff is taught in high school if not earlier. At least it was in 1966.


blue peacock,

You are spot on. I don't understand why the Democrats are supporting the opacity of the FBI and DOJ on these matters other than as you say to protect the Obama administration. They've historically wanted more transparency at the FBI and the Intel agencies.

I live in Democrat country and I can tell you many staunch supporters in my neck of the woods are raising their eyebrows at this spectacle of the Democrats in Congress aligning with the likes of Comey and Brennan. IMO, the Democrat base have long been skeptical of the FBI.

And even more silly is their seeing Putin under every bed. Aren't they the party of Hanoi Jane?



Under what authority was Trump Tower surveilled? It seems there must have been other warrants too. Unless Trump transition team were surveilled without any warrant.


If those charged with ensuring the security of the state are, indeed, involved in actions promoting their own sectional interests at the expense of their professional responsibilities, how does someone at a more junior level protect himself from being set up as a patsy if things start to look pear-shaped? Is an “underground railroad” already in existence for people who are beginning to wonder if they’re being measured for an orange jumpsuit? Is the Administration currently offering a way for penitents to “come to Jesus?”


I'm aware of that, but I can't remember whether that was established on Adam Carter's Web site or dismissed. I'm too lazy right now to follow up.

OK, not so lazy...

Here is Carter's last update on Flood:


IMPORTANT: Before getting into the details of Warren Flood - please be clear on one critical fact: There is a good chance that he's completely innocent. - Even if he was involved, it's an issue for government officials, FBI, etc. to resolve, please do NOT harass Warren Flood because of this report stating that Warren Flood "appears" to have done something... all we know for certain is that someone used an account with that name.

The corpus/language analyses carried out also show Guccifer 2.0's communications lacks a subtle trait that appears to be present in Flood's writing elsewhere. It seems that it was likely somebody else taking care of communicating and likely managing the overall operation.

The above statement supercedes and overrides any assertions expressed on this page or anywhere else on this site on the subject of any attribution to Warren Flood.

End Quote

Basically there's nothing establishing Flood as being involved. However, the fact the documents appear to be based on government docs certainly is evidence that it wasn't created by some Russian in Romania.


Also by the way, I recommend everyone read ALL of the stuff on Adam Carter's site, Guccifer 2.0 - Game Over: http://www.g-2.space/

He exposes a lot of the cracks in the DNC "hack" hoax as well as CrowdStrike. For example, Shawn Henry, the former FBI Bureau head who is a staff member at CrowdStrike, and Robert Mueller go way back.

So don't expect Mueller to be investigating CrowdStrike's behavior in the DNC affair any time soon.

Marijs van Slag (@DGNeree)

"most everything in there is what we already knew"

We didn't know that, but suspected that. Now we know.

Eric Newhill

Dr Puck,
"In the end, the details will make it obvious what actually happened."

Translation = in the end, I hope I can perform the troll duties my handlers pay me to; which are to obfuscate and confuse the truth that Obama and Clinton are behind a conspiracy to hijack the democratic process in the 2016 presidential election. I will seize upon any little detail I can, no matter how trivial or irrelevant, to distort the larger picture and when that fails I will outright lie. Whatever it takes.



“Raft of the Medusa”. Yes quite a tale. The captain of the disaster appointe during the Bourbon restoration. Kind of like the wreck of DOJ and FBI caused by the leadership of the Borg Restoration today.


"Is the Administration currently offering a way for penitents to “come to Jesus?”

They should starting with Jim Clapper by offering an immunity for testimony deal otherwise he will be primary target number one.

Also they should grant conditional pardons to Bush and Obama with the stipulations, that if they lie in their depositions it becomes null and void and, these won't be made public until seven years after their passing from the earth. This way the flood from the breaking dam can be somewhat controlled, and while both of those men are responsible for what happened on their watch, the main targets should be the second and third tier appointees. As this story unfolds the recurring theme will be key individuals worked for both administrations.

Mark Logan


One thing I noticed in the cite presented to us by Rhondda is the artist had the actual ship's carpenter who had built the raft build him a model for his painting. The odds he just happened to be one of the survivors seem long to me. More likely great care was taken with him so he could fix their raft, which all but certainly needed a lot fixing of from time to time, Neptune loves to rip apart the constructs of man*. We can but pray for a comparable level of collective wisdom.

*Also, the more expensive the sun glasses the more Neptune covets them. Another story...

joe dupont

Well that hate trump don't care about the memo... but they will as their susper stars start going to Jail.

Eric Newhill

It may be shaping up that the FBI will try to save itself by tossing Steele and Clinton off the raft and to the sharks.


It might go like this; "Hey Steele used to be impeccable so we trusted him. We had no idea what was going on behind the scenes w/ the Clinton campaign. In retrospect we should have verified the dossier better instead of relying on Steele performing to his previous impeccable standards. We are taking measures to make sure this never happens again"


Why didn't they verify and etch?? Because they knew
they didn't have to. A lot of "winks", they all know
each other, and owe their jobs to their "bosses".Just
business as usual.

Daniel Good

The most important point of the Memo is the revelation of the obsession with Carter Page. Team Mueller placed all its hopes on this one somewhat flakey investment banker with contacts with Russia. The full legal arsenal was used on this genial banker. Apparently he is the only "Russia" connection they have, the others all gone down in flames. This shows clearly that the entire investigation is a sham.


Not in 'good time.' This shit is taking entirely too long to unwind. The dossier was an attempt to remove Trump from office but it's not because of anything he's done but rather to cover up extreme abuses by the DHS/FBI/CIA/DARPA. Trump better pull his head out of his arse soon and act. The country is about to collapse.

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