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26 February 2018


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Thanks Fred, that was great. At least our Republican lawmakers here in Florida are on the ball - time will tell if Hero Israel remains.



Just heard Shurriff Israel proclaim his own "amazing leadership." My god! Sad. Hmmm, DJT says the same kind of foolishness. Good leadership must be demonstrated and proven. Also heard Fl AG Bondi say that a massive investigation is underway in Tallahassee. pl

John Minnerath

We've seen this self worship by elected officials for a long time.
It's become a plague and has spread to every level.
What's next, a union to protect them?


What they taught us in B school long ago was that we could delegate the authority to act, but never the responsibility for the (in)actions. Not a concept the Shurriff wants to acknowledge. Florida would do well to help him understand.

Bill H

What did Obama tweet about the football coach who died in the line of duty? Oh wait, protecting students from gunfire was not in his line of duty. Anyway, what did Obama tweet about him? Nothing, of course. Obama is a Democrat. Democrats only admire the shouting of words, not the taking of action.

Leaky Ranger

Donald Trump (aka Cadet Bonespur) for not ordering the Secret Service to allow gun-carrying citizens near him.

blue peacock


Yeah, with a near certain re-election rate from safe, gerrymandered districts, that makes it look like a permanent job, they've got it covered. They get to give themselves raises too. Be a one term Congressman and get a lifetime of pension benefits including a platinum health plan.

The rot in government is wide and deep and reflects the rot in our society. Only when folks stop voting for the duopoly and regularly voting out all incumbents will we start to see any accountability.


Thanks Fred: Can't say as I disagree even a smidgen.

as an aside, might be considered off-topic by some, but I think that it is an amazingly good article to read in parallel with what Fred just wrote:



Meanwhile Commander Bone Spurs just knows he would have run into the fire even without a weapon.



Nah, he knows he would not have gotten far because his foot would have been so far up that coward deputy's ass he'd have been chewing on bone spur instead of counting his 30 pieces of silver.

Leaky, the Secret Service, when that registered democrat ginned up on victimhood starting shooting at the constitutionally elected representatives from multiple states of in the Republic, they shot back - because it was their duty. But I did miss a few nominees:

Fake News for burying the story about the Las Vegas shooter who was a member of the same party as the Bernie bro assasin wanna-be. Then there's poor Noor Salman for knowing her husband was going to shoot up the Pulse night club and not doing anything, but she's facing a trial and the left has milked that tragedy of all the votes they can get this cycle.


The Democrats took the actions that made all schools sitting duck zones. Now they are simply taking advantage of a tragedy per Alinsky's rules.


One of the EMT's responding to the Parkland shooting says they were told to "stand down" and feels more lives could have been saved had they been able to respond quicker. He doesn't want his name revealed for fear of being fired.

I don't know about Parkland but am sure the local deputies where I live would have been roaring to get in there and take out Cruz. I don't know and can only suspect there are 4 deputies in Broward county seething with resentment.

scott s.

blue peacock

Note that since 1985 Congress people have been placed into the "FERS" retirement system (social security + pension + TSP) with retirement at 62 with 5 years of service or any age with 25 years of service. I'm not sure if they can count years of military service like "standard" employees can.

For health care, per requirements of the ACA aka Obamacare, Congress people were removed from the FEHBP and have to buy insurance from the DC small business Obamacare marketplace (unless they have other insurance that covers them, though I guess in 2018 there is no penalty for failure to obtain minimum required coverage).


There's something either poetic or tragic about Trudeau the Lesser being in office at the same time as God-Emperor Trump. One man who's virtues are largely illusions resulting from shallow comparisons with his southern neighbour. Another who's faults are constantly magnified because of the size of the stage he occupies. Good synecdoches like this are hard to find in nature.


I just read that Truimp, after once again calling the steward a coward, said that he himself would, herorically, have gone into the school to stop the parkland killer.

To do what? To twitter the shooter into suicide? Strangle him with his scalp? Hit him with a golf club? Have the secret service shoot the man? That's IMO a case of "grandiose GRAND amazing leadership".

Another case of "grandiose GRAND amazing leadership" was yesterday or so when Lord Erdogan was at some celebration for a turkish soldier who died in Syria. The late man's little daughter was there, crying, and oddly wearing a uniform and a beret.

Erdogan scolded the girl for crying, telling her that soldiers don't cry, and then asked whether she was ready die as a martyrer for Erdogan Turkey - if so, her coffin would also be covered with a turkish flag. What a charming creature.



Fact: That deputy is a coward. Complaining about Trump's boorishness is comforting to those that don't want to address that or facts like "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" doesn't work when one is face to face with a killer. Shouting that political slogan didn't work at the Bataclan any better than it would have on the streets of Nice, in Pulse nightclub or in Broward County. That type of denial is especially destructive when dealing with data to make policy decisions, like the Broward County school district's approach to an individual student's criminal conduct: just don't arrest them, that way the data won't look so bad and we'll get more funding and our political careers will advance!

There's a another boor on the planet and a different tragedy? I think America's done enough in that part of the world. Tell Angela and see if she can't get the German people to go do some liberatng for a change. Better be quick, from this side of the planet her poll ratings don't look so good and it might make one think Germans are getting tired of her policies.



Here you go:

Barack Obama wannabe's call a crusade! (might have to appropriate that for a post title)

"crusade to end disproportionate student arrests and suspensions " Where have you heard that line before?

Arrest individual criminals for committing crimes? Individual responsibility for personal conduct? We're not having any of that in the Broward County Schools! Guess which party's voters elected those people.


what is your point? And what is that funny twist about Germany or Merkel about? Do you have a point?

And why saying that Trump is a boor? It may be true, or not and, more important, it is not my point. You talk about gooseberries and I about cloves.

So, to make it un-misunderstandable:

  • FIRST - Trump's "I'd have gone there unarmed" thing is utterly independent of whatever you or anybody else may think of Merkel, her polls, her policies and/or Germany.

    The two things have nothing to do with each other.

  • SECOND - And then, Trump himself is just three generations away from Germany - so what? I don't feel guilty for that.

  • THIRD - Trump having said what he would have done doesn't make it true or credible, nor does it matter anymore after the crime happened. It is fictitional glory, for cheap.

    That much for the words - now, what about reality?

    Am I supposed to believe that Trump - America's 'Commander-in-Chief' - would have really gone there, unarmed and without secret service? Seriously? I very strongly doubt that.

  • FOURTH - i.e. in light of that it was just a load of BS when Trump said that he, unarmed, would have walked into the school to stop the shooter.

That "unarmed" statement isn't Merkel's or Germany's fault, or has anything to do with her polls or her polcies or Germany. And likely Merkel didn't make it happen with, say ... telekinesis.

All of that doesn't matter here at all - so why waste time by typing about it? Instead, it is just very much about Trump being Trump.

Face it, and live with it.

Eric Newhill

Good find on that article. I'm surprised it took as long as 5 years for a disaster to strike. I'd wager that there have been many lesser, yet serious, incidents swept under the rug by Sheriff Israel and other county employees. Now we know what is wrong in Broward County.


I thought it amusing that Trump said he would have rushed in to help the students even without a gun. Sort of like how he rushed in to help in Viet Nam, wait he didn't, he was suffering from bone spurs and had 5 deferments.

Bill Herschel

Brendan Eich. To say that I do not care about his political contributions or his views on homosexual marriage is a mild understatement. Worth pointing out that if Mozilla wanted to fire him because of the color of his car they were well, very well within their rights. That's the American way. "You're fired!" as the courageous President would say.

But Brendan Eich. What is there to say... Anyone reading this blog is profiting from the fruits of Brendan Eich's labor, a labor that created a monument to American intellectual leadership.

Example. Suppose you use and love Google Docs. I do. But there's a problem. Although it is probably very, very difficult for anyone else to read something you have created in Google Docs, unless you explicitly "Share" it with them (which is the power of the Doc), there is still Google itself. Maybe there are things you don't want Google to read. Now, they say everything is encrypted and that they can't read it, but I bet that's a fib.

Well here's what you do. You use a tiny, truly tiny app that encrypts a body of text on your machine *outside* of Google Docs, PGP Anywhere (not written by me) Now, of course, there are many, many ways to encrypt outside Google Docs, but this one is truly convenient, because... well because it's written in JavaScript and is an extension of your browser. It makes the process trivial.

JavaScript. Brendan Eich's contribution to humanity. A subtle, beautiful, extremely powerful language that is sitting quietly in your browser waiting to be used. JavaScript (has nothing to do with Java). One of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

To appreciate it, glance through this book: http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9780596517748.do

SAC Brat

We left Bergstrom AFB for March AFB when my father's wing moved a month before Charles Whitman went up in the tower. My father had been taking classes at the University of Texas at Austin and was friends with Cookie Crum.


I feel fortunate that the Sheriff in my county is very good at police work and very lead from the front. The local schools where secured about four or five years ago.


There are other differences between Viet Nam then and Broward county now.
Those who have not faced the lead bees would like to believe that they would do the honourable and brave thing. It is a harmless affectation.
I had three deferments before I was drafted. Anyone in college could get a deferment.


It is their charm that makes them leaders of nations.
During the campaign for the presidency you might remember the first time that a loon with a gun charged then candidate Trump while he was speaking. Security handled the man and also had to restrain Trump from going at him. Little things that get forgotten when convenient. So had Trump been in the situation of that officer in Broward county I expect that he would not have cowered behind a pillar and later claimed that shots sounded like they were from outside. Many citizens find the President's style a bit disconcerting; to many others that style is a breath of fresh air in a miasma of bafflegab and orchestrated megaphone tripe.



Trump said... . which reminds me, who didn't go in that school and perform his duty? That coward of a deputy.
Trump didn't ........ Which reminds me, do we Americans want Trump to run the local police department? In Florida the sheriff is an elected office, in Broward County the department is run by Sheriff Israel. Who the hell elected him? The voters of Broward County Florida, two thirds of whom are Hilary supporters. "Face it and live with it." They'll be living with it; facing it is something they are crying themselves to sleep over every day.

"That "unarmed" statement isn't Merkel's or Germany's fault, or has anything to do with her polls or her polcies or Germany. " You are right about that. Guess Germany doesn't have an independent foreign policy regarding, to quote your first comment "GRAND amazing leadership" .... (by) .... Lord Erdogan"

Perhaps your country should have one rather than just doing what the American foreign policy establishment tells your country to do.



Jane Fonda had the courage to volunteer for service in Vietnam. How'd that work our for the people in the South?

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