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16 February 2018


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Babak Makkinejad

Russia needs the Shia Crescent and the Shia Crescent needs Russia. I can foresee changes in that if NATO is dissolved and Russian Leaders are convinced that threats emanating from Islamdom are materially reduced.


John_F -

This morning Afrin hospital, where the six are being treated, said the symptoms match symptoms of chlorine. Samples on their clothes are to be analyzed and announced tomorrow.

All six are from a Shia district of Afrin.


re: ‘Impaired’? If the Syrians can reproduce last weekend’s damage on the IAF, say 1 plane down, two damaged per 8 plane flight means no air force after one or two days operation. The IDF doesn’t know what to do about this, yet.

I think they probably do know what they could do about it - if no better idea comes up - nuke them.

But that has in itself a price, and given their untypical restraint they appear to understand that. It's one thing kicking around palestinians, but killing another couple hundred thousand is in a different league.

But then, the Israelis wouldn't be entirely alone in such ideas, given that Trump wants the US to get a lot of more 'small nukes' (of a 'small size' one could actually use). And, of course, to deter Russia, no, to deter Putin, from ... anything.

Am I impressed? Well, not positively. When I was in the army at Koblenz as a 'Funker' I was told in NBC detect and decon training that the Warsaw Pact had aimed twenty or thirty nukes on the town - which would, beyond killing some 100.000 people, some of them even being soldiers, have also meant that they'd be re-glassing glass craters, and destroy a nice landscape.

But then, they'd also have destroyed a corps HQ and about a division. When the US removed their chem ammo from Germany (Operation Steel Box) to Johnston Atoll I had readiness with my backpack kept ready for the case of an accident and/or emergency.

Thank God that nothing happened and that the cold war stayed cold.


In response to Pacifica Advovate:
An outlook, from Iranian point of view, can be found here: http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2018/02/18/552799/Zarif-Netanyahu-Munich-drone-JCPOA

In Zarif’s words a change of strategy from formation of “blocks and alliances” to path of “security networking”, wold defuse the tensions in the region.
He stated (10 min. mark), that one can solve the problems in the region by striving g for a “non-zero-game approach”. Apparently, he has been listening to Cl. P. Lang’s analysis of “Zero-sum approach” as the root cause of the Persian Gulf region conflicts.

Obviously, if one is thinking of sowing division between the above mentioned parties, one has opted for the former strategy and is not striving for a solution but rather prolongation if the problem. Somehow, all those brownie parties involved, are not backward savages and recognize destructive rather than constructive intentions.

I share Zarif’s opinion that, the best way to divide them is by stopping the invasion of the area and burying the hegemonic ambitions.

On the subject of RuAF’s passivity against daily Israeli incursions, people assume that (and I paraphrase) Russia can and/or should do something about Israeli aggression: I can not possibly expand more on the reasoning behind Russian restraint against IDF, than the following article has:


On Sunday morning the Afrin Health Council held a press conference to discuss the alleged chemical weapons' attack on Friday (Video - English subbed). https://youtu.be/zdzgCo8z9TI

In the meantime, an official with the White House reportedly said that he thinks it is extremely unlikely the Turks used chemical weapons. At the same the Turks are denying they carried out such an attack, claiming the Afrin Health Council is guilty of being involved in what they call "black propaganda."

Turkey has been accused of using chemcial weapons against the Kurds in the past:

'Turks hit PKK with chemical weapons' http://www.jpost.com/International/Turks-hit-PKK-with-chemical-weapons

The best way to sort this out? Have the OPCW conduct a fact finding mission, presumably at the request of the Syrian Arab Republic; and if it is determined a chemical weapon was used, for an independent body to then investigate the matter to assess responsibility.

Unfortunately, as to the later, because of the Russian 'uproar' over the results of the OPCW - UNSC joint investigative mission report into the Sarin gas attack on April 4, 2017 it may be difficult to put together such an independent body under the auspices of the UNSC.

Will the French do anything under their own effort to hold people accountable for the use of chemical weapons in Syria?

Also, for their own reasons, as the Russians need the Turks onside to keep the Astana process alive.

So, unless people kick up a huge fuss, it is quite possible this incident is swept under the rug.


What is troubling is the Russian use of Russian Mercs. Appears the SAA and the Mercs attacked US and US backed forces, and we're repelled to the tune of 100 SAA and 300 Russian Mercs killed by US.



How about the FFL? Are you down on them as well? pl


Is there any truth to the BBC and Sputnik reports that Damascus is going to send troops into Afrin?



Mercs of any persuasion, are used and abused by various governments to hide the real number of their casualties in their wars, Syria sadly is no different, we do it in Iraq and Afghanistan, and both the Russians and our government are doing it in Syria.

Mercenaries assume different names, but all fight under the same flag, the flag of m-o-n-e-y and their personal skins.

Armies of nations fight for ideals, preservation of their homeland, their tribes, etc.. They don't fight exclusively for money. Sure the armies of nations want to get paid, but that is not the reason they wear their uniform or tunic. In ancient times mercenaries were paid in what they could loot in their theater of war by their employer. They called it war trophies, their mercenaries reward/loot consisted of money, slaves, gold, silver, gems, etc..

The Russian government is accountable for every Russian military personnel they loose in Syria, Dagestan, Chechnya, etc., the Russian populace demands accounting by their government. Which Moscow (like D.C.) gets very squirmy and cagey when confronted by their citizenry.

While mercenaries who are employed by whatever government, their nation's populations tend to ignore and look upon the mercs/private military contractors as mere cannon fodder, which is what the governments who employ them look at them as, cannon fodder to use and throw away.

Which is why I find it troubling, and sad.



I heard five mercs KIA. Where did the 300 number come from?

Also the Syrian KIA were militia, not SAA.


US control in southern Syria: https://www.rt.com/news/419177-us-safety-zone-syria/
"Inside the Al-Tanf zone, which the Americans unilaterally declared under their protection, and inside the refugee camp jihadists are regularly reported to recover strength. On several occasions they conducted raids from there into other territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. This zone must be shut down immediately..."
-- What would Bibi say? Is he going to give marching orders to the US? To replenish the jihadists' units with ammunition and medicine?

Account Deleted

There are many aspects of the Syrian War which one could find troubling and sad. The fate of persons who are there by choice purely for monetary reward would be pretty near the bottom of my list.


Most likely China Tiger special force is already inside thou they denied after some news leaking in China. They need to fight Uyghur terrorists trained by Turkeys & US from returning to Xinjiang. Russia had eliminated a big group during its first SU25 downed by Turkey, when this Uyghur terrorists killed its pilot. This also serve as a real training from Russian, China need such precious integrated warfare knowledge that few countries have. Syria & Iran are part of Obor, China needs them to be stable & prosperous to work, which US is trying to sabotage. Lots of backstage plays.

NK got nothing to do, they have enough problems for themselves and no need such war training. Assad has no $ to pay Kim. Talk about weapons, Russia has better supply than anyone, so why go that NK hassle for low grade weapons. China supply is likely, consider it announced previously that it had some pre-war weapon deals with Syria need to honored.

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