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20 February 2018


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Mueller wants to know what Manafort knows.


TTG #78

It is good that Manafort, Gates and Awan will be prosecuted for money laundering, bank and tax fraud. If only they would expand the remit to cover a 100 mile radius of the Mall. That would keep an army of prosecutors busy for several years. Now if the radius is expanded a bit further to also include Manhattan then a division strength prosecutorial team would be required.

The point I'm making is that when it comes to financial and tax crimes the decision to prosecute is fundamentally political as these crimes are widespread among the political, governmental, & financial ekites. The only reason Manafort is being nailed is due to his association with Trump.


"...he could be Director of the CIA right now."




I'm well aware of Awan not being connected to the Russians. Manafort and Gates were using their position to mine various House databases including those with classified information? No. They pulled a tax dodge? So what. That's not Russian interference with the 2016 election.


Russia is not Ukraine. He did get fired. There's still the spending of $4.5 billion dollars of our money that should be audited.


I'm aware of the Fox news talking points about uranium one. It's getting less traction than the news about tide pods.


I find that accusation of money laundering plausible when folks are dealing with oligarchs, be they in Russia (or elsewhere).

So Manafort made deals with Ukie oligarchs? And he didn't have any concerns where they got their money from?

Either folks like Manafort don't have the mental capacity to think about it or they don't care about trifles like that.

Point is that it is not irrelevant how folks like such oligarchs got to their money. There is a good chance that they came to wealth by crime and "taking-and-keeping" (without paying taxes) things in the process of privatisation of old soviet state property and corporations.

In that case one has to underline the fact that even just taking a credit from such a dude is already "laundering money".

One can of course ignore that. There's an old German phrase about how that phenomenon works - it's called to to give the 'brown jacket' a "Persilschein" - or a 'white washing' - an assertion that the jacket is and always was white.

When you juggle with crap, you will stink sooner rather than later. And when you're bad at juggling there's an increased chance to place a load on your head. Manafort apparently is a poorer juggler.


Publius Tacitus,
re: "Second, the United States has carried out comparable operations inside and against Russia/the USSR and has been involved in the covert interference in elections around the world."

I would add to that that the US in fact did interfere quite overt in elections around the world - topping that invisibility and subtlety with a ... table dance - "F*** the EU" Nuland and iirc McCain handing out cookies to Ukies on the Maidan in Kiev.


In comparison to that Ukraine stunt "Russiagate" in comparison comes across as extremely subtle and cautious. It was much cheaper also.

Leaky Ranger

Trump apparatchik Rick Gates to plead guilty


Leaky Ranger

How does this connect to DJT? Guilt by association? pl

Leaky Ranger

Fair question. But Manafort was not forced on Trump, he was hand-picked by Trump. I would bet that a deep look at Trump's tax returns would reveal extremely strong links, but I freely admit that's conjecture.

Mueller now has enumerated more than 100 criminal counts against 19 named individuals, and Gates would be the fourth guilty plea from Trump's inner circle. That ain't hay!


The Clinton's, Blair and Biden all have well documented connections to Ukranian oligarchs like Pinchuk. Such connections could have no other plausible rationale than $$$ (somehow/someway).


We know only a tiny fraction of the evidence that Mueller has. I think your hypothesis has more to do with your love of Trump rather than reality.

Mueller is a conservative republican. He is one of them. Wouldn't you be interested to know how the Russians hacked our election rather than engaging in partisan demagoguery?


Our conservative republican National Security Advisor said that evidence of Russian meddling is "incontrovertible."
What do you know that our National Security Advisor doesn't?


Mueller is a consummate, non-partisan professional.
He is a conservative republican.
Our conservative republican National Security Advisor says that proof of Russian collusion is "incontrovertible.
McMaster has access to information that none of us do.
If he says it's a fact, he is to be believed.
It's important to note that this is not a "witch hunt."
The FBI is heavily republican, putting the lie to conservative conspiracy theories.

blue peacock
"Mueller is a consummate, non-partisan professional. He is a conservative republican."

What you smoking? Seems you have some good stuff.

blue peacock
"I would bet that a deep look at Trump's tax returns would reveal extremely strong links.."

How much do you want to bet?

The IRS have been taking a "deep look" at Trump's tax returns for some time. Have you ever been under an IRS tax audit?


no smoke necessary, just stating facts.
Conservative republican National Security Adviser, General McMaster claims that Russian meddling in our election is a fact. What credible, non-conspiracy theory information do you have that says otherwise?

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