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14 February 2018


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Sid Finster


Comprehensively trashes the "'Russia' hacked the DNC" narrative.

Although if Russia *did* hack the DNC and pulled back the curtain on the rigging of the nomination, then they did us a favor.


TTG has given quite a persuasive rebuttal of this point.

No need for FBI to examine server themselves a d they gave Alperovitch a remote tool. The point i was hazy on was why emails from well after Crowdstrike had looked at the DNC servers were included in the "hacked" cache. Did Crowdstrike not secure the servers?


Great work, as per usual. Even a dolt like me is begining to see the light.

I noticed on Thomas Rid's twitter feed that Matt Tait was his source for calling out russian official hackers. Their work has subsequently been called into doubt. But Rid has also been an Atlantic fellow, and now has a gig in the US.

Nice work.

Bill H

"and didn't vote for your preferred candidate."

Which is not what I said at all. My reference was to the idiocy of using Facebook as a source for making decisions for anything and, in fact, I had no preferred candidate and regarded Trump as the lesser of two evils.

You must have flunked mind reading class in high school.

robt willmann

In a comment above, David Habakkuk, with his usual eye for detail, notes an association between some people of the "Lawfare" Internet website and the University of Texas Law School.

I am embarrassed to say that his observation is a further indication that the school is but a shadow of its former self. Like most people, I am not pleased with the fact of growing older, but I am grateful to have been at the Univ. of Texas Law School at the tail end of its excellence, an era of such exceptional teachers as Page Keeton, Charles Alan Wright, Bernard Ward, Leon Green, and others. Prof. Wright was both a lawyer and scholar, and was named a Corresponding Fellow to the British Academy in 1999, the year before he passed away. He was active in other areas and was a founder of the classical radio station in Austin. His influence in the legal system was nationwide, and for those who like to keep track of such things, he argued 13 cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and won 11 of them. However, I suspect that he and the others would not only not recognize their beloved law school, but also would not recognize Austin itself, which has mutated into a price-inflated, traffic-snarled morass.

When I started there, I had only a bicycle and a shabby, one-room apartment near the law school. It was one of the happiest times of my life.

David Habakkuk

PT and all,

Another lead from ‘sundance’ has led in some interesting directions.

Both he and a lot of other people have suggested for some time that Bill Priestap, the F.B.I. Assistant Director in charge of counterintelligence operations, has been, as it were, ‘singing sweetly.’

Only more recently, if my memory serves me right, has ‘sundance’ been suggesting that Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Baker and Bruce Ohr have also been co-operating with the DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

It is I think interesting to look at the career of Priestap’s wife, Sabina Menschel.

Last December, it was announced that she had been appointed as President of Nardello & Co, which advertises itself as ‘the premiere global investigations firm’ – as well as continuing as Chief Operating Officer.

(See https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20171207005223/en/Nardello-Bolsters-Leadership-Firm-Enters-New-Growth .)

Her bio on the firm’s site makes clear that she is a graduate both of Harvard and Harvard Business School. Further material:

‘Sabina began her investigative career as a research analyst at Kroll, and rose to Director of Research for the New York office and then to Global Head of Training for the Business Intelligence and Investigations practice.

‘Earlier in her career, Sabina served as a Special Advisor in the Directorate of Intelligence at the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s headquarters in Washington, DC. In that capacity, she worked with senior management to refine and strengthen the FBI’s intelligence gathering capabilities and implement its intelligence transformation efforts in response to the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission.’

Her father Richard Menschel and her uncle Robert became senior directors at Goldman Sachs. Both have been honoured with the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy.

(See https://news.syr.edu/2015/10/alumni-robert-and-richard-menschel-awarded-carnegie-medal-of-philanthropy-62555/ .)

The latter figures in a report in the ‘WSJ’ back in 2009 about a group called the ‘Wednesday 10.’ Apparently, it was formed as a ‘networking’ eating club by a group of young Jews in different professions in New York back in the ‘Fifties, with William Safire, who became a highly influential columnist for the ‘New York Times’, in the leading role. Many of these were sons of immigrants, they started from zero, and they made it.

(See https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052748704779704574555862616828726 .)

As to William Safire, the following from his ‘Wikipedia’ entry is of interest:

‘Safire was one of several voices who called for war with Iraq, and predicted a “quick war” and wrote: “Iraqis, cheering their liberators, will lead the Arab world toward democracy.” He consistently brought up the point in his Times columns that an Iraqi intelligence agent met with Mohamed Atta, one of the 9/11 attackers, in Prague, which he called an “undisputed fact”, a theory which was disputed by the CIA and other intelligence agencies. Safire insisted that the theory was true and used it to make a case for war against Iraq. He also incorrectly predicted that “freed scientists” would lead coalition forces to “caches [of weapons of mass destruction] no inspectors could find”.'

Actually, I remembered reading Safire at the time of the Gorbachev-era ‘new thinking.’

Refreshing my memory with the help of ‘Google’, I came across a response to a column by Safire from Georgiy Arbatov, one of its key architects, from December 1987 – which would have been shortly after I started working on the subject.

In it, Arbatov reiterated the suggestion he was frequently making at the time: that ‘we have a “secret weapon” that will work almost regardless of the American response – we would deprive America of The Enemy.’

(See http://www.nytimes.com/1987/12/08/opinion/l-it-takes-two-to-make-a-cold-war-963287.html .)

Over the following months, Gorbachev did in fact proceed to liquidate the whole security policy inherited from the Stalinist era. This made little impression on Safire. In the wake of the failed August 1991 coup, and two weeks before Gorbachev resigned as President of the Soviet Union, he would write:

‘Revealing the true colors of a tyrant, Mikhail Gorbachev now seeks to thwart the democratic will of the independent republics of his former empire by bidding for the support of the veteran Red Army generals.’

(See http://www.nytimes.com/1991/12/12/opinion/essay-gorby-invites-the-deluge.html .)

I am well aware of the danger of ‘connecting the dots’, and reaching conclusions which appear to be cogent, but turn out to be quite wrong. However, it seems to me relevant to ask whether in fact the views of Sabina Menchel’s father and uncle on critical questions relevant to American foreign policy have been as divorced from reality as those of their long-time dining partner, and, if so, whether this has influenced her, and whether this may have relevance to the views of her husband.

In 2015, she published a book entitled ‘Investigative Due Diligence: Beyond Google’, of which there is a summary on the Nardello site. From the discussion of investigative methodology:

‘It is also important to consider how information found online is exchanged and disseminated. In countries with high degrees of government censorship, such as Myanmar, the independent press may be run from abroad or through blogs and chat forums. The media in those countries may be pushing a hidden political or business agenda or have critical information scrubbed by government censors.’

(See http://www.nardelloandco.com/insights/investigative-due-diligence-beyond-google/ .)

If she actually believes that the media in Western countries is not pushing various kinds of ‘agenda’ – often not very hidden – or that critical information is not in effect ‘scrubbed’, then Ms. Menschel is living in never-never-land. What also frightens me is what looks like an implicit assumption that in countries with high degrees of censorship the ‘opposition’ media is necessarily ‘independent.’

It is the assumption – explicit or implicit – that those who oppose ‘dictators’ can be assumed to be honest, virtuous people who tell the truth which has been responsible for very much of the mess into which we have got ourselves over the past few years. People with their own agendas had every reason to exploit the inanity of Safire and his like to persuade them that the result of toppling Saddam would be a ‘democracy’ friendly to the United States and Israel.

Arioch The

> Canada Air mechanic newly transferred from Europe had liters in his head rather than gallons

you mean Gimli Glider

But that story was very different actually.

1a. No one transferred nowhere.
1b. CA got new shiny Boeing 767, which had a lot of teething problems
1c. In particular this Boeing could only operate one fuel meter if another, backup one, was shunned.
1d. Mechanic during casual tests enabled both meters for short while, without formally reporting it. Then he got distracted. Both meters stayed enabled without notice.

2a. Canada was switching from Imperial system (gallons, pouinds) to SI (litres, grams).
2b. Canada Air decided to do it starting with new Boeing 767, while running their traditional crafts on traditional gallons. So when calculating between fuel weight and volume crews had to switch between systems, dependign upon which plane they pilot/service.
2c. This Boeing had a problem with manuals, it listed SI constants in fuel calculation chapters for all the formulas. Except one thing, the figure for fuel density was forgotten and was just copied from pre-SI handbooks. It claimed kg/liter but it in reality was pound/gallon
2d. Since crew were swinging back and forth between SI-crafts and IS-crafts. that figure was familiar to them and no one raised an eyebrow.
2e. All other measurement and calculaitons were proprely done in SI system, except weight-volume conversions.

3. In the emergency day MANY people failed at once.
3a. Origin airport crew, who fueled much too less gas.
3b. Intermediate airport crew, who did the same when refuelling
3c. Pilots crew, who dealing with unfamiliar european SI figures did not grasped the fuel figures were too small
3d. Hardware. The Boeing 767 fuel meters stopped working when both were turned on, and they were.



All right already! All right! pl


Of interest to this thread

Christopher Steele: The Real Foreign Influence in the 2016 Election?
His dossier was more than opposition research, it was part of a full-spectrum information operation.
By Peter Van Buren • February 15, 2018



Do you have a complete list of non-idiocy sources of information for decision making? Maybe we could spread it around Facebook to help educate folks.


Referencing my earlier comment on corrupt people being advisers on news media, we now have Exhibit A: John Brennan...

When Spies Turn into TV 'Experts'


Morell has long been a paid contributing “expert” for CBS news, Hayden has had the same role at CNN, and they are are now being joined by John Brennan at NBC....

In his first appearance on Meet the Press last Sunday he said that the Steele dossier did “not play any role whatsoever in the intelligence community assessment that was presented to President Obama…” which is a lie.

End Quote



Minor nit, Brennan was first an analyst. He must have been non-selected for field work at the Farm. After his initial work as a scholar sucking up to Alan Fiers, he became a full time bureaucratic politician and administrator. pl


Reserve prison cells at Gitmo --

Cell#1 Obama,

Cell#2 Brennan,

Cell#3 Clapper,

Cell#4 Rice, Cell#5 Comey,

prison cells vacancy light on, Gitmo open for business.



This post and comments make clear that the globalist Borg conspiracy is real. Although idiots, as the cream of the meritocracy, they are in the leadership class and have wholesome contempt for democracy and deplorables. In mid-2016, the more preceptive underlings started having misgivings and looked for insurance policies. Added to the mix are contractor wives, a paramour and a retired British Agent. Their gravy train could derail. It did. Today there is a Coup underway to wrestle control back away from the Generals and Goldman Sachs alumni to get power and money flowing their way again. Donald Trump must go. To survive the President and his allies will have to appoint an independent prosecutor to investigate “Intelgate”. The problem is two prosecutors digging for dirt in the same place. Bad, for D.C. but good for America.

Keith Harbaugh

In comment 5 (echoed by PT at 7) Lefty asked:

[W]e have also subsequently learned that
Obama communicated with Hillary over her email server using a pseudonym.
Could that have made him reluctant to see her charged with him as an accessory?
Andrew C. McCarthy says: "You betcha!" (echoing Sarah Palin).

"Clinton–Obama Emails:
The Key to Understanding Why Hillary Wasn’t Indicted"

by Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review, 2018-01-23

If Clinton had been charged,
Obama’s culpable involvement would have been patent.
In any prosecution of Clinton,
the Clinton–Obama emails would have been in the spotlight.
For the prosecution, they would be more proof of willful
(or, if you prefer, grossly negligent)
mishandling of intelligence.
More significantly, for Clinton’s defense,
they would show that Obama was complicit in Clinton’s conduct
yet faced no criminal charges.


"... entire situation [re the DNC server] needs to be reopened by an independent investigation."
Totally agree. That was the beginning of the ongoing inflammation that has since produced so much puss.


Thank you for the detailed and informative report.

Keith Harbaugh

Somehow in writing comment #40 I left out the url of the McCarthy article.
Mea culpa.
Here it is:


Thank you Diana. I had a similar education as you and feel that we can never be taught enough about history and especially how our young country relates to the rest of the world with older civilizations. How do we maintain our truth without being invalidated. When was the V in the road?

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