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15 February 2018


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If you please, consider this link:


Scroll down to the picture of the suspect staring face on straight into a camera.

That is a picture of a medium to semi-high achieving "special needs" person, more or less. No longer referred to as "challenged" or "mentally retarded or defective." Developmental disorder. Axis IV or something like that in the DSM version whatever number it is up to by now.

So it is not depression, nor lack of or error in medicine. Or his deceased parents. Or psychopathy. Or drugs.

If that's the perpetrator, yes, those are all things to consider, but not in this case.

So it's not precisely a "gun-control" issue, sad to say, for reasons illuminated so well in Colonel Lang's post of mid 2016, cited above. It's something else universal to human experience. Of course he should never have been allowed anywhere near any firearm, much less an AR-15.

And yes, I'm sure he managed to get through ninth grade to speak euphemistically. And learn how to drive. And use social messaging software.

It's another of those things that will never be fully remedied.


It is not necessary to inject. Endocrine disruptors have been producing h hermaphroditic bass in the upper reaches of the Potomac River for years. Just drink the water. Endocrine disruptors are everywhere. We're just making new species by helping evolution a little.


Once upon a time in America it was possible to involuntary commit people that were mentally ill before they did harm. Both Republicans and Democrats worked to destroy institutions for the mentally ill, Republicans turned it into a for profit industry, and Democrats thought it was kinder not to label and commit.

Now it is very tough to involuntarily commit someone that is clearly a danger and the streets and prisons are full of mentally ill that are not being cared for.

Google around and you can find a lot of cases where parents/family knew a person was dangerous and couldn't get any help or action.

SAC Brat

Is the violence shown in videogames, television and movies a forbidden topic due to advertising revenue? I keep these away from my sons so they don't get any ideas of violence being normal and that pointing a weapon at a person is a big deal.


Why does the US incarcerate 8-10 times the people than other industrialized country?
Why is the US the only industrialized country not to have universal health care?
Why does the US allow quick and easy purchase of semi-automatic guns?
Could these facts produce stress in the society?

Solution: 1. Require federal arms licenses to purchase semi-auto weapons, similar to the automatic weapons licensing, and have a buyback program for the semi-aoutos out there.
2.Work on removing the stresses mentioned above.



Do not post comments twice. pl



Are you Canadian? pl



I have cut off comments until the next mass shooting. pl

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