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13 February 2018


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Arnon Milchan is a Mossad man. He is thought of as possibly Israel's biggest arms dealer and is intimately tied up in nuclear weapons smuggling. Intriguingly he was executive producer of JFK.

Israel currently has a huge problem from the influx of unsavoury types from the FSU, I am not sure how they will deal with it as it is endemic and has corrupted Israeli institutions.


Yes Arnon Milchan Israeli arms dealer and Mossad man, produced a conspiratorial movie about JFK that made no mention of how JFK was going after the Israeli nuclear program. Imagine my lack of shock


Richardstevenhack: I don't give them credit. They only prosecute their politician because their political culture is so vicious--and another politician wants Bibi's job.

Look at how our politics is beginning to descend into a pattern of constant investigations. This is just an extension of politics by other means.


FourthAndLong: Jabotinsky died in 1940. The Final Solution began after.


I agree. But if he is dethroned there are some crazies jockeying for his position who might be worse. Which might be good...they will mouth off at Trump for not doing enough for Israel and that might cool him toward Israel enough to overcome his militant pro Israel advisors.


Milchan, recent summary:

"Netanyahu Worked Inside Nuclear Smuggling Ring" against America:

341 (out of 810 U.S.) krytrons were "destroyed in testing" and never returned to America, thus Israel likely has 341 nuclear warheads, including H-bombs and neutron bombs. The Swedish SIPRI estimate one hears all the time of "80 warheads" is fatally flawed--in the fine print, for some reason the researchers explicitly ruled out counting warheads for submarine cruise missiles, or artillery shells, and decided that any larger number would be impractical and therefore inconceivable...


Not really. I'm more or less thinking about George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, who admittedly aren't CNN advisers.


Very clever of Col. Lang to make reference to The Other Vlad: Benzion Netanyahu was Jabotinsky's right-hand man in New York City, then took over running Revisionist Zionism in USA after Jabotinsky died in 1940. Jews had long had a tight relationship with the Democratic party; It was Benzion's innovation to impel the Republican party to install a plank in their platform that supported the "a homeland for Jews in Palestine," thus establishing the "bipartisan" support for Israel. Ever since, those planks have been part of both parties' non-negotiables.

Bibi is living proof that the seed does not fall far from the tree. Or that the sins of the father are visited upon the son.

As to the corruption? Benzion the Jabotinskyite would likely have been more careful than son Bibi, not having had a generation of ease to rest on. Bibi slid into the role too easily, is too long accustomed to getting what he wants.
I've never watched the entire Godfather series; no doubt someone can name the second-generation characters who were sloppy and entitled, and did not have the same sense of disciplined mayhem vs corruption as the Dons who scratched and clawed to get to the Top Dog position.


Think about the ancient Hebrew stories relative to first-born vs. second son;

then carefully poke and probe the hyperbolized version of Yonathan and his "martyr-death" at Entebbe, an event that 'broke his father's heart' and brought about a dramatic change in Bibi's life's trajectory, i.e. from student of architecture then graduate student and furniture salesman to co-host of the Conference at which the blueprint Global War on Terror was unveiled (Jerusalem Conference July 1979);

then examine more carefully the entrails of the relationship between Benzion and Yonathan pre-Entebbe: during his early years, Yonathan's needs and education were put on the back-burner on numerous occasions while his father, Benzion, chased one after another of his own academic or professional visions, whipsawing young Yoni from one continent to another and back again, resulting in a young man who struggled academically, lacked a stable sense of identity, and came up short in the quest to gain the respect of his scholar/father.

The hagiography surrounding Yonathan is a smokescreen -- or a false beard.


"...watching his people slaughtered by the millions."
Were not the leading Bolsheviks ethnic Jews? Or it was OK to genocide Russians -- the best and brightest among them? And yet the most vicious Russophobes today are Jewish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu36R_tfyUM "Bolshevism and Zionism Are Ideologically Indistinguishable" https://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/07/24/bolshevism-and-zionism-are-ideologically-indistinguishable/
This is a detour from your post: What other cultures, but Jewish, celebrate the slaughter of a host nation by the guests? See Purim.



¡No Pasarán!! or whatever. Sounds like the Spaniards should be complaining about the EU letting in all the competition for jobs. Or would that be they should follow the example of refuges and head to Germany where the German taxpayers can take care of them? Perhaps Barack could start another color revolution; well, at least when he gets done with the one he's leading here.

Babak Makkinejad

Ah, but you are looking at Iran and Spain in the time that they are no longer powerful countries.

But when they were powerful, they were dishing it out as much as they were receiving it.

There are a lot of historical analogies between Iran and Spain - even the the topological layout of Tehran and Madrid are quite similar - with the Paseo des Castellanas and the Vali Asr running North-South in each city.

I agree with you about Exceptionalism etc.; there is no path forward for anyone to partake of that; Spain at least provided a path forward for the conquered people to become Catholic and Spanish when she was a world power.

By the way, Mashhad is the bastion of the doctrinaire Shias in Iran - against any whiff of Rationalism and for Faith.


"Israel currently has a huge problem from the influx of unsavory types from the FSU..."
Bush the lesser has been in awe of certain fanatical supremacist Scharansky; the war criminal even awarded Scharansky the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Along with the thuggish Avigdor Lieberman, Israel also enjoys the presence of progeny of the former leading Bolsheviks/communists, such as a founder of GULAG (a network of death camps) Naftaly Frenkel. https://tarbaby.wordpress.com/2017/07/22/gulags-frenkels-efficiency-system/

Babak Makkinejad

Admittedly, I do not personally know people who commit such frauds, but I have heard of them through hearsay.

That is consistent with the generic observation in regards to corruption between Northern Europe and Southern Europe - even in Italy, between the North (of Rome) and South (of Rome).

In regards to Iran, I should think that your worst generalizations to be on the mark - Iranians are what they are - torn between Islam, Iran, and Modernity - while such issues are largely settled in Europe.

Yes, the Western people have created an image of Iran that does not correspond to the reality of that country, and then, like the Russian case, came to believe it.

Now there you go again, calling me " Iranian renegade, most probably at the service of Western intelligence..." etc.

I must admit that it is rather amusing.

But I stand about my comments about Spain.

Here is another gem for you: the foremost young Spanish physicist in EU could not find a permanent job in Spain because those jobs are all spoken for, not even in a local university could he find a position - less qualified candidates but better connected have got such positions.

Now, back to you - the Proletariat is awaiting your Revelations



I do not think this woman will indict Bibi. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayelet_Shaked


I was struck by how bright, new and shining everything was; I have been in a lot of ancient, sacred places over the years and I expected it to be more worn and well used. It turns out that this is the result of a comprehensive urban renewal plan for the city center of Mashad designed and overseen to completion by the great Iranian architect Dariush Borbor. In 1968! He is very interesting. So a lot of the exterior of things there in that video is new! Thank you for that. I learned something.

By the way, Was there ever anyone in your background, perhaps a great aunt, say, from the Ibarruri family? An old Basque name isn't it? Perhaps, Dolores Ibarruri?


You're probably right. But then, if Bibi is guilty, he should be prosecuted even if it's really for political purposes.

Just like here, it's up to the electorate to wake up and see who they've got ruling them.

Which, of course, almost never happens until the politicians get the electorate in really hot water.


Col. Lang, et al,

A little more information on how Arnon Milchan fits into charges recommended against Netanyahu found in a post by Steve Sailer over at the Unz Review. Link to the full article from which he quotes is available at the head of his post. Comments are fun; I liked the one from The Jester, currently showing as #34.



Babak Makkinejad

That Shrine could never plead poverty.

Many urban dwellers live on lands deeded to the Shrine centuries ago and now - due to urban sprawl - covered with houses.

Recently the Shrine deeded some land back to the squatters - as they were -
out of the goodness of its heart.

At the end of each day, the custodians open the inner sanctum and literally use snow plows to pick up currency dropped by the pilgrims.


What is your opinion regarding the Trump family. Ate they not also grifters?



Other than TDS what is the basis for you calling the president a "grifter?" I doubt that you would have the courage to call him that to his face. Have you ever started or run a business, met a payroll, dealt with contract execution? No? What surprise! Someone always paid you a salary, right? Well that someone lived in Trump's world whether it was in a hospital or not. pl


omg ! You are right, she wont charge him (unless she plans to take his place). She is a ultra crazy Zionist.

Her Facebook page:

"They are all enemy combatants, and their blood shall be on all their heads. Now this also includes the mothers of the martyrs, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They should follow their sons, nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes. Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there."

"They have to die and their houses should be demolished so that they cannot bear any more terrorists," This also applies to the mothers of the dead terrorists."

Some Israelis accused her of incitement because the day after a Palestinian teenager was kidnapped and burned alive allegedly by six Israelis.


With all due respect: Israel does not even have a written constitution. After all this time they have been unwilling to put their democratic ideals into writing. It is the Jewish state. How can you have a Jewish state with a constitution like the United States Constitution? Some are more equal than others in the Jewish state. And the Jewish state is a direct threat to the United States Constitution. In an endless low intensity war with Islam, the United States Constitution is going to have to shut down.



Nancy might be thinking of the fact that DJT was infamous for not paying his contractors:


I do not want to sound impolitic or intrusive, but what was that green item that a few people were waving. I mean the thing that looked like it was some sort of huge genetically modified fluffy cat-tail grown perhaps along the muddy fern and lichen rich edge of an ancient Japanese koi pond, say, at Katsura, and turned such a wonderful emerald green by pumping in an excess of nitrogen over generations. It seemed to be quite flexible too. Something very beneficent about it swaying and bowing over the heads of everybody.

What does it do?

I want one. It would drive my cats crazy.

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