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01 February 2018


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Wikimapia looks like a great tool. But as far as I am concerned you left a technical trap open.


"Why America’s Bad Choices Can Lead to a Shooting War with Turkey in Syria," by FEDERICO PIERACCINI


BBC reporting downing of Russian Su25 over Idlib.

Claims that HTS/AQ responsible. Unconfirmed reports on Twitter that the pilot was executed at the site by HTS. I have my doubts about this as he would be more valuable alive than died.

Much gloating from likes of Lister & Horovitch and other neo-cons. How quickly some forget 9/11. They are truly loathsome creatures.



Yes it does seem we are heading that way. Will Trump be hoodwinked again or say no? My guess he will buy it. The problem is he would really heavy strike this time. The next few days will be interesting.


No report yet on the weapon system used to bring down that Sukhoi. There has been speculation that it may have been a MANPAADS. But there was video yesterday of near misses by AAA. Possibly ZU-23, although HTS (formerly al-Nusra Front) is known to have captured some old 57mm guns.


That is my impression as well. However, I have read reports suggesting that the Turks have diverted resources which could have been used to thwart the Syrian Arab Army advances in Idlib, hence my question.

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