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22 February 2018


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Yes. I have been under fire a lot and Honor is not a dead concept for me although I realize that it is for most. pl


Except that's how it went down.



I'm not going to argue that. Just pointing out BCSO is a joke.



Oh, I'm not arguing otherwise. Just amazed at the chutzpah of (((Sheriff Israel))) demanding our guns and saying the NRA has blood on its hands in light of the amazing failures of his department.


Wow! As a former mental health technician who has helped fill out hundreds of involuntary commitment papers, I would say that you have described what happens in some ideal world, but is not what really happens most of the time. Unless things have vastly changed since I did that kind of work, and I have good reason to think it has not, at least for Pennsylvania.





" officers are taught what is widely known as the “first rule of law enforcement”"
Let me guess: Black Lives Matter. The rest, not so much? As told by the Miami Herald.

Let me help you with the conclusion "This leads to..."
Civil service job with union protection, good wages, fat pension, little accountability. Check, check, check, check, check. Sounds like we should start with elminating public service unions. A whole lot of people like this should be fired. Amazon is looking for thousands of bodies in their distribution system and guys like this can sit on their ass at the gate providing "security" and "loss protection" without having to draw anything more than a paycheck.

Scott Sullivan

At Columbine it took 1.5 hours to breach the school and with a SWAT team. At Newtown it took over 7 minutes with dozens cops on scene. In the Orlando nightclub shooting it took 3 hrs to enter with SWAT. So, when one cop fails to breach within 4 minutes it’s cowardice but when dozens of cops don’t breach for over an hour it’s procedural.

“Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.”

I completely agree that it's a bad idea for police to charge in and get themselves killed. I'm not asking any police officer to put their own life on the line for me, nor for anyone else.

However, that said, given that standard police procedure is to go cautiously, at least the deputy in question could have moved to a good position where he had visibility of the situation and a reasonable chance to catch the shooter moving in the open. Not superhero stuff, but better than standing around flat footed.

There's some other evidence that a drill was in progress the same day. Possibly this deputy believed it was all fake?!? We must get information about how they were briefed for this drill. News reports are various and conflicting... some say it was just a fire drill, while others said there was no drill that day.

Finally, if the police want to be trusted by the community, they need to be honest about their own capabilities. If you cannot spare resources to investigate then don't BS about it, don't give this "see something say something" glib speech knowing full well it's meaningless. Stand up, tell the truth and admit that in many cases police will not be able to protect the victims. Say that clearly before any discussion of disarming said victims.


Scott Sullivan

There was no barrier or siege system in Florida. pl


Or the situation where a police officer is fired for not shooting a man with a gun (he was shot out of hand by more officers arriving on the scene - the gun turned out to be unloaded apparently).

Police officer fired for not shooting man who had unloaded gun

Force protection uber alles.



"I'm not asking any police officer to put their own life on the line for me, nor for anyone else." No? then why have police? Is it to give out parking tickets and eat donuts? If that is the case then the police should be disarmed as they are in the UK, except for "Armed Police!" as they cry on the scene of a crime. pl


There were four Broward County deputy sheriffs cowering out in the parking lot while gunfire could be heard in the school? All that means to me is that there four times as many police cowards as I had thought. Was there a policy in the sherriff's department that told their people not to go to the action? If there was that was a bad policy, but a bad policy is just a bad policy. It is not a failure of leadership. If Sheriff Israel had shown up on the scene and told his men NOT to go in, that would be a failure of leadership. pl

Account Deleted

If his training as a police-man overrode his inherent instincts as a man (assuming these were there) then police-men are unsuitable for this job.

The parent of a current or ex pupil of the school or a similarly motivated lay-man would seem far more suitable. Perhaps it is time to create a dedicated School Protection Force with appropriate training, uniform - and most definitely an oath along the lines of "I will lay down my life, if necessary, to protect those under my protection". Yes it is a tall order, but we may surprise ourselves.


Looks like Peterson had company.
Just came out that there were THREE more deputies at that scene who did nothing.
I'll bet that that Sheriff has won his last election.

Eric Newhill

I bet there was a policy that caused the deputies to hunker down outside the school. Sheriff Israel would have written or at least approved that policy. Thus, to some extent it is a failure of leadership on a proactive basis. Israel couldn't imagine a school shooting and what it would entail?

That said, any non-coward on the scene would have said "Screw the regs" and gone in.


Maybe we should be comparing ourselves to Japan, New Zealand, Norway, not Venezuela, Mexico, Zimbabwe.

Babak Makkinejad

Man is alive not by bread alone but by knowledge of Word of God (Ruhollah).

Babak Makkinejad

Write "courage" and "honor" into policy?
You cannot be serious.


I agree with you completely. I was a psychiatric nurse for 25 years of my 37 years of nursing, 10 years working at a large county facility and I never saw anything working as Eric described. Most of the mentally ill I saw were not violent and guns were not an issue. Violent boys and young men fall through the cracks.

John Minnerath

Re # 97
Proulx wasn't here long, she soon moved to the left coast and Seattle where she probably fits in better.



It is policy in the armed forces and written into law. pl

Babak Makkinejad

Those are much more homogeneous countries than US.

Babak Makkinejad


Does that make sense to you?



You are surprised at the political activism of the left as demonstrated by crisis actors reading scripted lines like "blood on your hands" or the concerted campaign on the left to boycott the NRA? No, I don't think you are surprised at all. The only question is will NRA membership now be a criteria for 1. Denying employment 2. Firing of employees.

This is not the result of the "two party system" it is the objective of the cultural Marxist left. You understand that part perfectly which is why you neglect to mention 39 contacts made over multiple years made to police agencies including the FBI and the Broward County sheriff's office mentioning this man and his conduct and those agencies failure to take action.

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