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22 February 2018


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IMO---its too early to dismiss the possibility of "conspiracy" in the Parkland School shooting. I listened to the interview with high school teacher Stacy Lippel, who says she saw the gunman dressed in full body armor shooting the students in Parkland High School.


Considering the questions surrounding the deputy "stand down" and the history of false flags used to initiate hasty policy changes as no crisis is allow to past unused by "conspirators"; it is time for a criminal investigation of the school shooting, before public hysteria is used to end or limit American's Second Amendment right to bare arms.



Ah, you think this wa a provocation on the part of the gun control people. Well, I think that notion is pretty farfetched. pl


I am examining evidence and possible motive. I am not making conclusions.

John Minnerath

No where, in any of the reporting from any sources is there a mention that the shooter, Cruz, was dressed in any sort of tactical or police type gear.
The source for that link is highly suspect.


Stacey Lippel was interviewed on ABC News Good Morning America. She said she saw the shooter in full tactical gear. I will defer to your conclusion that ABC news is "highly suspect", or perhaps you mean Stacey Lippel's eyewitness account is "highly suspect". It certainly contradicts the "official narrative" that the deranged teenage Cruz is the lone gunman.


John Minnerath

Strange comments indeed from that teacher, especially given the fact that something like that hasn't been brought up by anyone else.
I did read a comment somewhere that the shooter went into the school carrying a long dark bag and a duffel bag.
So did he have some tactical gear with him? The stuff is easy to get.Could he have stripped it off and then slipped out with the other exiting students?
Maybe answers to such questions will finally come to light.

John Minnerath

It seems to me the Sheriff is obfuscating the events to cover his ass.
And in the process a lot of facts are not coming out.


What Peterson did in response to a call about 'firecrackers':


Keith Harbaugh

1. The issue of how Broward County and its southern neighbor Miami-Dade have, as a matter of policy and practice,
dealt over the years with the issues this shooting raised is discussed at length in
To get the gist, here is a brief excerpt from the first reference:

In 2012 and 2013 while doing research into the Trayvon Martin shooting we discovered an alarming set of school policies being enacted in Miami-Dade and Broward County Florida.
The policies were called “diversionary programs” and were essentially about stopping High School students from being arrested. Law enforcement was instructed to avoid arrests and defer criminal conduct to school administrators.
The reference goes on to discuss the background of Trayvon Martin at great length,
asserting many things about him as facts which have certainly not been covered in the MSM.

2. A personal comment: I really find the Washington Post to be a cesspool of PC thought.
What brings that up is the following WaPo article on the BCSO deputy Scot Peterson:


Consider the point of view in the following excerpt from the article:

[Ellen Kirschman, a clinical psychologist,] said she is especially concerned because Peterson has resigned. “I don’t know what kind of support or counseling he’ll get since he resigned. I don’t know what happens to his medical benefits,” she said. “He needs counseling with someone who knows police work. His family will need support.”

Officers involved in controversial shootings often experience a sense of betrayal, she said. “The betrayal makes the experience much harder.
You feel betrayed by the community you risked your life to protect.
Betrayed by your own friends in the department.
Betrayed by the administration that’s throwing you under the bus,”

Kirschman said.

“The funny thing about police departments is that when you’re recruited, police are told, ‘We have your back.’ ‘The family in blue’ and all that,” she said. “But in high-attention situations like this, you see departments quickly turn against their own officers when they need support most.”

What, in my view, is sick is that this clinical psychologist seems to not understand just who betrayed whom in Parkland.
That "having your back" applies when you act with honor and integrity,
not when you betray your oath of office.
Several commentators to this post have stated they have background in psychiatry.
Can they explain Kirschman's comments?

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