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07 February 2018


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an occasional reader

The LaRouche people have always said it was London.
I agree considering the center of the Trans-Atlantic financial empire is London and the currency of said empire is the petro-dollar which Russia, along with others, is slowing undermining.
In other words, they have motive.


TTG - Thanks! I got my general HAM license back about 1959 (while living in Quantico and spending alot of time at the base "HAM shack") but let it lapse once I hit college. Interesting to know that NSA monitors ham radio.

Nice to have your calming insight on the conspiracy theories.



What is Mueller up to these days? Haven't heard much from him other than to delay Flynn's sentencing.

I'm also curious why Cater Page hasn't been charged with anything despite all the surveillance. Was he a Russian spy as Comey believed?



From Hugh Hewitt:

From one of my long time (but now retired) AUSA pals: “David Laufman resignation is a big deal. As Dep. Assist. AG for National Security Division, he was the Primary Supervisor over Counter-Intelligence work in Nat Sec. He would have had a hand in the approval of the FISA application on Page.

He likely had a role in the decision making on the Clinton email investigation since his section handled cases involving leaks of classified information. The decisions on granting immunity, and allowing conditions to be attached to the examination of computers, would have come from his office. I do not think those were conditions that the FBI would have wanted. On the immunity issue, FBI wouldn't have the authority -- that could only come from the prosecutors in Nat Sec.

The press reporting is that he offered his resignation yesterday, effective IMMEDIATELY. That's what happens when you are told that you are the subject of an OPR or OIG investigation.

He was in the post since 2014 -- under Carlin, Yates, and Lynch in the chain of command.” This source isn’t perfect. None are. But very accurate over many years.


I am in furious agreement with your characterisation of these would - be Smileys. I knew a few. They are never happy unless engaged in some conspiracy to advance their latest cause which can range from the blackballing of a club candidate to the removal of a Prime Minister and much further.

My guess based on my knowledge of the behaviour of such people here and my understanding of British circles is that Trumps candidacy would have been viewed with amused contempt in London with a large dose of cognitive dissonance thrown in.

In my opinion if MI6 had known about Steele's work they would have regarded it as harmless to UK interests and simply labelled it as "american politics as usual" since in their view Trump was unlikely to get elected. Similarly GCHQ assisted the FBI, etc. in what was deemed American political theatre.

To put that another way, wouldn't all of this have blown over if Clinton had won?

Instead we have ended up with a wounded tigress and a thoroughly galvanised would be ruling class fighting for their lives and Mr Steele is a pawn in the battle.

Christian Chuba
"Government officials were leaking this info from August on and it was in the news." - Tacitus

Yes indeed Tacitus, I remember that part of the campaign.
1. That was back when HRC was going with the 'Trump is pals with Putin' narrative.

2. The MSM, especially CNN, did stories on how govt sources said that the FBI verified 'portions' of the dossier. Those are weasel words. That statement is technically true if even the smallest, most trivial fact is accurate but leave the impression that the really bad parts are true; classic disinformation.


"And equally obvious that getting caught meddling in US elections would have catastrophic consequences for all involved, as we may shortly witness. If the British IC did have anything to do with this, it begs the question; what was worth the colossal risk?"

That is precisely the question I ask about the alleged "Russian interference", which TTG and the other anti-Trumpers seem to ignore.

Larry M

This cannot be good for the prospects of Brexit. I mean, disturbing the special relationship with the U.S. will likely weaken the British negotiating position vis-a-vis the European Union.


I've seen no information that Page remained in contact with the Trump campaign, let alone that any such contact involved Russians.

Second, the previous 2013 SVR incident with Page led to him not being charged with anything. So it is irrelevant except as an indicator that he might be approached again, which TTG has pointed out would be less likely as the SVR would be suspicious of his being available due to having lost 3 SVR operatives in the last approach.

Since Page was cleared of his last involvement with Russians, there was no reason to warn the Trump campaign - especially if the goal was to this fake "Russian connection" to get a warrant to be used against the Trump campaign.

Also, those assuming that a Title 1 warrant could not be used to extend surveillance into the Trump campaign are being disingenuous or naive. We're talking violations of procedure all over the place here. As others have suggested, the perpetrators didn't expect to have a spotlight shown on them.


New text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page have been released = and they implicate Obama.

BREAKING: New text messages from FBI lovers state that Obama “wants to know everything”


Fox News reports…

Page wrote to Strzok on Sept. 2, 2016 about prepping Comey because “potus wants to know everything we’re doing.” Senate investigators told Fox News this text raises questions about Obama’s personal involvement in the Clinton email investigation.

End Quote


I noticed the Laufman resignation today over at Conservative Treehouse. Now another one bites to the dust... FBI Asst. Director Michael Kortan.

DOJ National Security Division Official, David Laufman, Quits… https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/02/08/doj-national-security-division-official-david-laufman-quits/ (helpful diagrams)
...Laufman would have been involved and hold knowledge of the FISA “Title-1” surveillance program initiated on target Carter Page and the “incidental” Trump campaign officials. Laufman would also have close contact with former Asst. Deputy Attorney Bruce Ohr; husband of Fusion GPS employee Nellie Ohr.

David Laufman also participated in the July 2nd 2016 interview of Hillary Clinton ... Additionally, as a result of his specific responsibilities David Laufman would also have been involved in any FARA investigations of General Mike Flynn (Turkish lobbying), and/or Paul Manafort (Ukraine lobbying); and had access to FISA-702(16)(17) database use for incidental surveillance and subsequent unmasking etc.

National Security Division head John P Carlin resigned around the same time as the Carter Page FISA warrant application was submitted, October 21st, 2016. National Security Division head Mary McCord replaced Carlin, and she resigned shortly before Special Counsel Robert Mueller was assigned May 17th, 2017.

“Mike” is Out – Michael P Kortan Quits FBI… https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/02/08/mike-is-out-michael-p-kortan-quits-fbi/
Another longtime FBI official quits today. According to Fox News Catherine Herridge reporting, FBI Asst. Director Michael Kortan (aka text message “Mike”), the head of the FBI Public Affairs Office, has announced he is retiring.

Mike Kortan was previously exposed by FBI Agent Peter Strozok as having specific information that the investigation into Hillary Clinton was manipulated by the “small group”. “Mike’s” job was to sell the ruse as a valid investigation.

I'm sure it's all just a coincidence and has nothing to do with any sort of FBI "conspiracy." /snark

While discussing this political hot potato with my husband the other day, I started wondering how much evidence it would take (or poll numbers) for the reasonable Democrats in congress to start bailing on or start withdrawing support from this misbegotten strategy their leadership left them stuck with. I think it will take a lot of evidence and the MSM will have to start remembering what it means to be objective.


Former CIA Operations Officer Phil Giradli is interview by the Ron Paul Liberty Report on Youtube. The interviewer cites PT's thread here. Giraldi is asked about the possibility that Steele was both an FBI asset and member of MI-6 and how this is likely to get him in trouble with the Brits - unless, of course, they knew and approved.

Worth watching although I don't think it adds anything new, other than possibly the fact that according to the Washington Post, the meeting between Steele and the FBI agent in Rome was preceded by a meeting in London - which Giraldi characterizes as "dangerous" for Steele if indeed Steele was an "FBI source."

Grassley Memo Shocker! Did The UK Meddle In Our Elections? With Guest Phil Giraldi.

wisedupearly Ceo

Please read your own link.
It delineates the constraints placed upon lawyers engaged in pending cases.
The matter being discussed has already been settled. The FISA accepted the submission and all 3 reapplications.
Gowdy is not a lawyer representing a plaintiff currently before a judge.

There is however one reason and that is the possibility of Gowdy being selected by Trump as a Special Prosecutor to investigate the whole FISA matter. Gowdy may believe that flat out statements of illegality would taint his "independence". But that is a joke. Gowdy was part of the House Intel Committee that has already issued a supposedly definitive opinion as the legality. Gowdy has no independence.
He does, however, have personal ethics.
Given the unusual arrangement of the FISA apparatus Gowdy may believe that a definitive statement of illegality is impossible to make.

But, to cut to the chase. Do you believe that Steele lied when writing the memos?


I was independantly told by someone who was close to the Trump campaign that Page remained in contact with the campaign.

Another republican leaning aquaintance (who was not a fan of Trump, but who had history in National Security circles) reported contemporary concerns about Page and Manafort. At the time he argued that there was legitimate cause for concern amount CI types. At the time i remember finding this hard to believe but being assured there was no shortage of evidence.

I am told people behaved within the law. Who knows?


Russian organized crime and the mysteries of the Mueller-Democrats-Russia-Trump ‘thing’ by J.E. Dyer


Lots of interesting and relevant detail I have not seen collated anywhere else. Author describes herself as “a retired Naval Intelligence officer who lives in Southern California”


I would assume it also put constraints upon attorneys involved with investigations of matters that are currently being examined by the DOJ for criminal violations. Gowdy may be far more aware of what those matters are than you or I are.

And I would not make the assumption that Steele even wrote the memos, There has been much discussion that at least parts of the dossier employ diction that would not be used by a native English speaker, and mostly especially not one with his academic credentials.


lol...so true.

All this fuss... as if all those involved didn't already know that the US government is nothing but a huge shopping bazar where anyone with 30 pieces of silver can buy a president, a war or anything else they want.



What's with this Steele guy? Now we find out that Sen. Mark Warner was trying to arrange a meeting with him through the lobbyist for Russian oligarch Deripaksa.

Sitting on the Senate Intelligence Committee Sen. Warner should know that all his communications are being collected and stored.

Seems like we have the screenplay for a Hollywood political espionage thriller.



At this rate the entire top echelon of the DOJ National Security Division will be gone soon.

wisedupearly Ceo

Sid, re your post 65.
I beg to differ. My recollection was that the intel agencies fought hard to keep all qualifications and caveats in all NIEs.
Basically, they tried to say, "this WMD claim is unproven and dubious."
Blame Dick Cheney and his stovepipe operation for WMD fiasco. Basically he ensured that crap was passed off as truth.


He's a liar too
Ukrainian Arms Dealer Holding Fundraiser for Congressman Adam Schiffhttp://investmentwatchblog.com/wow-ukrainian-arms-dealer-holding-fundraiser-for-congressman-adam-schiff/


IMO it was Steele who fell for a hoax. Not only was he malignant, he was incompetent.


David, you mentioned Laity before. Is this the context in which he was your colleague? You both were Defense Correspondents?

Mark Laity joined NATO after 22 years in journalism, including 11 years as the BBC's Defence Correspondent from 1989, when he reported from the frontlines of most major conflicts of the nineties, but particularly the break-up of Yugoslavia, and the Gulf War in 1991.

Eliot Higgins is a "visiting scholar" at the Center for Science and Security Studies (CSSS), at the War College, whatever that means. I share your hesitations, but I assume you take what you can get in the brave new OSINT world? No? To what extend such research can be misused in "Strategic Communication" or for that matter how did it influence our media below the strategic aspect might be a more complex question. Just as his seemingly amazing career.

Thomas Rid apparently left King's Department of War Studies in September 2017. He is now Prof at the John Hopkin's Center for International Studies.





From a very, very superficial scan of the respective fields, both he and Neville Bolt might be the most interesting from my limited perspective. I have to admit I like the idea of questioning Cyber War more generally. Maybe that's what got me more interested?

Video: In Conversation Series, Introduction:

I checked his publication via the link:


Ok, choose the wrong one, David.

Based on more general interests, if I had all the time in the world, or could connect my mind to a quantum computer, I guess it would be Mervyn Frost fist. Maybe second and Rid first? War (Asymmetrical War?), Communication and Ethics?


Arioch The

Could you elaborate for a semi-speaker what means "British intelligence officials, .... were witting of Steele's activities"

Frankly I read it as "writing off" before grasping that "wiTTing" could hardly be mistyped "wriTing"

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