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26 February 2018


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Martin Oline

Thank you for your work in helping inform those of us who have limited insight of the structure of our government's foreign policy. I place a high value on the information I receive daily from the committee's contributers and I also thank them for making this site a quality resource for all of us who wish to gain greater understanding of the world around us.

Ishmael Zechariah

Congrats and Thanks. I am sure the rate of increase will keep increasing as well.
Ishmael Zechariah


Thank you.
Your professionalism, moral strength, patriotism and powerful intellect make a great contribution to this country – and to our individual lives.

FB Ali

Congratulations, Col Lang! A well-deserved milestone. Look forward to many more!


I was reading through your archives and noticed the comments were 2 to 6 a day in the beginning. I guess success takes time to respond to. Thanks for doing so. Congratulations, maybe.

Dave Keating

First post but a long time daily lurker. Thank you Col Lang and friends for providing sane, reasoned and adroit analysis. It is so refreshing to hear the issues of the day being discussed and analysis based on logic, knowledge and experience instead of the usual ideological talking points simply being repeated.



There are days when I dread the comment feature but it is central to the project. pl

John Minnerath

Incredible numbers due to incredible dedication.

Account Deleted

Anna expressed it very well, so I'll echo her sentiments Col Lang. I have no concept of what it takes to host, contribute to & moderate a blog open to the whole internet, but your selfless efforts in doing so certainly transcends patriotism. SST is highly relevant to our time, wherever you are.


Congratulations, well deserved!!


@Pat - Congrats. Good to see this site growing. And I totally understand that you sometimes "dread the comment feature". I know that feeling.

(BTW- MoA stats as of now: 26763002 Lifetime Pageviews, it currently gets around 20,000 PV per day)

Sans Racines

Congratulations! Ramming speed?

Swamp Yankee

Thanks very much for your work all these years. This Committee has been critical for my understanding of the world these last twelve years. Thanks again.



Good for you! I don't expect to grow a lot more. I am a compulsive kibitzer and this is my retirement hobby. pl


Congratulations, Sir!

Due to your integrity, efforts and dedication, SST keeps growing and going from strength to strength. There is no better source of insight on many matters from foreign affairs to national security and politics. Additionally you have attracted so many insightful correspondents that add so much value to gain better understanding.


Congratulations to colonel and the entire SST community, for keeping up this long. I think to moderate a blog like SST, non-monotonous, balanced and civilly, its a work of a orchestra like conductor, many thanks and congratulations to you sir.

robt willmann

Another wonderful readership count showing that often being ahead of the curve is relevant!

Since no matter how tenuous and seemingly unrelated to the topic at issue it may be, I try to sneak in jazz music whenever possible. Thus, I will do it again. Besides, music should be part of every celebration.

For your listening pleasure, here are a couple of performances demonstrating once again that expertise is not always blocked by age.

Doc Severinsen is a trumpet player who for years directed the Tonight Show Band in the Johnny Carson television show on the NBC network. Here he is, at 87 years of age, playing with the University of North Texas One O'Clock Lab Band, of college students, at a benefit show in 2015 and performing "Night in Tunisia"--


Bill Holman is a saxophone player, composer, and arranger, who has written music performed by Doc Severinsen and the Tonight Show Band, and by many others over the years--



Marion "Buddy" Childers was a self-taught trumpet player, composer, and arranger. He became a member of the popular Stan Kenton Big Band at age 16. Fortunately for him, he grew up then and did not go to college now. Under the big stage and under the big lights, he was not quaking in his boots after being told by morons disguised as college professors that he needed a "safe space", and needed to cower down from "micro-agressions", and needed to knead play dough and color in a coloring book as a young adult in order to survive. However, his life of bringing joy to others through music was cut short by cancer when he passed away in 2007--



The L.A. Jazz Institute is a repository of music and jazz history. It also sponsors programs and concerts--



The following performance is probably from 24 October 2003, at a function sponsored by the L.A. Jazz Institute in Newport Beach, California; Bill Holman directs a group of area jazz musicians who perform a piece of music he composed and arranged for his friend, Buddy Childers, appropriately called, "Solo for Buddy". Here are Bill Holman, at age 76, and Buddy Childers, at age 77, doing it right--



Congrats sir.



I have no idea what any of that gibberish means. Perhaps someone can explain it. pl

The Twisted Genius


Congratulations on your perseverance and accomplishment... the epitome of FIDO. SST has become a significant part of my retirement activities as well.

FB Ali

Re: #21.

That's part of the burden of running an open blog!


FB Ali

Sorry. pl


Is your growth exponential?
Would you be open to cross reference to other blogs of interest (pro or con but worth reading) thus gain more exposure and by default readers?
Also, you might want to consider a crowdfunding through Kickstarter.com , indigo go or gofundme.com

Jony Kanuck

Allow me to add more praise: This world would be a bit saner if powerful people remembered that war serves political ends. War for the sake of war is toxic.


Congratulations, Colonel
p.s. when was that you wanted to throw in the towel? I am glad I was one of the voices against that.

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