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08 January 2018


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Col. Lang

After being used to seeing much slower progress on other fronts, watching this blitzkrieg unfold over the last week or so has been astonishing. I saw a report yesterday of Tiger forces Intelligence units from inside the airbase. The FSA commander you referred to in your last piece chose a heck of a time to visit his masters in Washington.

In your opinion, where should we expect the next thrust, after the jaws close?


Barbara Ann

They will probably clean up the new pocket Abu al-duhur-Khanassar-Suruj and then there will be a concentric attack from Lattakia Province-Aleppo City-Abu al-duhur. The IS pocket around Suruj will probably be persuaded to be transported yo east of the Euphrates where the Iraqis can help wipe them out. pl



From global perspective the news of the massed IPDCM (Improvised Propellor Driven Cruise Missile) attack was IMHO much more important news. I wonder how many months it will take for this to be the new normal in Yemen, Afghanistan and Libya

Peter in Toronto

Without the umbrella of political support and a steady stream of Bulgarian or Saudi anti-tank guided missiles, the unicorn freedom-yearning army seems to have dissolved into the foothills of Idlib, and the Jihadist vermin can offer no resistance to the blunt force trauma of an armored fist with artillery support. Religious zeal doesn't appear to help much against field artillery. Who would have thought?

Good development in Yemen as well, with the Saudis losing some aircraft, which is significant since they have thus far been able to menace the stubborn population with impunity from the air. The Yemeni setup is interesting, using some sort of foreign-sourced FLIR to track the aircraft and hit it using an unknown missile:


robt willmann

This article says that there was an attack over the weekend by 13 unmanned drones on two Russian military bases in Syria; 10 attacking one base and 3 on the other. The drones were either shot down or disabled. It seems as if the drones were carrying weapons that could be fired--


Peter AU

ISIS only attacking HTS. Been watching that. Wondering if SAA at one of the past ISIS filled cauldrons (east Homs?) gave them a travel deal?


Colonel, have you read this treatise on Egypt's war in Yemen?


And meanwhile...http://www.newsweek.com/russia-will-pay-huge-price-backing-iran-says-trump-adviser-mcmaster-771696

In case anyone has lost sight of the Deep State's next objective.


Rebel supporters will repeat that and half baked theories of Assad-ISIS cooperation ad nauseam but really these are the same guys from the Hama pocket supplemented by a constant stream of rebel/HTS defections since October


you're mentioned (as "turcopole") in video https://twitter.com/Syria_Hezb_Iran/status/950763674356076545


Russia may again be planning to accuse the US of directly aiding the remaining ISIS forces.

BREAKING: Drones used in attack on Russia’s bases “could only be shipped from US”

The accusation is indirect at this point, since it comes from unnamed sources and is only linked to a US surveillance plane by innuendo. It will be interesting to see if this accusation is firmed up over the next few days.



Wow. You can see "Flir Systems" on the side of the pod and watermarked into the video ... Zerohedge says this is a US manufacturer. When was the last time someone shot down an F-15 for gosh sakes? It looks like the missile ignored the flares ... I wonder if that speaks to the sophistication of the missile or if the pilot didn't use the tools at his disposal as well as he could have.



Who is "Buzzpineapple?" Je sui flatte. pl

different clue


( reply to comment 8),

This may not be any Deep State initiative or pursuit. It may be strictly McMaster's personal long-held grudge and personal desire for vengeance.


FLIR is a company that makes cheap (and not so cheap) infrared camera's.



Russia is now saying the drone attack on its base came from Turkish-controlled area in Idlib. Still hints of US involvement but appears to redirect its accusation to Turkey.

Drone attack on Russian bases launched from Turkish controlled area

As it might relate to the US cruise missile attack on a Syrian air base last year, Russia reports that half of the drones were forced to land by electronic countermeasures, something at which Russia excels.


In the thick of things. Covering the failed rebel counteroffensive in Idlib a Syrian journalist and his cameraman is blessed with some divine luck.


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