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15 January 2018


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Bill H

Thank you for this position.


Calling a spade a spade: "Russia-gate is becoming FBI-gate"
"In the Watergate era, liberals warned about U.S. intelligence agencies manipulating U.S. politics, but now Trump-hatred has blinded many of them to this danger becoming real, as ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern notes. 



They mad.


When they scream against the sky as a form of Trump protest is has entered the realm of religion. Looking at it from that angle is interesting, hearing them otherwise is tedious.


Cognitive dissonance induced madness. Who said witch burnings were a thing of the past?



TDS = Trump Derangement Syndrome pl


These people are down right insane and have no concept of reasoning. In general, what came to be known as "liberalism", in its modern connotation, is a form of mental illness.

blue peacock

Col. Lang,

I am curious what is the cause of TDS.

If one excludes his speech, his mannerisms and his style, which, IMO, are superficial stuff, unless of course that is the trigger, what he's actually done can't be any more controversial than what a run of the mill GOP president does policy wise.

Reading the text messages between FBI's Peter Strzok & Lisa Page. Watching Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, Rachel Maddow and all the rest in the corporate media. Reporters like David Brooks, Maggie Haberman, Luke Harding going off the deep end. The editorial writers at the WaPo and the NY Times. Then of course all the neocon think-tankers like Billy Kristol. And all those high officials in the previous Obama administration - Sally Yates, Clapper, Brennan, Evelyn Farkas and on and on in a desperate soft coup attempt.

They all seem completely UNHINGED! What's up with that?

I recall ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) but that seemed to be limited to the fringes of the Vast Rightwing Conspiracy. Not widespread in the MSM except maybe on Fox!


blue peacock

IMO it is because he represents for the Rousseau crowd a focus for the counter-revolutionary forces present among the Deplorables. Those "reactionaries" still have the power to reverse "progress" to a Brave New World filled with Animal Farm values, "Two legs bad, Four legs good!" etc. Many of those swept along are merely useful idiots, but useful nonetheless. pl


First, Trump; never sat at the cool kids table - the permanent swamp of think tanks, academics, bureaucracy, media, lobbyists.
Second, he got elected by calling out the cool kids for their gross incompetence, corruption and self-enriching, self-aggrandizing schemes.
Third, he's just not polished - like the cool kids; talks like the "guy in a bar."


Dear Colonel,

Cognitive dissonance reigns among rank and file Dems - though not the leadership and I think much of the media, who are exceptionally cynical. How to explain voting for warrantless spying capabilities to the same administration they blast as the most dangerous and incompetent ever.

Perhaps we are moving from alternate facts and fake news to alternate reasoning where A does not equal A and that black is white. In the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, this lead to death at the next zebra crossing.



Mob psychology has taken hold. What the foule wants is for the mob to march to the Bastille (WH). pl


TDS is most definitely not a grass roots movement. The Women's Protest did not emerge organically, it was financed & planned well in advance. Snowflake turmoil on campuses are engineered by the likes of David Horowitz; BLM is not grass roots -- I swear, somebody packs a van full of money & travels to Black churches each week, handing out $20s with the Talking Points du jour attached; they're heard the next day-week on C Span. Resistance was/is not grass roots, nor is #MeToo; Oprah & pals decided at the very last minute to wear black on the red runner -- riiigght. Not just the ChristoZionists but even Mainline Christian churches are targets for manipulation by allies of the same folks who engineered Pink Hats, BLM, #MeToo etc -- a recent announcement of an AIPAC seminars for rabbis to take the message home to their congregants included a special task force for dealing with "Christian churches," which simply follows on the comments Mitchell Bard (who manages Jewish Virtual Library & circulates a Zionist newsletter in DC suburbs) made to a gathering of "Children of Holocaust Survivors" in California in 2010 -- https://www.c-span.org/video/?296741-1/the-arab-lobby&start=3359

All are Projects of the New Anarchic Bolshevik/Borg. The plotting is exquisitely rational: observe the pacing of each movement as it emerges in turn, then melds Venn-like into the others in an overlapping, supporting fashion: it's a giant Hollywood production in however many acts are felt necessary to achieve Full Spectrum Dominance of US political and social culture.

(I predict that before year's end -- certainly before decade's end-- we will see a euthanasia/right to die movement to deal with seniors. Gentlemen, start your ice floes.)



Upholding the Constitution and acknowledging the election results are one thing. But, supporting Donald Trump is whole another thing.

Yes, he has done a lot;
Deep-sixed the TPP trade pack.
Signed the tax-cut bill.
Neil Gorsuch confirmation.
Roll-back of regulations.
The travel ban.
Declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel.
Withdrawal from the Paris climate accord.
Roll-back of Cuba polices.
Repeal of net neutrality rules.
Ended the Caliphate.

The only clear win is tossing of the trade pack. All the rest have problems. They accelerate the destruction of the middle class and environmental degradation. Cement corporate rule. Alienate the rest of the world. And, continue the forever wars.

The 25th amendment counter coup and media attacks are one group of oligarchs attacking an upstart NYC ex-casino boss over who controls the looting.


Well Tyler will just threaten to kill us all (again) so why worry?


51% of Republicans still believe Obama was born in Kenya.


I will think TDS is a big problem when we have 8 Russia- gate investigations to match the 8 Benghazi investigations we had. Until then, it is all just revenge and ordinary politics as practiced for the last 25 years. (Look at our recent history. We had sleazy special prosecutor Ken Starr. Dishonest Dan Rather going after Bush. Trump going after Obama with the birther stuff, then 4 years of Benghazi hearings.) Mostly just fake politics to try to embarrass Trump and make it more difficult for him to work, but then that is how things work. Would be nice if Trump supporters would stop whining, suck it up, and move on. Bunch of crybabies. Just as bad as the Obama supporters who said he couldn't get anything done because Republicans were mean to him.

That said TDS is boring and non-productive.



I am confused... Is the Borg a communist conspiracy that wants an Animal Farm future for all if us? Is Hillary a socialist/communist and are all those big banks and corporations that backed her stupid... or are they Commies too!? I hate Hillary and the Dem establishment... but I am a leftist that admires the existing socialist Animal Farms in northern Europe.

I've been reading your blog for years and enjoy the diverse opinions and intelligence of many of your commenters. I worry that - like most of the vast wasteland of the American media and punditocracy - your blog may start to resemble most of our farmland... monoculture with depleated soil.

Green Zone Café

I preferred Trump to Hillary, but he's been a disappointment. Subordination to Bibi and plutocratic interests. Couldn't even get rid of the carried-interest tax provision he campaigned against. Maybe on the way to Bibi's dream of US bombing Iran. With Bannon gone, no vision, no strategy, no populist trend. Looks like the "infrastructure plan" will involve large-scale privatization of roads, bridges, airports on favorable terms to corporations. Looting the commons. See Matt Taibbi's book "Griftopia" for the MO.

I still think he'll be run out of office soon unless he changes. "The system" rejects the constant manufactured drama. either for high-minded reasons like preserving national unity or because the crooks want to continue looting the country discreetly.

Whether there was collusion with Russia directly by Trump or not, Mueller will provide some reason from within Trump's shady dealings to run him out of Washington. You know Ryan and McConnell are sick of him. Polling for the midterms may cause a sudden epiphany for marginal Republicans.

Pence is a perfect pious replacement. That banshee Nikki Haley selected as VP.

Korea could change everything of course.

With the clowns in power, and the clowns on the bench for both teams, make sure your children and grandchildren start learning Mandarin.


I have noted those afflicted with ODS/HDS & TDS are interchangable in invective, emotion & religiosity. Deep in ODS/HDS land, I discern no substantive disticnction between critical cases. Name-calling, foundational rationale in certainty of one’s ideals, red-hazed hate... same / same from my cheap seat. Loud, sincere insults and hackneyed phrases fail even to entertain.


Dear Colonel.

I think you nailed it. The only reasoning with a mob is with a 12 Gauge (or better an automatic rifle).

Phil Cattar

The cause ,in a word ,is Fear.They are afraid they will not be able to continue living in their comfortable world if their apple cart is tossed over.How many of the above mentioned people could make it as a farmer in 1880?or a farmer's wife?

Philippe T.

And once the mob frees the Bastille prisoners, you have a Marquis de Sade... (Fortunately, its a legend, Sade was transferred to Charenton (mental asylum) a couple of days before the 14th of July 1789).



The Democrats are not "Left" by any imagination. Their destructive campaign agaisnt Trump is not good for the country. However, perhaps you could consider also adding CDS (Clinton Derangement Syndrome) and USDS (US Derangement Syndrome) to the list of unwelcomed posts?

English Outsider


Like sheep stuck in a bramble patch the progressive elites - a poor name but as I think you remarked some time ago one has to describe them somehow - will continue to ram their heads further in. They are doubling down on the Continent. It seems that the response to public disquiet about the surge of immigrants into Europe is to send aeroplanes to Africa to fetch more. From all I read and hear they are doubling down in the US. The very name "Trump" now sends them into paroxysms of vengeful dismay.

Wonderful. The greatest threat to the West has been the long quiet slide into decay that we do not fight. We do not fight it because each small increment of that decay has been in itself barely noticeable. Let them double down. Let them become ever more frantic and extreme. Let the fake news become ever more obvious, and the false reasoning ever more infantile. They may win, that is true, but at least it can no longer be the case that we will not notice losing. At least we will know that we have a fight on our hands.


I always thought that tolerance of opposing views was supposed to be a sign of liberal behavior but it would seem that many so-called liberal blogs in America are quite happy to ban commentators or delete comments when they criticize liberal shibboleths such as how Hillary Clinton was the most qualified candidate for president of the United States ever. The same can also be said of more august websites such as The Guardian where pointing out that the paper used the Ahrar al-Sham new agency as a source for its reporting on the war in Syria will result in your comment being deleted.

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