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25 January 2018


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different clue

Does the ChinaGov feel that China has enough money to fill a significant vacuum that the TrumpAdmin has decided to create? If China were to give the PNA all the money which the TrumpAdmin has decided not to give anymore, and keep giving it without any stated hope that PNA negotiate before a wiser President rescinds the TrumpAdmin's Jerusalem decision; then China will have a strong and growing presence-of-respect in the Middle East.

It may be that Trump enjoyed kicking the Muslim world specifically in the teeth. It is certain that Trump enjoys bullying and dominating those targets which he perceives as being power-politically weaker than himself. He is emotionally hurt that the PNA hasn't "respected his authoritah" so far. He will get only more offended and hurt as they continue to refuse to "respect his authoritah".

About "fake jews", my understanding is that people who convert to Judaism and are accepted to have done so are accepted by the Jews as being Jews. If the Jews of Europe are descended from Europeans who converted before the Christian Authorities applied a thousand years of heaviest pressure to get these Jews to convert to Christianity, then these EuroConvert Jews may be said to have earned their Jew stripes. In which case, the opinion that they are "fake Jews" for western-invented "blood quantum theory" reasons may well be a "fake opinion" based upon "fake understanding".

That does not change the fact that the Jewisraelis are slowly but surely failing their Darwin Finals. Failing bigly.


Sorry, nq was Laguerre. Typo.

Jony Kanuck

Ahed's true sin that has so riled the Izzes, is that she was being filmed & the film went viral on the arab street. She has been a resistance icon for a while. Calling her Joan of Arc came from either her father, who can get an oped into Haaretz once in a while, or a dissident Israeli Jew - there are a few left. It's an indication of how ground down & hopeless the Palestinian position is. Teenage girls are among the few Palestinians who can publicly resist for long. Ahed's cousin, a 14yr old boy was shot in the face with a rubber coated bullet at point blank range the morning of the slap. The kid survived, just barely. The other dangerous thing about Ahed is that with that blond hair she looks like she could be my daughter not some dark, greasy arab!

Seamus Padraig

Yes, Trump is a disappointment, but look on the bright side: this gesture is totally symbolic and doesn't actually strengthen Israel's position at all. As far as the fake 'peace' process is concerned, any halfway intelligent Palestinian figured out years ago that, as long as Washington is under the thumb of the Zionists, the only deal the Pallies will ever be offered is, in effect, 'surrender or die.' Now it's all out in the open: the peace process is really a WAR process. This will either drive a wedge between Washington and its Arab vassal states, or else it will drive a wedge between Washington's Arab vassals and their own subjects. Either will end up weakening our strategic position in the ME accordingly, and will hasten the day when we pull out and come home. And this is also a major propaganda victory for the Axis of Resistance, which is just coming off a major military victory in Syria. So this Jerusalem thing will temporarily soothe Bibi's ego--and it might even win him re-election--but it will do absolutely nothing to help Israel's declining position in the region (or ours).


If anyone is morally at fault, its the coterie of Jews from the centre left to the hard Zionist right infesting the power structures of Washington DC (media, NGOs, government etc). People like to blame it on evangelicals, but they are not a sufficient condition for America's Israel policy. In large part, they react to effects by causal agents much higher up the food chain: "the lord [read Jews] miraculously beats back [read vast American aid to Zionists at the behest of Jews] Arab armies against Israel."

And yes, as Decameron accused me over in the last Palestinian thread, I am 'indifferent' to the Arab-Jew conflict in principle. I'm neither Jew, Arab, or Muslim. The Muslim hordes all but eliminated Christian dominion over the Levant, even as they tried to take Europe. Apparently I'm supposed to feel sorry gepolitics has now turned against them and another force has become ascendant in the spiritual centre they colonized. These are the natural processes of history, beyond the petty situational designations of 'good and evil.'

You fight for your own country, and your own group, and your own culture, and your own civilization, at your own level, in your own time, and in your own way. And its particularly egregious to champion the cause of another when YOUR civilization is under attack. The same liberals wringing their hands about the poor Palestinians are often enthusiastic about their project of 'diversity' in the West, which amounts to the destruction of the way of being and lifeworld of their ostensible countrymen. London is now 55% non-European, but its ok apparently - because its happening legally according to mandated processes. When I walk down the main street of Auckland, its like we goddamn well LOST a war to an Asian power. So whatever emotional blackmail pro-Palestinians want to use, save it, I don't care. Our civilization is cratering, hollowed out from the inside by forces both systematic and intentional.

If we take our own side for a moment, the problem with Zionists is clear. The Jews are trying to push us toward a false interpretation of Huntington's Clash of Civilization thesis: that there will necessarily be a broad confrontation between 'the west' and 'dar-al-islam.' They leave out the bit that its *only when two disparate groups come in sustained contact the logic of necessity arises.* In their tendentious view, Israel is a beach-head for the West in the enemy's territory. "The only democratic state in the ME." Yet the clash will only come through Camp of the Saints style immigrant ascendancy of Islam in Europe. If Europe became serious about its ethnic basis and securing its borders, then it would matter not one whit what happens to the Jews or the Palestinians.



Having read the comments it seems my own views are absolutely in line with our host, which i find reassuring.

I would imagine that Mr. Trump will have a lot of Zionists on the UWS and UES impressed with his ardor. A lot of guys in the NYC will owe him a hat tip now.


I doubt the ashkenazis are fake jews. I suspect some Palestinians are descended from jews.

Larry Kart

I don't think that Trump is kicking the Islamic world in the teeth because of nudges or blackmail from that piece of fecal matter Bibi or because of the influence of his daughter and her husband. I think he's doing it because, in the realm of personal temperament, it fits the sort of thing he often chose to/liked to do in the real estate business -- tell some annoying "other" party to go ---- themselves. There's' a good deal of evidence that Trump thinks such behavior has more often than not worked out well for him in the past; no less important probably (to repeat myself), it springs from/fits his character. That it absolutely doesn't fit the world of the ME, well that's our bargain with Trump. Some things that spring from/suit his nature one might like, other things one will abhor, but don't bet on him doing much of anything that doesn't feel good to him on a given morning.



Terrible news about Montana. Is that in any way related to the largest anti-semitic campaign of recent years, the one waged by an Isreali teenager?

better not mention that. Or that "BS" issue that got Trump elected: Immigration. I believe his hard core supporters want something Isreal has: a wall.


Or enough rope to hang themselves. Is there a point where anti-apartheid sentiments will sway the world to crack down hard, economically, on Israel?


There is something weird about the Kushner Trump relationship and how Trump literally fawns over Kushner. Something beyond the "family tie" ...he doesn't exhibit that fawning with his own sons.



I suppose LeaNder's reference was to the Khazar conversion. pl

Babak Makkinejad

We already are in a Clash of Civilizations. The former Iranian President, Sheikh al Islam Khatami proposed a Dialogue of Civilizations instead in 1998. People made their choices then and we are where we are.

Bill Herschel

Are Haitians human? Nigerians? Mexicans? Muslims? Women?

In Christianity, The Accuser is Satan. I can't be bothered to attempt to list all DT's accusations. It's what he does. It's also what Satan does.

From Pilgrim's Progress:

"SATAN. Thou didst faint at first setting out, when thou wast almost choked in the Gulf of Despond; thou didst attempt wrong ways to be rid of thy burden, whereas thou shouldst have stayed till thy Prince had taken it off; thou didst sinfully sleep and lose thy choice thing; thou wast, also, almost persuaded to go back at the sight of the lions; and when thou talkest of thy journey, and of what thou hast heard and seen, thou art inwardly desirous of vain-glory in all that thou sayest or doest.

CHRISTIAN. All this is true, and much more which thou hast left out; but the Prince whom I serve and honour is merciful, and ready to forgive; but, besides, these infirmities possessed me in thy country, for there I sucked them in; and I have groaned under them, been sorry for them, and have obtained pardon of my Prince.

Then SATAN broke out into a grievous rage, saying, I am an enemy to this Prince; I hate his person, his laws, and people; I am come out on purpose to withstand thee."

Babak Makkinejad

Nah, likely he likes Kushner more than he likes his offspring, not uncommon, I am afraid.


Funny little thing about the ME.

Other than when the Mongol's came through, most of the local's just converted to either the religion of the Conquers, or the "new" religion of the Oppressed.

That's why the subjects of Dhu Nuwas, the last Jewish King, ( 519 AD) became first Christains, ( Nuwas was deposed by a joint Islamic/ Christian invasion from Ethiopia and Jericho over his slaughter of the Christian populations) became first Christians, then later Kindites, (1'ers) , Yuferids, ( 2'ers), Mahidids, (4'ers), then Yardzi's, (5'vers).


Fred this on Whitefish MT I heard on NPR


I think Colonel (by profession) is right on the mark, saying, Trump surviving/doing business in NY had and has to impress and work with jewish community. So is not just his daughter and son in law but his own relation and need to survive depended on having a pleasing relation with NY jewish community.


Which king is this "some king"? Rsh?

king Bulan (although possibly a govenor "bey" rather than a king "khagan"


English Outsider

"... a fool and a buffoon at best ..."

Boris Johnson? Guy "Maidan" Verfhostadt? Look at what we have over here in Europe and count your blessings.

If that doesn't work look at the Reichsbürgerbewegung or similar groups in France and count them again.


Any link for "Shacham Study Group"? I can not find nothing about it.


Islamic world = oil and terrorists living in the 12th century.
Now, that we are energy independent, who needs them?
Everything I know about Islam I learned on 9/11/01.


Kooshy to Fred @ 44 --

The Whitefish incident dates from December 2016? Why is NPR reviving that typecast and overacted political performance piece now?


I have no idea, I heard it for the first time last week on NPR they interviewed the lady rabbi. But I can feel within the white redneck type nationalist an anti foreign including JEWISH sentiment is growing.


"Everything I know about Islam I learned on 9/11/01."

Funny, I gained a greater understanding and appreciation about Islam and Arabia after that second Tuesday in September by reading the writings of John Bagot Glubb.

Two key points of so many learned:

Muhammad did God a favor by getting all the people on the Peninsula to acknowledge infanticide as a Sin.

Ali lost his Caliphate when he failed to muster a militia.

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