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11 January 2018


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Pan-Arabism was an Egyption Idea promoted and carried on by Nasser and put in coffin by Saadat.

Kooshy, here is a link to Christine Helms, Arabism and Islam, Stateless Nations and Nationless States, The Institute for National Strategic Studies National Defense University, July 1990

It's an abbreviated version, 50 pages only. She's a good writer, good read. Freely accessible online:


I am aware of pan-Arabism. My random reference had to do with a "twitterer" I recently stumbled across who used neo-pan-Arabist to describe his background.



Pan-Arabism is a dead dog. Israel killed it by destroying the illusion that held that the Arabs (native Arabic speakers)could be united into a mighty country. George Antonius is generally thought to have bee the most important literary figure in the movement. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Antonius



Babak, would it be possible in your view that Erdoğan is trying to surpass Atatürk for domestic consumption; I would speculate that he attempts to counter the myth that Atatürk was the model leader of Turkey by pointing out the National Accord and Atatürk`s inability to reconquer the areas "belonging" to Turkey. So slivers of land might not do much for Turkey, but might they do something for Erdoğan in his quest to surpass Atatürk? I think this is maybe a futile quest, but on the hunt for motives this crossed my mind as a possible one.

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