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07 January 2018


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Sounds like another rebranding effort, but this time, instead of rebranding extremist groups to keep the $ and arms flowing, they're rebranding the entire unpopular regime change effort in Syria to a broader anti-Iran campaign.

The "pushing Iran out of Syria" objective has appeared in many hawkish think tank papers, neocon analysis and news articles for at least a year.

Trump could not be sold on continuing the regime change battle but maybe he could be sold on a rebranded anti-Iran campaign now that the anti-ISIS justification is running out.


But pushing Iran out if Syria doesn't have the moral high ground for people who don't really care about Israel.


Does sound pretty fishy. A dissident Alawite group would presumably want Assad out but not the Russians, and would more likely target Assad family loyalists, as presumably in one at least of the cases you mentioned in your last paragraph.

Perhaps they exist on a very small level and someone decided using their name would be a useful cover?

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