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13 January 2018


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Utter nonsense. Good luck on luring the civilian population of the Me! Me! generation into serving anything for two years. Good Luck! Have you heard of the CONGRESS? Public property? God gave these lands to the US government? Don't you know any history at all? God does not make real estate deals, not here and not in Israel. I'll give you an example' Cameron Station on Duke Street in Alexandria, Virginia. a collection of industrial buildings that ended by being the headquarters of the Defense Supply Agency. The land was seized by the government during WW2. A supply depot for sending supplies overseas. The base closure commission got rid of the place by giving it to the City of Alexandria which sold the 100 + acres to developers. It is now covered by million dollar town houses. Public property? What a joke! pl

dilbert dogbert

Check out this wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Presidio_of_San_Francisco
"fter a hard-fought battle, the Presidio averted being sold at auction and came under the management of the Presidio Trust, a U.S. government corporation established by an act of Congress in 1996.[9][19]

The Presidio Trust now manages most of the park in partnership with the National Park Service. The trust has jurisdiction over the interior 80 percent of the Presidio, including nearly all of its historic structures. The National Park Service manages coastal areas. Primary law enforcement throughout the Presidio is the jurisdiction of the United States Park Police.

One of main objectives of the Presidio Trust's program was achieving financial self-sufficiency by fiscal year 2013, which was reached in 2006. Immediately after its inception, the Trust began preparing rehabilitation plans for the park. Many areas had to be decontaminated before they could be prepared for public use.

The Presidio Trust Act calls for "preservation of the cultural and historic integrity of the Presidio for public use." The Act also requires that the Presidio Trust be financially self-sufficient by 2013. These imperatives have resulted in numerous conflicts between the need to maximize income by leasing historic buildings, and permitting public use despite most structures being rented privately. Further differences have arisen from the divergent needs of preserving the integrity of the National Historic Landmark District in the face of new construction, competing pressures for natural habitat restoration, and requirements for commercial purposes that impede public access. As of 2007, there was only a rudimentary visitors' center to orient visitors to the Presidio's history."


I believe every citizen would serve. Comely or not. There is some military formula for combat v. backup. Which means there are many back up jobs that do not require combat readiness. As to what I would accomplish. Some unity of experience of being an American. Some usefulness of the years between 18 and 20 which seem too often spent in drugs and debauchery. A purpose beyond self.

Green Zone Café

What did DIA do in those buildings?

D'Amato had a reputation for taking care of constituents. I looked him up, he's now involved in a bizarre divorce with his much-younger wife.

I'm only familiar with New England. Ted Kennedy fought to save the Boston Naval Shipyard and later Otis and Hanscom AFB. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard has hung on due to the combined efforts of the NH and Maine delegations (it is in Kittery, Maine, not Portsmouth, NH). While there might have been some elite leftist hostility to the military in general, or concern about nukes, there was no pot of gold in any of the bases for moneyed interests, given their location and the toxic contamination issues.

Loring AFB hung on long past its usefulness, given that it was a SAC base would have been hit within like 3 minutes of a counterforce strike from sub-launched missiles.

Many of the closed bases have remained government or reserve military in some way - the Boston shipyard, Devens, Pease, and Quonset Point/Davisville Naval Station are examples.



"...you want to subject the young people to the whims of an impersonal government bureaucracy..."

We already do that in the public school system. Kids too young to pick thier own bed times now think they can pick their gender. Government employees taught them that.



Key West Naval Station, closed in March of 1974. The city fathers at the time hated the navy.


My hope for a future public service program is based upon my interactions with many young adults. I note a post-Me generation that doesn’t get attention. Maybe it’s only a Quiet Minority, but it is real... I see them do all sorts of things (some goofy) for broad (elderly) & niche (greenways) communities - they don’t seem to care so much about getting attention. Yeah, maybe there’s no active constituency for the concept anymore - Hey, naybe Trump could push it through ... he could even feel better about his bone spurs.
Having lived on & around gov property all my life I’ve experienced its arc. I don’t mean to generalize too much. Repatriation & reuse is a political function - handled well it has a strong local component - like politics usually does. Some of the best-preserved land in the East is gov property. Such grounds are now less common (& some are superfund sites!), esp near urban areas. I don’t see a push to rush into commercial development of ex-military bases.
Ah, Cameron Sta! It’s distinct, don’t you think? A quasi-urban depot serving troops, double-dippers & then retirees (some even ending up living there? more irony) ... the actual ice cream for the self-licking ice cream machine. Sometimes it felt like days I spent in that giant commissary... half of which was studying framed unit patches in the entry-way... the kinda thing 10 yr olds do. A strange thing when the GEM (or was it GEX?) opened on the nearby hill along Duke St. ... two PXs so close, competing? Took awhile for me to work that one out. A more obscure logic than that of fallout shelters piled up for sale at the GEM during the Cuban Missile Crisis! Duck & Cover at MacArthur Elementry was a clue... that we were lying to ourselves about surviving Ground Zero (Dad’s office had been in a pretty substantial block house in N Dakota... that could maybe tolerate a near miss, so even this Cub Scout didn’t think my chances were so good on Janneys Ln). But I digress (& apologize for doing so). Anyway, even with odd chemicals & spent ordnance, there’s still some fine hunting on large bases across the South, and at times I’m a romantic.



We de-briefed Soviet emigres there. pl

Green Zone Café

Excellent, close to Brighton Beach.



We had several smallish buildings down by the boat dock and a few of the old sets of quarters for the de-briefers and subjects, kind of a halfway house. I remember that the old, abandoned officer's mess had a facade built in the form of the Corps of Engineers insignia. pl


Sid Finster

You are not paying attention. This has nothing to do with anyone's theory of government and everything to do with local political pressure exerted upon members of Congress to keep these places open for the benefit of the local economy. pl



I have not been in combat and agree that I am not competent to judge the best makeup of our fighting forces. I was too young for WW II and too old for Vietnam.

My theoretical belief is that sending our kids to a year of bootcamp would do them and our country a world of good. Additionally another year in our communities will give them an appreciation of their fellow citizens beyond their own neighborhood.

The draft idea is again another theoretical one on my part that it will provide a brake on unnecessary wars and to only fight existential ones. I am more of an isolationist at heart. Of course you have the direct experience of having to deal with draftees in Vietnam.

I will naturally differ to your judgment based on real experience.

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