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23 January 2018


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What is it that you think happened at Benghazi? What I see is an Obama Administration failure to harden US facilities at Benghazi followed up by an Obama Administration denial of their failure. Far too many people seek perfection of outcome in an imperfect world. pl



The dog ate my homework much? There're no missing text messages. The NSA has a copy of everything that crosses the towers and servers of U.S. telecommunications companies.

The Trump team can retrieve the text messages between the FBI love birds either via appointing a special counsel or administrative subpoenas.


Exactly. It's certainly ironic that Strzok, a lead FBI investigator of Hillary's stupid use of official email over a private server, would continue to send stupid personal texts over an official line, having learned nothing. Although Hillary's problem was arguably worse for endangering national security.

Is he so cheap that he couldn't afford to use a personal phone to text his mistress (to say nothing of stupid)? All of the cheating dogs I know use more than one phone for such purposes.


I expect the FBI will be able to easily recover the text messages, NSA won't be necessary. From what we've seen so far, imo, all it will amount to are more strangled cries of lawyers in love.

However, for anyone who's already tooth-deep in believing the conspiracy narrative against Trump, this is read meat. Big in the news cycle, on the same day we hear that Mueller is inviting Trump for a little chat. The FBI's bureaucrats don't seem too smart but the Republican congress is playing this thing pretty well. It's a good song, play it on repeat.


agree yes
+ an over exuberant USA ambassador who thought his personal charisma was a defense against armed attack
+ a secret CIA operation nearby that was gathering Kadafi arms for shipment to overthrow Syrian government



Yes. pl



"Mueller is inviting Trump for a little chat." Trump has had and still has the legal and constitutional power to remove Sessions, Rosenstein, Comey, Flynn, Mueller, the present FBI chief, Strzok, etc. In the case of the civil servants he might have to put them, each and every one, in an empty room with a desk and a telephone but he could get rid of all of them. Obstruction of justice as a charge in some forum? The lawyers will tell you that such a charge can only be proven if intent to obstruct in the context of his legal power can by proven to exist. How do you think that would be established? Do you think that he has written something that would establish it? Do you think that one of his associates, Flynn maybe, would rat him out on this? Or do you think that Mueller will trick or provoke him into incriminating himself? Collusion with Russia? Really? are your friends still pushing that? pl

Eric Newhill


Even worse in funny kinda way...

...Sometimes I think that Page is a source of leaks, texts, etc.; perhaps cooperating with the Rs.

Maybe Strzok promised her he'd leave his wife for her or get her a promotion, something like that, but then didn't deliver. Hell hath no fury....

...and If you're the cheatin kind, you're the cheatin kind.



More - Maybe Mueller can accuse Trump of being an undetected sex criminal? Perhaps a failure to register under FARA (if the statute hasn't run), How about a money launderer? Adulterer with some whore? What? pl


I dunno, honestly, how they intend to prove it. So far, they've got some stuff that we know about and don't know about, and I don't want to pretend I know the truth. I think prudence requires that I don't judge Trump as innocent before there's enough substance -- not simply innuendo or implication -- for me to believe he's not guilty. This is rather important crucible we're in right now; hot heads and trigger fingers are not what what we should be promoting.

blue peacock

Sundance has two interesting posts on how the Russiagate "co-conspirators" are handling these weekly revelations on the Obama administration conspiracy.

One is about the WaPo, writing a story based on "information from a senior official". You know one of those, wherein allegedly McCabe was asked by Trump in the White House if he voted for him. This same McCabe, Comey's deputy, whose wife received a slug of cash from Terry McAuliffe, Clinton consigliere. McCabe is the guy in whose office the FBI lovers who couldn't text each other enough, discussed the "insurance policy". McCabe is being allowed to hang on at the FBI on the taxpayer dime until March so that he can collect his pension.


This story got me thinking what will the WaPo, NY Times, CNN, NBC, and the rest of the corporate media, who have invested so much selling the Russiagate narrative do, when it gets blown out of the water with the unraveling of the conspiracy at the highest levels of the Obama administration? What are they gonna do to keep their NeverTrumper vendetta going? They lost big time the first round, when despite their massive efforts, Trump won the election. Then they doubled down with Russiagate, which could actually strengthen Trump not weaken him when the truth comes out as is happening right now.

The next one is about the Democrat leadership. This one is actually hilarious. Dianne Feinstein and Adam Schiff, the ranking members on the Senate & House Intelligence committees, writing Jack Dorsey & Mark Zuckerberg to investigate the Russian collusion in the trending of #ReleaseTheMemo.



Fred, you feel it's still possible?

Even if I let him work 7 days a week, and 10 hours it feels beyond the power of hormones, I included Dec 14 & May 17 which makes 155 days:
50,000 : 155 = 322.58064...: 10 = 32.2580

Alternatively I assume he does work neither on Saturday, Sunday or on Holidays. Then we get 107 days. We still let him work 10 hours:

50,000 : 467.2897 : 10 = 46,72

In the first scenario he has at least 2 second to mail or respond 30 times per hour.

Lewis E

You seem as naively credulous as that dumb Maddow woman.

blue peacock


All the credit goes to Publius Tacitus! He spurred my interest on this story.

As I reviewed the writings of others who were following the story closely and developed the time line for my benefit, it became evident to me that the declassified FISC ruling is a crucial piece of evidence. This is the first document in the public domain that shows that there were systematic violations of FISA 702 in the period leading up to March 2016. A FISA 702 violation can only happen if there were no national security requirements to the queries. This FISC ruling would not have happened if Admiral Rogers didn't first order a compliance review and then go to FISC to report these violations.

Nunes and the other Gangof8 have read the unredacted FISC ruling, which means they know who ran the queries and which subcontractors were provided unauthorized access to the data so obtained. They also now have read the FISA application that was granted in October 2016 and know what part the Steele dossier played in that application. Nunes has also read the PDBs leading up to the election, and as he has stated publicly there was no Russia related information but there was information from the incidental collection on American citizens.

Nunes and Congressional investigators I believe have a pretty good understanding of the conspiracy and who the key players were. They are in the process of collecting additional evidence and putting the puzzle together, while at the same time preparing what they have uncovered in a form that does not compromise "sources & methods" for release to the public. The first step in this will be the declassification and release of the summary memo prepared by Nunes.

The Democrat strategy it seems is fourfold. a)Claim that the Congressional investigation and release of information to the public undermines Mueller. b) Compromises national security c) Is partisan and does not reflect the reality of the underlying evidence d) Keep focusing on Russians behind every corner.

Jack, you noted in the earlier thread about evidence flow. That is an important observation. The evidence flow right now is clearly on the side of proving the conspiracy. Russiagate proponents better start gaining some serious evidence flow soon, or they will be swept by the avalanche of evidence around the conspiracy, that is going to be coming out over the next few months.


Sid Finster

"When Prophecy Fails: A Social and Psychological Study of a Modern Group That Predicted the Destruction of the World is a classic work of social psychology by [Festinger, Riecken, and Schachter] which studied a small UFO [cult] in Chicago ... and its coping mechanisms after the [destruction of the world] did not occur. Festinger's theory of cognitive dissonance can account for the psychological consequences of disconfirmed expectations. One of the first published cases of dissonance was reported in this book."

The most interesting part of the book (to me) is that the more evidence mounts that their cult is built on a lie - the more the adherents come to believe in it!



What a fine American you are! You don't believe that Trump is innocent unless it is proven to you? No presumption of innocence for you! Oh no! What's the matter? Would your limousine liberal friends in Old Town scorn you if you were not "on board?" Your objection to the behavior of these scoundrels in the Deep State is that they are inept and their pretentious little plot is coming apart. pl



Whom are you addressing? pl



Please keep us up to date.

Apparently, the doggy dossier was used to obtain a FISA warrant to bug the President-Elect and Peter Strzok purposefully setup a FBI perjury trap to remove the President’s National Security Advisor. If this is documented, it is proof that there is an ongoing intelligence community/media counter coup against Donald Trump. This can’t be hidden. There can only be one response; restoration of the rule of law and jail time for high-level criminals. If not, the Constitution is dead. The problem is that Trump Derangement Syndrome blinds believers. They can’t see that the coup attempt is one of the knives stabbed in the back of democracy.


Sid - Indeed we can "cognitive dissonance" in many fields Russiagate, so called "Russian Threat" to Western Democracy's, with Brexit (on both sides of the argument) and of course Syria.


Yes, LE, some times my mind blocks more other times less. Can you help me out or initiate me? Tell me how and were the number surfaced for instance? Or otherwise assist one of the feeble minded in the SST community?

Another offer:

Ok, they were lovers and the mail went backward and forward potentially 24 hours a day for 155 days, as first calculation above including Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. We give both equal chances as sender and recipient and both have 24 hours a day to do the job:

50.000 : 155 = 322.58064 : 2 = 161,29

Both the gallant and the lady still have to send each other 161 mails every single day. Well yes, spread over 24 hours it's strictly only 6-7 mails per hour. It's getting better.


DC, that's the wrong way round:

that I don't judge Trump as innocent before there's enough substance

It is innocent until proven guilty.


Christ Almighty! Should have known. Odd we have the same number again: 50,000. Now that's an effective message.

Donald "The Genius", PR man:


I believe is was Adam Schiff who said the memo should not be released publicly as, "the American people just wouldn't understand it". I guess he's just a lot smarter than most of us, ha ha ha.


I will humbly suggest that it is possible for two truths in this case to co-exist: (1) the deep state was so concerned about trump that it conspired to violate due process; and (2) there actually was, and is, cause for concern.



What was and is the cause for concern? A lack of good taste? He likes fast food? pl

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