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04 January 2018


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Babak, comment 75: How about something really inexpensive like enforcing labor laws about workers being legal.

Absent that, a wall does nothing except fatten some well connected contractors and raise the cost of hiring illegals.

Supply and demand.

Domestic marijuana undercuts the Mexican cartels, is popular among even a majority of Republicans, and would work better than a wall - Sessions seems not to be a free marketer, though.

different clue


(reply to comment 77 ),

I understand Sessions as being a culture warfighter. His opposition to legal marijuana is a holy culture-war mission to him. He may enrage people into voting Democratic who would otherwise not have.


Yes thanks.
For me the journey began with Sir Albert Howard's famous book, An Agricultural Testament
Then came F H King, Farmers of Forty Centuries
Also, The Soil
And then came the Rodale publications
But most important has been the people who know so much more than I ever will, like the dairy farmer I bought a couple jersey cows from 40 years ago: one son raised everything they ate, another son milked all the cows, and grandpa sat in his rocking chair in the calf barn with all the heifers.

blue peacock


You may be interested in this interview of Tim Bergin, a proprietary credit trader.


He echoes what you have posted about the risks of leveraged entities blowing up if there is a "melt-up" in rates and as you said, on the other side, the increased availability of high quality collateral.

At our firm we have been reducing leverage for over a year and are now completely flat, while scaling some of the credit spread trades in Europe.

different clue

Babak Makkinejad,

(reply to comment 75)

Full re-legalization of marijuana production within the US itself, as it was before the anti-marijuanitic legislation of the Prohibition Era of the 1930s, would curb the import of marijuana from Mexico down to zero, lowering the numbers of migrants.

Actually, what would lower the numbers of migrants even more would be the Abolition of NAFTA and the Restoration of Sovereign Protectionism, both to America and to Mexico alike. Mexico could ban the dumping onto its market of alien corn from outside of Mexico, thereby giving the Mexican corn market back to the Mexican corn producer. That might do more than reduce the numbers of future NAFTAstinian refugees trying to come here. It might even lure some of the 10 million or so NAFTAstinian refugees currently living and working here to go back to Mexico.


The economy crashed in the 1980s and it never came back.


The markets have been going up since the fall of '08. That was 9 years ago. On Main Street USA little has changed for the better since then. It has nothing to do with Trump being an asshole.


I don't know if I have TDS :) If the fact, that I think DJT is unfit for office and is a con man, got me labeled TDS then I would be in great company (our own Colonel and TTG, respectively).

As for the question "Please inform us which Congress & POTUS enacted legislation that benefited the "middle class or the poor"? May I remind you that we are talking about DJT. His taxcut is, beyond doubt, detrimental to the middle class and the poor.



"I think DJT is unfit for office and is a con man," Come on! All you are doing is calling him names as part of the leftist campaign against him. pl



"little has changed for the better since then." What's the actual evidence for the truth of this propaganda statement? pl



So nothing got better during 8 years of Obama? And people wonder why Trump got elected.



Where, roughly, is your farm? I am fond of Jersey cows. I lived in southern Maine when in high school. A local dairyman named Shaw had a herd of Jerseys as big as ships. His farm produced the most wonderful ice cream I have ever tasted. pl

Babak Makkinejad

Another silly argument.

So, according to you, all those people in the United States prior to 1960, who considered a drug user to be a fiend, were misguided backward people?

Babak Makkinejad

I am inclined to agree with you; there used to be a lot of white-collar office jobs in Canada prior to NAFTA since the Canadian Law required the multinational companies to maintain local head-quarters in Canada.

Put another way, you will create jobs through Law - such as in New Jersey or in Japan where self-service gas stations are illegal - or you have to agree to maintain to support a minimum income to every one indefinitely.

I do not know the numbers now but 20 years ago, when EU was just 300 million souls, there were 30 million on dole (in Spain, millions were on dole but they also worked informally.)


Different Clue and Outthere --

THANK YOU for Franklin Hiram King - his books and articles as well as the Albrecht papers are downloadable at links.

Warkentin and Yong (Raymond N. Yong, Benno P. Warkentin) works are heavy-duty technical soil science -- but very readable.



I never consider myself a leftist! Gun to my head, I would say I am probably a liberal/libertarian in the old sense, never vote for Democrat or Republican candidates because of their party affiliation. FWIW, I do agree that the Democrats and the Borgs campaign against DJT is not good for the country (DJT is unfit for office, but the electorate has decided, so be it).

blue peacock
May I remind you that we are talking about DJT.


Can't answer the question, eh?? Yeah, it is only DJT you wanna piss on. Not your partisan messiahs Bill & Barack.


Look at the December 2017 jobs report.


In reply to Fred@#87
This is why Trump got elected:

Michael Moore: Trump's election is going to be the biggest "F—ck You" ever recorded in human history...and it will feel good.



In reply to #92

TonyL: DJT is unfit for office, yada yada yada

FYI: Trump passed the fitness test. Hell Tony, even you or I can be President. Don't ever forget that.

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