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20 January 2018


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at #175

CP – thanks for your detailed response; I think that you partly misunderstood my question – I understood the part that Orban dislikes immigrants, especially Muslims and possibly other ethnicities – I got that. What I did not comprehend was ‘the opposite form of silliness’.
Your statistics may be true, but this is not my point. I do comprehend that a society may want to be ‘uniform’, ‘closed’, ‘of one feather’ , etc., But what I do not understand that this can be made as a reproach, as a bad mark, as a demerit – It is not for outsiders to determine, but for the society itself. If Orban and Hungarians who elect him want to be like that, let them be what they want to be. They seem to want to be a member of EU – on terms which DeGaulle envisioned (if I understand that history correctly); the EU (the ‘Brussel EU’) has different ideas (from De Gaulle’s Europa der Vaterlaender). The individual nations belonging to it should behave as EU Commission wishes and demands, and therein lies the problem. Hungary, Latvians, Ests, Lithuanians, Poles have very strong ideas about their ethnic/religious make-up and it is the “Brussell-EU’ which should try to bridge the differences and not force these societies to comply to some dictum from Strassburg, Brussel or Berlin. Especially not from Berlin, which has invited the immigrants without consulting anybody, causing a sudden avalanche in 2015. Now Ms. Merkel demands cooperation and through economic means wants to force others to do her bidding. Hungary and other small eastern European nations do not seem to have the collective burden of causing unspeakable horrors of colonialism (in case of England, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, which led to the “returning wave of hurt” in form of flood of formerly suppressed people into their respective ‘mother countries’ – btw. “Returning Wave” is a title of a novel, dealing about the wave of pain and hurt which comes back to the perpetrators of original pain). Nor do they seem to have any ‘special’ guilt for horrors of world wars. So, Hungary is now to receive the immigrants just out of solidarity with the other peoples, who have a lot of ‘baggage’ and archetypal guilt in their collective memories.
And – to your point C- I know of a little country in ME, which deserves also the "Order Of Brazen BS” – barb-wiring borders, mercilessly kicking refugees out, and demanding more money and prestige…
Sorry, CP, for my longwinded reply, but some things I am unable to explain quickly.

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