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12 January 2018


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Look Brenda, in the world of the blind the one eyed man is King. If all Trump ever did was start the PUBLIC conversation (it has been going on in private for a long time now), among presidential candidates, that 'trade agreements were bad', NAFTA was bad, loss of manufacturing jobs is bad, money was wasted in the ME, so was blood, the Elites in our Nation have been looking out for themselves, rather than the Nation, and so on and so on....if all he ever does stops that, whether he means it or not, the fact of the matter is, he will have done more for working class people (of all colors) than other pols in America have done...recently. Trump, whether calculatingly or not, *intuitively*, senses, what the Case Deaton Research documents and he has used it for his personal benefit. Hypocritically or not. And that is precisely why he got the votes in the Mid West. Not because those people are racists...or deplorables, or the Russians made them vote that way. They voted that way because they loath and fear the Bi-Coastal Elites.


I hear CNN’ prime night viewers ( not meaning listeners, fallowers ) average to 50k including airport and sport bar lunges . Apparently Fox viewers are more and more loyal.


Since when is the Guardian representative of "around the world"?


I'd have to agree with those who point out that while the term Trump used is not "Presidential", it's definitely the way people talk, at least in the lower classes (and probably every class in private.)

As for whether it is accurate, I have never been to various countries that might be so described. But I think everyone has seen or read enough reports of living conditions, political conditions, economic conditions and health conditions in some of these countries to agree with the designation.

Now as to WHY those conditions exist, I think one can't point to "culture" as the reason without also accounting for things like history, lack of natural resources, infliction of colonialism for decades or centuries, and other factors on a country by country basis.

Blanket referring of all Third World countries as "sh'tholes" is probably neither accurate nor helpful.

I do agree that it's not the United States job to rehabilitate these countries. Neither it is the US job to contribute by militarism and economic oppression to the state of these countries.

From an individual's standpoint, if you live in one of these countries, it's definitely better to get out than try to reform them.


As regards whether Russia has combat troops fighting in the Donbass, my own experience is of sharing flights between Rostov and Moscow with very out of shape and overweight volunteers/irregulars, (Wagner?), travelling economy, carrying much of their own equipment into the passenger section, and usually numbering all of one or two per flight. Heaven help the Ukrainian "Anti-terrorist operation" if there were three.


There are some regulars in Donbas--volunteers from regular units, but their numbers are fairly limited and there are NO any units, let alone formations, of Russia's Armed Forces fighting there as a force.


Manipulators gotta manipulate...



"Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly ..." You are paraphrasing the racist George Gershwin? pl



You forget to mention Papa Doc, Baby Doc and the Tonton Macoutes. I guess they really didn't drive all those good Haitians to leave home. Since it's really a great place I can't wait for all the good Haitians here to go home.



You seem offended by my choice of words. I chose them for the effect.

The immigration policy of the US is at best poorly thought out. My choice of words is an attempt to ask, in a forceful way, what the hell does the US think that it is doing?

How does the Colonel's phrase of concerning the looting of talent differ in any sense with what I said? Do you think that once a person comes to the US that they only marry into their "own kind" and the potential for talent is closely held in tight racial enclaves?

The US at it's best is a melting pot. Hybrid vigor is a real phenomenon.

Looting the world for talent does exactly this.

As for the 4-5 wives crack, I come from Utah, I got no issue here.

Jay M

damn we're damned
but from the sanitation end of the notorious malapropism,
can validate Kunstler's little comment upon the state of SF public streets
haven't heard washing down like San Diego because Hep
hard to know why, though

Ranger Ray

Guess I should add my two cents just for fun. "Shit holes" may be a bit crude, but rather accurate IMHO. I lived and worked in many of them during an extensive career in the US Army and as International Security Manager for a major oil company. I can vouch that most African countries in which I have had the "pleasure" of working would fall into that category. Had a very experienced retired US Army Colonel working for me as security manager in a West African country some time ago. He had been in-country only one week when he emailed me and stated emphatically: "Now I remember why I swore I'd never come back here!" As others have said, this description applies to the countries in question and not necessarily their inhabitants - - although the latter are responsible for the former.


Yer right James; Americans don't like potty mouth dialogue unless they're paying to hear it on TeeVee or movies.
Get a grip on your pearls.


I'm spending the evening with head wrapped in hot flannels and weak tea (with whiskey) to soothe nerves after participating in an "Anti Racism Training."

Most participants were white, mostly female; two participants were non-White, one of whom was a PhD clergyman, the other was a repeat participant in such Anti Racism Trainings. "Facilitators" were predominantly non-white, all had at least professional credentials -- minister, psychologist, lawyer --two were PhDs. Not a shithole in sight, the venue had carefully marked doorways, handicap ramps, signage, emergency devices -- everything a fully PC accredited institution could desire except common sense and authenticity.

We participants, from the hoi polloi were herded, manipulated, and shamed to contemplate our "prejudices" and "bigotry" and "privilege"; recognize the victim status of the Other, and resolve to shed our privilege to redress their victimhood.

Deary me to god, the Christian churches are not the solution, they are the problem.

One Facilitator ministers at a church in the Colonel's part of the world. Said Facilitator said with disgust that "92% of that congregation is White." So it's doubly curious that the same Facilitator was equally disgusted with Trump's comment. Presumably, the Facilitator derives purpose-in-life from dealing with those of the Haitian set rather than his congregation's Bigoted Prejudiced Privileged Whites.

iowa steve

Currently, a non-immigrant visa to visit the US as a tourist costs $160 for Mexicans, and many other nationalities as well. A border-crossing card which allows access to US border towns also costs $160.

The cost to an American for a non-immigrant tourist card to visit the interior of Mexico is zero.

I have paid perhaps a few pesos in a toll to cross Rio Grande bridges as a pedestrian, but that's it. I've never been shaken down for any money beyond a posted toll.


Overpopulation(as in high population density) is a key signal for being a wealth area in the future. Another is being under-resourced and writing a language Americans can't understand.

Larry Kart

You mean Oscar Hammerstein II, who wrote that lyric from "Showboat"; Jerome Kern wrote the music.

In his act, Martin Mull used to sing: "Birds gotta swim, fish gotta fly..."



Nice take down colonel... Eviscerated Ms. Turner!

You are right that those shit hole countries get what they deserve. Like in the Congo... what kind of idiots would have deposed Patrice Lumumba to get decades of pillaging by Mobutu? Or Arbenz in Guatemala... or Sukarno in Indonesia?

Really... what kind of people would support kleptocrats like Mobutu, Suharto, Duvalier, or the Somozas for decades? Monsters.

I've been reading your writings for many years and I want to know: Do you think that most people in the American military/intelligence apparatus share your feelings? Just curious...




Purged Prince Alwaleed Moved To Al Ha’ir Prison After Refusing To Pay $6 Billion For Freedom



So Laura, How is your husband at digging trenches? In this day trenches are normally dug with backhoes (a machine not a sexist slur) not Mexican laborers. As for the language spoken at such job sites, IMO you are totally effin clueless. It might be better to let the man of the house speak for himself next time, Sugar.


I haven't watched CNN or Fox in over a year. There is nothing of value on either one.


On entry fees: I was charged both entry AND exit fees in US dollars in Panama (I was there for work) and Argentina (tourism). Maybe an exit fee could be unpopular, but what about confiscation of money from illegals who get deported?


Whose Flights do you speak of?

And indeed how do you tell if they are Volunteers for any such Organisation?
I work for AFL (Aeroflot) and from Rostov.... I know how 'Slovenly' many our Passengers can dress, but my Suspicion would be that many fly other Airlines if they are doing as you speak of....

Personally I suspect most if any travel via Train for its obvious practical benefits.... It also speaks of 'Home' for many Russians in Service..

Neither obviously detracts from Ukraines obvious Domestic Issues


The most we see of Russias Military is obviously that of «Severnyy Veter» whose presence like that of many Cinema Villain is that of limited appearance and at most dramatic Events....

Unlike Hollywood this is very obviously real, and with very obvious Point.... The 'Good Guys' do not get a reprieve in this case instead the Uruk Khay defeat the Rokhirrim....

The Results is to be decided in each future Encounter but I think merits Questions about how this is percieved...

There is also that of permanent Russian Presence in Donbass, which is limited and is about liason, leadership etc.... These exist but do not by the same Token )

(In future examples Orks can be placed on the Jihadists for their obvious visual similaritiy)


"This is an artfully constructed persona designed in my opinion to insulate him psycholgically from rejection by the nouveau riche elites in NY City. The old money people are even more unlikely to have much to do with him."

I agree that Trump is on a trip to prove himself, so if anyone in NY yanks his crank he can just ask, "So how many times were you President of the USA?"

But, don't look at it that way... the whole idea of offering a position of great prestige is to tempt someone to push themselves further than they would otherwise do, and get out there, prove themselves, while achieving something in the process. I'm sure this works in business, and also in the military and in other walks of life. Trump could have sat in Trump Tower, enjoyed his growing family, put a little bit more gold plate on his bathroom and said, "Life is good" but instead he wanted to butt heads with the "deep state"... because he needed to prove himself.

I'm glad he made the effort, because in the same position I would have stayed home.

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