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12 January 2018


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Hmm, it is actually India that is the original 'shithole' with almost 50% of the population indulging in "open defecation."



He didn't say the people in the "shitholes" were shit. The ones who are so lucky as to go to foreign universities are often quite bright. An RAF Wing Commander once said to me at a public lunch in a "shithole" that we Americans loot the world in search of talent and lure it. to our shores. I said that was true and inquired as to when he would be immigrating to the states. The room smiled and he said that was the nicest thing anyone had said to him for a long time. pl


You covered a lot of ground, more than i will comment upon.
1. When I drove through Mexico on my honeymoon (long ago when it was safe to do that), the Mexican border guard asked for a few pesos. I told him that I did not see any signs or papers telling me this was a legitimate fee. He replied that it was his only pay for doing this job, and that he had paid someone in power to have the job. I told him "Oh that's how it works, I see." And I gave him twice as many pesos as he was asking.
2 and 3. Just published is an essay by late lamented Ed Herman which covers not only Crimea, but many other USA actions going back to the coup of elected government of Guatemala (Arbenz) in 1953.
Fake News on Russia and Other Official Enemies
The New York Times, 1917–2017
4. I do not think it is fair to say that the poor condition of Haiti is the fault of its inhabitants. Haitian independence had to be paid for with huge payments to France that were finally paid off in 1947.
"The enforced payment to France reduced Haiti's economy for years. Western nations did not give Haiti formal diplomatic recognition. Both of these problems kept the Haitian economy and society isolated. Expatriates bankrolled and armed opposing groups." (wikipedia)
During this period of forced payments, Haiti's topsoil was totally depleted, its ability to sustain itself was destroyed.
This was the cost of ending slavery in Haiti.
And then there was the occupation of Haiti by USA Marines, and the forced changes to its constitution which allowed foreign ownership of its land.
"This mindset allowed the marines to act highly authoritatively in Haiti and carry out atrocious acts. It has been estimated that up to 15,000 Haitians lost their lives at the hands of the occupying forces, either through armed opposition or through the 'corvee' system of forced labor. This system allowed the occupying forces to take people from their homes and farms, at gunpoint if necessary, to build roads, bridges, etc. Many resisted and were killed on the spot while others died working or due to disease and malnutrition while living in squalid work camps." (wiki)
USA troops remained until FDR removed them in 1934.
It is certainly true that there have been despicable Haitian leaders in power, but they have ruled with the aid and support of USA.


I think the "shithole" comment will end up helping Trump much more than hurting him. Unless you value political correctness above anything else, you can't help but realize that Trump's comment was a spot-on summary of the problem with immigration policies in the USA and Western Europe. No other leader had the guts to say this out loud. That's exactly why people voted for him.

PS: Anderson Cooper deserves an Emmy for his crying performance on CNN last night.


Maybe somebody can ask the Clintons what they know about that shithole Haiti....



The Clintons and Haiti? Yes they liked to go there on vacations to dance on a terrace at their hotel while Haitian waiters brought them cold drinks and then she later funneled relief for Haiti's disaster to their friends. pl



You should have put quotation mars around this. Whose article was that? Oh, the poor Haitians! Why didn't they tell the French banks or whoever it was to stick it in their ear? No guts? Or no sense of national pride. The USN/USMC period in Haiti was the only period of decent government Haiti has ever had. Haiti is yet another example of a socially incompetent people yearning for suicidal independence. You think the Marines forced the Haitians to de-nude the country of its vegetation? My. My. Understand that I think you are not contributory on SST. pl


Poor sanitation practices alone make these countries literally "shitholes". Average height is reduced and IQ as well. Over 1 billion people still go in the wild and I've personally been sitting a nice upscale restaurant only to have someone squat and go 30 feet from where I was eating. I recommend googling global sanitation reports. 80% goes untreated. And also googling global IQ by country.

Mark Logan


James Murdoch has made some comments over the past year which indicate a change might be in the offing. He expressed concern their demographic was hugely elderly and implied an awareness the brand name has become something of a punchline among the younger, and un-good blip on the long-range radar. More recently he publicly criticized Trump himself. The Hill wrote something about that.


It seems Disney is investing big in the outfit. They say it "won't affect the coverage." HA! The guys with the money, sooner or later, ALWAYS demand a voice.

My ear to the ground says the majority of younger folks are turned off by the three big cable news outfits because there is almost nothing there but political gossip. It has become unwatchable for a great many. They all may be making the mistake of fighting tooth and nail for a small market.

The Twisted Genius

I don't see anything wrong with charging foreigners an entrance fee to enter this country. If it was consistently applied to all foreigners at all entrance points, it would probably have a better chance of standing the inevitable legal challenges. I'm sure the tourist industry would scream holy murder.

I don't understand why Trump is now denying his "shithole" comment. It's certainly not the worse thing he's said or done and it is consistent with his nature. I agree some places are shitholes.



IMO you are not contributory to the discussion. Yes, the Marines in the Gendarmerie d'Haiti killed people. it was a lawless, violent country that needed to be disciplined. Get lost! pl


Aren’t the visa fees the entrance fees? Or added to it? , secondly why should citizens of countries that have no visa or entrance for Americans should be charged with an entrance fee at American borders? I was in London this summer didn’t pay a Peny to get in, should or could we start charging the brits an entrance fee at LAX? Don’t make senses



We need the money. pl



Charge em'all. Use the money to harden the border with my other country, Canada, as well. Charge the Brits as well. pl

English Outsider

Umm, Laura -

" And NO ONE in either category EVER talked about other human beings with either the intent or language of DT or they would not have lasted long on the crew.

I don't think DT would last 2 minutes on a typical construction job as "one of the guys"..."

Well, in a way I suppose that's true. I'm afraid such as your President wouldn't last two minutes on any building site I've ever worked on. Not unless he wore earmuffs.

There were some standards observed. Seems a little sexist these days but the lads were never so free with their speech if there were women within earshot. That had the effect of rendering some of my best workers permanently dumb. Mercifully.

I'm very happy to hear that it's different in the States. I'm now waiting for the Colonel or TTG to inform me that US servicemen never say anything stronger than "Oh dear."


James Kunstler muses on Trump’s “shithole” remark... LOL...

Who Moved My Xanax? http://kunstler.com/clusterfuck-nation/who-moved-my-xanax/
The moral panic of “the Resistance” is back in DefCon 1 mode overnight just as the righteousness orgasm of the Golden Globe Awards was wearing off. Mr. Trump’s casual question to a couple of Senators vis-à-vis immigration policy — “Why do we want all these people from ‘shithole countries’ coming here?” — pushed the “racism” button at Resistance Central and CNN staged yet another of the orchestrated anxiety attacks it has perfected over the past year.

The spotlight in this three-ring circus of perpetual offense, indignation, and alarm shifts back from the alleged sufferings of movie actresses to another intersectional victim group from the Dem/Prog pantheon of oppressed minorities: would-be immigrants-of-color. The President’s vulgar animus proves the charge that at least half the country is a lynch mob.

Of course, the most interesting feature of this neurotic zeitgeist is the displacement dynamic among the political Left as its frantic virtue-signaling attempts to distract everybody else in the room from its own dark and shameful emotions about the composition of American culture. As a born-and-bred Boomer (ex-)liberal from Manhattan’s Upper East Side, I can assure you from direct experience that this group has, at best, ambiguous feelings about the lower orders of mankind — my Gawd, did he actually say that? — and, at worst, a certain unmanageable contempt that stirs deep fears of moral failure.

Perhaps a few of these signs strategically placed around the White House ;)


From the experience of a immigrant, IMO, throughout history people have migrated for wealth and or safety, ever since early 1900s America offered both, that was the main reason many waves of Europeans at first, (apparently including Mr. Trumps own family), and later folks from many other places wanted to come to this country for this same reasons( which broth about the rapid growth of this nation). IMO, this country, if it wants to compete in markets with countries that have much lower labor wages, it needs to lower her labor force’ standard of living, or to bring in cheap labor from shithole countries. The already unaffordable construction cost/ Real estate in California will become unreachable, If it was not for cheap ununionized Latino Salvadorian and Guatemalan day laborers, IMO it is easy to stop emigration from shithole countries, perhaps as easy as stop importing cheap chines clothes and everything else sold in Walmart and Amazon, but in that case, only shitheads will be the only ones who can afford to buy anything.


Colonel sir, I don’t thing border money can be anything of significant compering to the waste of money we have in this country.


Regarding the topic of "entry fees" into the US, here is how it currently works for people from the EU: Citizens of countries which are part of the Visa Waiver Program (the EU, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, and some other smaller highly developed countries in Asia and Europe, and Chile) already have to pay 14 USD for a so-called "ESTA registration" ("Electronic System for Travel Authorization") which is mandatory before you enter the USA for visa-free short-term visits lasting up to 90 days each. The ESTA registration itself is valid for 5 years, then it has to be renewed for another 14 USD, and so on.

Alternatively, you can of course apply for a "proper" visa, in which case you won't have to do the ESTA registration but you will have to pay the visa fees at the US embassy.

I have no idea whether the legal basis for this is an EO, a law or a multilateral treaty, but this may be a way to charge a fee to people coming to the USA from Mexico without being hampered by legal restrictions associated with "entry fees". Just set up a "Travel Registration System" for Mexicans and charge them a "registration fee" when they enter and ka-ching!


I think it's since been canned, but when I went to Argentina I was charged something like $150 fee, and I didn't even get a single drink ticket...

The Twisted Genius


Charge em'all. I agree. Maybe it'll cut down on all them damned Québécois streaming down the Northway. Just call it a toll for entering any border crossing, air or seaport. If Disney wants to reimburse their tourists for the fee, like validated parking, so be it.

SR Wood

I disagree. The Trumpster is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, does not read, watches a lot of television, and probably thinks that American African immigrants are like the boat people swamping Europe or the small number of refugees we admit. As evidence from the census survey as quoted in Bloomberg View,that cannot be further from the truth. I don't know what it takes to become an immigrant to the US from an African country but the ones coming here have the attributes and education for success (maybe someone knows what it takes to get immigrant status). Trump has never been in the military so has probably never mixed at an equal level with different races, esp. black. All that taken together makes me think he equates the immigrants from "shithole" countries with the "shithole" attributes of the country.
As a 20 yr old I was stationed at an airbase near Oxford, England. I was dating a girl who worked at one of the colleges and she invited me to a party at the college where I was introduced to a doctor from Nigeria (I believe) who had tribal scars cut into his cheeks. My first introduction to educated Africans.


Penny wise, pound foolish.

It will cost more money than it generates and if you make it to high it even creates more illegal entries.


Parts of Mexico are shitholes. In 1980 I rented a palapa in Yelapa, a small village on Mexico's West Coast. It was the cheapskates tropical paradise. Iwas walking with the owner of the palapa back to the village when he threw a full garbage bag down the hill. It was out of sight and he didn't mind. Tijuana is a shithole. I wouldn't pay to go there.

On extended trips into Mexico the guards at the train station expected a-dollar inside your tourista card but that was a "bite" for the underpaid guard. When living in Nogales AZ we ate lunch everyday of work and never paid to enter. But that was the eighties so I don't know what's going on at the border these days.

Parts of East Cleveland are shitholes and the prog politicians are letting the homeless turn Portland into a shithole. Businesses have or have threatened to move to the suburbs because employees have been harassed by junkies and they have to hose down the sidewalks to clean the feces and urine from the sidewalk.
That's the usual Portland rant and I'm stickin' to it, by gum.


gotta pay for the F-52s somehow!
As to the shitholes of the world, growing up is hard to do. Seens to be a race between everyone trying to live like the wealthy of recent generations (hoping it’s sustainable) & dragging ourselves outta the muck of overpopulation / under-resourcing / ignorance... all in one fell swoop.
While I’ve visited some shitholes with decent folk, even here in the USA, I’ve also met some shitheads in nice digs.
Speaking of the prez, it’s a bit of a shame that society is inured to poor public manners. I think we may be giving up on high standards.
It’s so much work.

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