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09 January 2018


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so i spent ten minutes on google and bring back disappointment, no idea what pizza pineapple is references too

More superficially, since pretty private partly, it brought this to mind.

1 Pizzagate ?????
2 private memory of my standard pizza orders with one of the toppings being substituted by Pineapples. Horror I can tell you. But then this topping wasn't ever on offer officially.

As non-native speaker I tried to check pineapples on Urban Dictionary though, to make sure there wasn't something I might have missed. And got the message. Whatever message it was, or was way down on details:



It refers to a user on "liveuamap" which tracks among other things, the Syrian Civil War. The Turcopole reference is also of a user of the same site.


Sir, you have arrived.



Long ago. pl



Yes, I look at it but then, I understand it. pl

Account Deleted

Peter AU (#17)

Apologies, the relevant script which makes the buttons work is actually prep_comments.js?v=3 not the one I described in my original answer to you.


Rofl, as the kids say

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