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09 January 2018


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"Ask Turkey to help."

Peter AU

The link takes me to "Sorry this page doesn't exist" ?

different clue

When I click the link, I get a "sorry, that page doesn't exist."

Might there be another way to link to it?

Bill Herschel

Anyone who wants to read an oped piece in the NY Times that was designed, written, and edited by the Bernays bureau at the CIA should read this:


The author's grandfather was "an investment banker and co-founder of the Central Intelligence Agency".

In the article, the author attempts to damn NK by quoting them as saying, "It cursed Park Geun-hye, the previous president of South Korea, as an “old, insane bitch.”". How dare they "curse" a woman that way!

Well, the "old insane bitch" was the daughter of the former military dictator of South Korea, a man trained in the Imperial Military Army of Japan. Yeah, you read that right, Japan. And the "old insane bitch" was impeached and removed from the Presidency for corruption. This year.

Now, I am no fan of The Donald, but when it comes to Korea, our country may some day be very, very thankful he became President. Next thing the CIA will be accusing NK of calling Hillary Clinton an "old, insane, bitch". God knows, the Times will publish anything they tell them to publish. I hope that DT will take credit for a rapprochement between the Korea's and walk away. And I think he will. Of course, the Times will bleat and moan every inch of the way.

Oh, and it is important to read the article if for no other reason because it treats South Korea as some kind of insignificant department in a U.S. government agency (the CIA?)... instead of a sovereign state. SOP. I wonder if the public has realized that invading Iraq was a charade and that invading NK will be a bit more difficult, and that maybe we should forget about it and work it out some other way. Maybe they have.


Congrats, you have been noticed!

Account Deleted

Very good. This scene has inspired a seemingly endless series of memes and reminds me of a particularly well made one after the UK Brexit vote result, with Boris Johnson cast as the Fuhrer: https://t.co/RPKQe3aGgh



As the lovely Senator Landreu from Louisiana once said, "Ah have been fought ovah befoah ..." pl


Peter AU

Alas! pl


Here is the direct link to the parody on you tube:



JMH et al

Alas, it appears that someone has taken it off twitter. The link you gave is not the same parody. pl

Babak Makkinejad


This link works - look at the middle of the page -



someone noticing you is good! you must be doing something right or wrong!



PT found a link on utube. Posted now. pl


Bruno Ganz is a great actor. Saw him on stage often when younger. But his Hitler is brilliant. He is the current holder of the Iffland-Ring. For longer now I wonder whom he'll pass it on to.

But, while I had a rather high opinion of him long before, his performance as Hitler still amazed me.


haha i know a lot of those names from commenting on syria live maps.

billythekid in particular is an establishment true believer who, as we kids say these days, tries to 'blackpill' (impart a depressive vision of the pro-Assad prospects) those of us who come down on the side of the SAA.

Ishmael Zechariah

We all know who is meant by Turcopole. Who is "Buzzpineapple"? Comments/insights much appreciated.
Ishmael Zechariah

Peter AU

Found it looking at the Hezbollah twitter account. Before that, looked up Turkopole to see what it means. Crusaders also considered Syrian coptic christians as Turkopole.

Thread was interesting. Web address matched the link you gave. Thread maps show the ISIS advance and SAA advance against HST. ISIS covering SAA right flank? Syrian ISIS doing some community service work to gain a reconciliation?

The German? satirists are good. Had the best take on MH17.

@ all. OT. I have problems with post/preview buttons not lighting up both here and b's blog. Seems to be a wordpress vs my computer problem. I constantly have to go to a new browser. Any thoughts anyone?


Peter AU

A Turcopole was a native ME soldier in the service of one of the Catholic Militsry-Religious Orders. i.e., Hospitallers, Templars, Teutonics, Order of St. Lazarus, Holy Sepulchre, etc. The Turcopolier was the European member of the order who was the commander of the Turcopoles within the order. With the exception of the HS these orders were monastic in nature and followed either a Cistercian Rule or the Augustinian Rule. Their field forces in Holy Land consisted of European heavy cavalry (knights and sergeants) and native troops (light cavalry and archers) who were Turcopoles, some of whom were Christian and some Muslim. anything else? pl



"Pizza Pineapple" actually, I have no idea. pl

Account Deleted

Peter AU (#17)

I've had this trouble with buttons on Typepad too. What fixes it for me is opening the relevant assets (Javascript/CSS) in a new tab and then refreshing the original tab like this:-

If you get this problem you need to inspect the SST page in your browser (right click + "inspect" in Chrome, for example). Click on the "Network" and then refresh the page. You should then see all of the 'assets' load. If any fail, they'll appear in red (again in Chrome). The one that makes the post & preview buttons work is a Javascript (JS) called "comments.js?v=3". If it is red, right click on it, select "Open in new tab" (again in Chrome). Once it has loaded in the new tab you can go back to the SST page, refresh it and the buttons should work. If it doesn't load in a new tab (you will see all the raw Javascript in the page) you'll need to try something else. Good luck!


Colonel: Glad to see that you are being given your due

Off Topic

I am very curious about the massed drone attack. These things look pretty primitive but the flight profile shows that they have to have some pretty damn sophisticated control software/hardware.

I think that you could write something with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi platform, but that would take some pretty damn sophisticated people.


Colonel Good Morning,
Sounds to me the Hawaiian pizza is served to jahadies in Idlib

Peter AU

Thanks Barbara Ann. Will try that.


so i spent ten minutes on google and bring back disappointment, no idea what pizza pineapple is references too

Ishmael Zechariah


I agree w/ you about the peculiarity of this attack. I wonder if the devices were following the precise GPS signal or the dithered one. The Russians would know; they captured quite a bit of these systems intact. They are not telling. It would also be interesting to know how many systems were deployed, and how many failed on the way. Again, the Russians probably know.
I wonder if there will be a few unexplained incidents in the US controlled areas of Syria in the next few weeks.
Ishmael Zechariah

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