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15 December 2017


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There are a lot of similarities to the Benghazi Hearings. There is a cover-up of the facts on the ground. The difference is that the Steele Dossier was and is an attack on the Trump Presidency. It appears that it is in the best interest of the White House to let the truth out. But, this would release a huge case of worms. There must be incredible pressure to keep the facts hidden and continue the new Cold War with Russia.

Corporate media is being obtuse and very confusing to this oldster. This seems clear.

The Dossier was initiated by the right wing Washington Free Beacon. Clinton Campaign took it over. It was circulated to the media before the election but not published. Senator John McCain got a copy and gave it to the FBI. Buzzfeed released it in January 2017. To date, nothing significant in the dossier including the golden showers has been proven to be factual. Even so, FBI continued to fund it. Classified SIGINT on the Russian Ambassador was leaked to the media by a high level political appointee(s) in the intelligence community. General Michael Flynn is caught in a FBI perjury trap. The White House is now staffed by third-rate military and Goldman Sachs flunkies.

The only way out of this swamp is to stop the endless wars.

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