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14 December 2017


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Competence and reliability are in short supply among the US "deciders" and this has become the main problem for this country. Sigh.

Patrick Armstrong

US has no monopoly. Consider Merkel -- if it had been your aim to destroy Germany, what would you have done differently from what she has done?


I disagree with Doctorow in only one thing. The decision to break Russia was made when Truman signed NSC-68. Once the USSR collapsed, the US moved in for the final kill, with horribly destructive economic advice to the new Russian government. After a decade of this, it had nearly succeeded:


"The unstoppable descent of a once great power into social catastrophe and strategic irrelevance."

This article was a powerful, truthful description of Russia's condition at the time, under the ruthless, rapacious, concienceless oligarchs that 'FreeMarketDemocraticReform' had established and enriched. And the US government was satisfied that it had rendered Russia permanently irrelevant.

The USG got its first clue that Russia might come back when Mr. Putin or exiled arrested the most ruthless and rapacious of Russia's oligarchs, especially Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who was about to sell half of his oil company Yukos to a Western oil major, and the US information war against Putin personally began, and has never stopped escalating. First came the accusation that Khodorkovsky's prosecution was purely political, and this continues to this day despite the fact that in May 2011 the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Khdorkovsky's lawyers had failed to substantiate that accusation, that his guilt was supported by credible testimony and evidence, and his punishment fit the crime.

Still, the USG remained confident that Russia's armed forces were an irrelevant pile of rust. Then came the 2008 Georgia war, initiated by Saakashvili, but ended by Russia, which is still cited as evidence of 'Russian aggression' despite the fact that loony Saak was the one who turned trivial local small arms skirmishing into full-blown multi-brigade combined arms offensive operations.

And its escalated from there.

My point is, the US has sought to make Russia irrelevant for decades, came so close, has totally failed, and is now in a frenzy of shock & frustration at its failure, and blind hatred for the agent of Russia's recovery, Mr. Putin.


кто с мечом к нам придет, то мечом погибнет.


Patrick thank you for this new Russian reality Sitrep updates. IMO, Russia’s weak point specially ever since the collapse of USSR is her never ending desire to be included and accepted by Pax Americana as an equal partner, or at least a subordinate partner like France and UK with UNSC seat. Although I must admit that desire changed was to some extend boxed in 2014/15 Syrian events. IMO, Russia regardless of her governing system being an imperial, a communist or a federal, will ever be strategically accepted in Pax American western system. Except in times of western desperation for resource, to be invaded when they are waring each other

Babak Makkinejad

If not Putin, it would have been some one else.
But to your point, I well recall Richard Nixon on US television, stating that Russia is down but not out. "That we need to treat them with respect."

Patrick Armstrong

Who comes to us with a sword will die by the sword

Babak Makkinejad

Not just by USA. It was not accepted by The NAZI Empire, by German Empire, by French Empire. She has forced herself into the Real Europe, West of Diocletean Line, and they keep on trying to push her out.


"If not Putin, it would have been some one else."

Maybe, though facing down murderous oligarchs took no small courage & determination, and not everyone has that.

But my real point is that anyone who did foster Russia's recovery was going to reap the hatred of the US government.


Lack of competence is a understatement. If there is a single person connected to US government who has a grain of sense, they are singing this song.

♫''Well I don't know why I came here tonight,

I got the feeling that something ain't right,

I'm so scared in case I fall off my chair,

And I'm wondering how I'll get down the stairs,

Clowns to the left of me,

Jokers to the right, here I am,

Stuck in the middle with you ♫


From Saint Alexander Nevsky. When Rus was invaded by Teutonic Kights and he kicked their butts at the Battle on the Ice. There is a great film by Sergei Eisenstein from 1938. During Operation Barbarossa 699 years after that historic battle, Eisenstein's film stiffened the resolve of many a Soviet Lieutenant, NCO and soldier.



The strategy of the US seems to be to gather ally countries that are mostly weak and or corrupt and dependent on us for aid or protection.
Imho if I wanted to control the world or 'stabilize' the world and or regions of the world I would seek out strong allies such as Russia,Iran even China.
Such a power sharing arrangement would dissuade certain countries from 'playing us' and would also make it very risky for them to attack each other as they wouldn't be able to pit one super power against another.


I made a comment a few post back that "Russia is Carthage". I don't believe that, however, the establishment that rules the West is behaving just like the ruthless bastards in the Roman Senate during the run up to the Third Punic War.

I do believe that the intent of the Western Establishment(Borg) after the dissolution of the USSR was the complete economic subjugation of Russia and the eventual break up of that state into smaller pieces with the ultimate goal of eradicating forever the thermonuclear threat to the New Rome of Europe and the United States.

What the Borg did to the people of Russia in the 90s is unconscionable. If we had leaders the past 25 years who were visionary then Russia today would have been one of our strongest allies in the Western alliance.

That time is past. What the West stands for any more is debatable. Ever since the fall of communism, the iron hand has emerged in the silk glove, neoliberalism or what use to be called the Washington consensus. John Keynes was right. A failed ideology from the past has arisen like Dracula. Go travel the devastation called the Rust Belt in the US. Stock market up but its not getting better. My region lost 15,000 jobs out of 45,000 during the 2008 crisis and they haven't come back and this is the deep south where there are plenty of immigrants, low wages, and no labor rights.

If this elite consensus and ideology that doesn't give a damn about his fellow man continues then the epic concentration of wealth at the top will make it all but impossible to change course. The year 2217 will be an elite with almost God like qualities due to the anticipated progress in the medical field especially genetic manipulation.

I'm a realist and understand for a large if not majority of people on Earth the life here traveled has been difficult if not hellish ever since the cave days.

As an idealist I always hope for better.


yes , i agree that's what i mean by Pax American, US and her subordinate allies. losing side on intra European wars, like to use Russia as a back room logistic depot. And US, wants to bitch Russia in a strip poker. No more of that, with Vladimir Vladimirovich, one can only hope for sake of the world.

Peter AU

Russia's main desire under Putin is to be respected as a sovereign country that trades/interacts with the world. It will not accept a position as a subordinate. Many things US and Russia could have partnered in - fighting terrorism for starters.
Instead, US has chosen to try and isolate Russia from the world. To break out of this, Russia now has to isolate US from the world. That is starting to take shape now in the middle east. Russia and China have now formed some sort of alliance for the first time in history as far as I know. joint missile defense exercises recently. Russia/China no longer using the US dollar in joint trade, and this is spreading.
In the longer term, I suspect the US would have been better of accepting Putin's terms of friendship rather making Russia an enemy of choice.


Matthew 26: Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.
Alexander Nevsky film


..."damage done by the Congressional sanctions " --- in Germany these sanctions are really bad for economy, Siemens is letting go of almost 7 Tsd.people, over 3,000 in Germany alone. The extent of damage to Germany is evident from the statistics recently published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the damage is much worse than for the US, French or british economy.



Sounds like the main symptoms of schizophrenia -- delusions, hallucinations, and disorganized thinking and speech.


I'm curious why this is your opinion?

IMHO Germany is very successful. The EU has a lot of properties that favor Germany:
* Germany is the economic engine of Europe
* The Euro is a weaker currency than the German mark would be.
* Eastern europe offers cheap labour
* Germany basically controls the EU ecomically
Germany also seems to have a long term strategy. Both economic and military
* Germany still keeps good relations with Russia (eg former kansler Schroder is director of the board of Rosneft and is very cautious with negative claims.
* Endpoint of OBOR in Leipzig (if somebody can clarify the importance of Leipzig I would be much obliged. I've seen several maps which specifically have Leipzig as an endpoint for the rail connection. Leipzig does have Porsche assembly and is an aerial cargo hub from Russia to Europe)
* Although the current defense spending is low and Bundeswehr is relatively weak, it does have several strategic assets such as a SAR satellite network and is developing navy assets for worldwide littoral missions. The European GPS system is also significant
* Pooling of European defense assets (amphibious operations, air transport, tanker aircraft etc)
* Germans being Germans, the scaling up of the Bundeswehr can be done with relative ease. IMO Germany is following the same strategy the Russians used in the 90s. Keep R&D capacity alive with limited funds and develop assets that can be mass-produced

If you are of the opinion that Germany should reform the EU I agree. The current economic constellation will break up the EU unless Germany starts redistribution (of about 5% of GDP) to the weaker countries (which is basically what all nation-states do internally).

Seamus Padraig

It's the same all over the West. Show me a Western ruler anywhere who's worth a damn. Victor Orbán, maybe? Is Hungary considered Western?

Seamus Padraig

The only time Russia will ever be accepted by the West is when she is needed to fight Germany.

Peter AU

Regarding Current Russia partnering with the US.
From Putin's recent press conference...

Vladimir Putin: This is one area of work where we could really join efforts with the United States. If we could work together here, these efforts could really be more effective.

We see the growing threat in Afghanistan from international terrorists and we see that radical armed groups are taking control over more and more sections of the Afghan border in the north, bordering former Soviet republics. This applies to Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Naturally, we are greatly concerned by this, considering, among other things, the presence of Russia’s 201st Military Base in Tajikistan and an airbase in Kyrgyzstan. We are closely watching these developments. We see that the central government in Kabul needs support from the international community and we are ready to provide this support, as we did in previous years, including training national law enforcement and military personnel and supplying essential weapon systems and military equipment.

Without economic aid, Afghanistan is unlikely to resolve all its problems, including combating drugs, drug production. As you know, unfortunately, it has to be said that Afghanistan is the world’s biggest producer of drugs, including hard drugs. Some of them get to the Russian market and this is definitely a cause for concern. Together with the Afghan government and the United States, as well as other governments concerned, we are ready to work to meet these challenges.


By protecting and saving Syria, and the remnants of the millennia old Christian culture there, Putin had already eclipsed the entire west as leader of the Christian faith.

Now, he and Kurril are planning the restoration of these Churches and the communities that supported them.

Contrast this to the US, sponsors of AQ, Isis, Al Nusra and SDF. Creator of fake chemical weapons attacks and attacking the SAA whenever they were most vulnerable. Making cargo drops to support these head hackers for years at a time. The US and Nato, and their Saudi/UAE allies, tried to destroy Syria and its Christian heritage the same way they are trying to destroy Christmas. They may have succeeded. I wonder if they will ever be charged with genocide?

Meanwhile, at the White house, Jarred and Ivanka, the Kabbalists, are pushing their Hanukkah on the US sheeple through the MSM that they claim to hate. Donald Trump is receiving US evangelists who are whispering in his ear that he is the reincarnation of Cyrus, and it is Trump's divine mission to create the third temple in Jerusalem. This third temple is also a sacred goal of Jarred and Ivanka, and all the Rabbi's staying in the white house.

Putin, blacklisted from Sochi for his resistance to queerification of Russia, is not dropping the flag. He is defending his people and his church and resisting the homosexuals and feminists and other useful idiots.

The contrast could not be clearer. Putin is the defender of Christianity, and Christians are slowly waking up to that fact. In Poland, Christianity is on the march too.

Patrick Armstrong

Sanctions and immigrant/fake refugees. Everything you describe is what was there before her (and much of it still remains. But the sanctions have lost a big market (and it's lost a lot of it for good) and the second case is eating away at the place. Germany isn't doomed, but it's getting there.

Patrick Armstrong

Orban is coming under attack as not being a "good European". Proof, of course, of what you say.
But here, as an early Christmas present, have a laugh
"Biden Hails Trudeau, Merkel as Last Liberal Leaders Standing"

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