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26 December 2017


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With due respect, I beg to differ. First off, the article does not appear in anyway fake, while google suggests it has been widely picked up already.

More to the point, there is a big difference between the stationing permanently of ships with potential nuclear missiles versus ships with nukes sailing about. In one case, a hostile force can wait for them to just sail out of the theater.

In any case, this indicates that a nuclear deterrent will soon exists on Syrian soil (Russian control). I do not see any effect on US geo-strategy, but it will change the balance with Israel - A direct massive airborne attack on Syria could lead to a Russian field commander turning all of Israel into a graveyard. To me this seems significant.

In any case, I will go out on a limb and propose that at some point in the next year, Russia will extend its nuclear umbrella to cover Syria. As to whether there would be a formal announcement, I suspect not, as I would hazard solely discussion on recently unsecured channels.

Imagine if China was to permanently base nuclear missile capable ships in North Korea tomorrow. IMO, such a move has implications that would be discussed on SST.

Additionally, this suggests that over the next year we will learn just what the price Syria paid to save their country from the jihadis. The Russian's are far less do-gooders than the US (There Aint No Such Thing As A Free Lunch, except when you can snooker Uncle Sam, which happens too often for my taste)


Twenty five and change for me. Where does the time go?



Nothing like a discredit, disqualify response to troll things up. The Russian's have had a base at Tartus Syria since the 1970s. They moved there after the US "persuaded" the Egyptians to move out of the sphere of influence of the USSR. The "nuclear deterent" related to any intervention in Syria by the US was discussed here in detail. It was public knowledge as well. Why do you think CJCS Dempsey convinced Obama not to intervene in 2013?


If Russia wanted to threaten anyone in the Middle East with nuclear weapons, it's already done so firing nuclear-capable Kalibr cruise missiles from corvettes of the the Caspian Sea Flotilla. With a range of 2,500 km, these cruise missiles could hit Cairo, Riyadh, Doha, Dubai, etc from Russian territorial waters so Russia has no need to locate nuclear weapons in Syria. So it's unnecessary, as well as being expensive and risky. That's not to say that the Russian warships visiting Tartus won't be carrying nuclear weapons just like US warships/


Barbara Ann: Imagine this girl had slapped a British soldier on the Falls Road in Belfast. Now imagine the subsequent outrage about her extended confinement.

Sympathy for the IDF depends on whether you think they have a right to enter Palestinian towns. I do not. A slap, therefore, is the least the People Who Chose Themselves deserve.

This "intifada of slappings" will be powerful. Gun Zionism is harder to defend when the victims are young women.

A women-led struggle will also destroy the myth of liberal Zionism. The IDF has been murdering, raping, and abusing Palestinian women since its origin in the Irgun. (Read Benny Morris.) Liberal Zionism's sole function is to disguise this ugly truth. Americans need to see what Zionism really is. Bull Connor's police were angels in comparison.


latest news item over here.



Dempsey for President!

Babak Makkinejad

I think the real price, since the Islamiv Revolution in Iran, has been the dissolution of any pretense to European-inspired modernization project in the Islamdom and the re-emergence of older patterns and ideas. This also applies to the Western Fortress and Russia, out with Enlightenment, in with Religion.

Babak Makkinejad

They ran over Rachel Corey without any protest from government or people; it won't matter this time either.

ex-PFC Chuck

"US lets militants train, mount attacks from its Syrian bases – chief of Russian General Staff"

Of course, RT is just Russian propaganda.



Scott Ritter takes on the Haley "Iran missiles in Yemen" story and destroys it.

Propaganda Aiming to Prove Iran Supplied Missiles Backfires

He also notes that thinking the US and South Korea can take out North Korea's missile launchers easily is delusional since even Yemen can produce missiles that evade Saudi airstrikes and US intelligence and also elude the Patriot missile defense system.


Russia to have a nuclear presence in Syria

Russia will have a presence of ships with a nuclear power plant--be that project 1144 nuclear missile cruisers or nuclear powered multi-purpose subs which will use Tartus as a base. That is not a nuclear presence, which Russia already has since any 3M14 TLAM or anti-shipping 3M54 missile can be armed with a nuclear warhead and some of them, on board of both surface ships and subs, which took or are taking part in operation in Syria, are most likely already armed with them. So goes for US Navy's ships and subs operating in Med--all of them have nukes on board. This is not news, really. Turning Tartus into a full fledged naval base was done precisely with this in mind--having capital ships replenish and rest there.



RT is reporting that the 16 year old girls Twitter account has been deleted.


'Merry Christmas' is a dog whistle for white nationalists, according to Newsweek:

So all those people I have said "Merry Christmas" to must now believe that I am a neo-nazi. Hmmm.


Scott Ritter - a thorn in the side of the neocons since 2003.

different clue


(Reply to comment 6)

It might be that the governments of China and Russia really would like the NorKor atom bomb testing to stop. Why might they want that? Because the NorKor undermountain test site is apparently getting geologically weakened and maybe even crumbly. Maybe China and Russia fear that another such test could collapse the mountain and send clouds of fallout over China and Russia.




In the following article Jeremy Hammond refutes Ben Morris's claim that the Arabs started the 48 war and that the Zionist's goal was not to ethnically cleanse the Jewish state of Arabs. It is long but well researched and uses Morris's own research and words against him.



I'm not buying that one. FUD.

Besides the prevailing winds blow to the east. Any residue would go out over the Sea of Japan.

different clue


(reply to comment 44),

Well, it was just a hopeful suggestion. The thought gave me hope that China/Russia might really want to do something about this testing. I did not know the prevailing winds blow east.

So China and Russia continue to share their long-standing incentive to support NorKor's bomb and missile testing, however much they might deny it. Their incentive is to keep making trouble for America and between America and its East Asian allies. And keep the AmeriGov too pre-occupied to think of other things as much as they should be thought of. ( And of course China wouldn't want a NorKor collapse that would bring SouKor and American troops right up to the China border.
But maybe America could remove that problem by getting SouKor to give up on ever re-unifying the penninsula. And going from there to diplomatic recognition of North Korea if North Korea will recognize South Korea at the very same time. That might
change incentive structures. Just another thought).

different clue

On to another subject. Man! it sure is cold here in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is officially 8 degrees beLOW zero. Where is all this global warming I've been talking about? Not here.

So where is it? Maybe its hiding somewhere? I am looking up the right-now real-time temperature in various cold places. Google, type, google . . . so let's see . .

In Barrow, Alaska it is 11 degrees aBOVE zero, right now. That's 19 degrees WARMer than Ann Arbor.

In Nome, Alaska, it is 18 degrees aBOVE zero, right now. That's 26 degrees WARMer than in Ann Arbor.

In Anchorage, Alaska, it is 11 degrees aBOVE zero, right now. Again, warmer than here.

In Fairbanks, Alaska, it is 17 degrees beLOW zero. Colder than here and thank goodness for that.

In Yellowknife, Northern Territories, it is 27 degrees beLOW zero. Some things still make sense.

How about Russia? Yakutsk--minus 41 which makes sense. But its 34 in Moscow,
31 in Saint Petersburg, 7 in Murmansk, 9 in Archangelsk.

So I think I found where some global warming is hiding itself . . . around coastal Alaska and in European Russia.


Been trying to figure out which is more important in the buildup to another Israeli strike in Lebanon- Hezbollah or the impending possible indictment of the Netanyahu(s?)

English Outsider

Optimax - In the report you quote is a reference to the often repeated assertion about the Balfour declaration - "The purpose of the declaration was to secure Jewish support for the war effort."

That was one purpose, along with very many others. A different perspective is given by the historian James Barr, in "A Line In The Sand, Britain, France, and the struggle that shaped the Middle East."

Barr had access to newly released papers and using those wrote what must be the best and most useful account of the crucial Mandate Period in Palestine and what led up to it. Unfortunately neither we nor the French emerge from Barr's account with much credit. The Americans come out of the very early days mostly as the good guys, though reduced in influence after Wilson was incapacitated, the Arabs as the betrayed, and we and the French as managing to combine Realpolitik with muddle in a deadly combination that inflicted tragic harm both on us and on the the unfortunates who found themselves under our control. In particular, and relevant in the context of the source you cite, the Balfour Declaration was part of a British stratagem to deny to the French control of Palestine.

Sykes/Picot, in as far as it was considered to have validity, allocated Syria to the French and there was good reason historically for the French to consider that this gave them a right to Palestine as well. The French also seem to have had a Messianic vision of their role in the ME, a role that they dated back to Crusading times. Such names as Guy de Lusignan still resonated with some French officers. The French Imperial Mission is mostly forgotten these days, except by the French of course, but it was alive and well back then and inevitably clashed with the resented and by then somewhat shop-worn British Imperial Mission. From this clash of failing empires the modern ME emerged and nowhere were the results as disastrous as in Palestine.

We wished to keep control of Palestine ourselves since it was seen as essential to the defence of the Suez Canal. The recent discovery of oil in Mosul, the necessity of a pipeline to the Mediterranean that would be under British control, the British Navy's need for oil and the need to reduce reliance on America for oil were all cited as further reasons for the British insistence on controlling Palestine and keeping the French out. The Balfour declaration and its subsequent implementation therefore killed a lot of birds with one stone. Given that in the closing period of the Great War straight colonialism was disapproved of by the Americans, who did not see their entry into the war as being for the purpose of propping up other countries' empires, it was believed that settling Jews in Palestine would give us a more respectable reason for denying the French possession of the territory.

That's a brief and therefore necessarily crude, though I hope not misleading, account of Barr's study, but he does show clearly that there was more to the Balfour Declaration than has been generally recognised.


We are way past 1984, and going faster than you imagine.

> The State Council has signaled that under the national social credit system people will be penalized for the crime of spreading online rumors, among other offenses, and that those deemed “seriously untrustworthy” can expect to receive substandard services. Ant Financial appears to be aiming for a society divided along moral lines as well. As Lucy Peng, the company’s chief executive, was quoted as saying in Ant Financial, Zhima Credit “will ensure that the bad people in society don’t have a place to go, while good people can move freely and without obstruction.”


Babak Makkinejad

So, what ratio of importance do you assign to Old-Testament Obsessed English Protestanism and Zionist Judaism on the one side and all else that you have enumerated on the other side?


New biography of Woodrow Wilson reviewed

> In 1921, on the day of Harding’s Inauguration, Wilson rode with the President-elect from the White House to the Capitol. In the car, Harding was horrified to see that the President was weeping. When the motorcade halted, Harding leaped out and bounded up the Capitol steps, waving his hat at the crowd. Wilson stayed in the car as it inched ahead to a seldom-used freight door. There, concealed from the crowd by mounted police, guards lifted the President out of his seat and took him inside.He had earlier suffered a massive stroke. As A. Scott Berg details in “Wilson” (Putnam), he had spent the last seventeen months of his Presidency almost entirely confined to his bed, the state of his health unknown to the public and little known even to his own Cabinet. He could see only out of a tiny corner of his right eye. His thoughts no longer came in trains but in torrents. He could not use his left arm. He could barely walk. By no means could he manage the Capitol steps. He could not possibly attend the Inauguration. “It cannot be done,” he said quietly.


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