18 December 2017


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More than childish, I think it could be construed as blackmail. If the major European countries would say OK they don't want any support from the US it would quickly come back to hit him. I don't have any real expectation that this will happen, but a UN resolution saying they would not be subject to blackmail would at least give the threat a real name

English Outsider

Anna - That was depressing, your link, and particularly the video at the end of it. Would-be cool at the service of makeshift propaganda. Reminded me somehow of the later and sadder days of Mr Obama.

1 Min 26 in the video states:-

"Join Israeli humanitarian aid and save the lives of wounded Syrian citizens."


That's referring to one element of the assistance the Israelis have been rendering the Jihadis in Syria. If I remember correctly the UK would have been supporting Israel in this had our Mrs Patel got her way. We're being encouraged to overlook or excuse the fact that the Israelis are helping terrorists. At the same time we're told we're fighting the same terrorists ourselves. Strange times.

I begin to understand why AP's Matt Lee sometimes looked so world-weary at State Dept briefings when they were feeding him nonsense on so many topics. Here's what he had to say at one briefing in 2016 "Isn’t it time to recognize these things for what they are and not live in this illusion or fantasy where you pretend that things that are, are not?" Or as the Colonel said more directly than Mr Lee a while back (I haven't looked it up but I think I've got it about right) "I get so fed up with all the bullshit".

Bullshit this video is, and all the more poisonous in that it seems to be aimed at students. The only consolation is that it doesn't seem to be that convincing to its target audience. I played this video with young people around and without any introduction or explanation. The general consensus was that there were troll vibes coming off it. From which, translated, I would guess that this video is too clever by half and will only fool those who want to be fooled.


With all threats and arm twisting, outside of the US, Israel and the usual “diving” islands of Palau, Togo, Nauru etc. US threats only managed to make newly regime changed, central American countries of Honduras and Guatemala, to vote against UNGA’ non-binding but eye-opening Jerusalem resolution. Thanks to US’ going it alone diplomatic team, we are reaching new lows as world supper rogue pariah state.


So the UNGA vote was resoundingly for Sisi's motion (129 for, 9 against, 35 abstentions, and 28 absentees). Not quite as much as one might have hoped, but the only major country that abstained was Canada. Even if only symbolic, it's quite a major statement of world opinion. Of course the autocratic Gulf states secretly in communication with Israel are not able to state it publicly, because their populations are so opposed to Israel.


Erdogan may be disagreeable, but he is backed by a solid electoral support - Anatolian Turkish Muslims.

I've always thought of him as quite similar to Trump - a conservative egotistical populist, only he is not working for the interests of the 1%.



DJT is too egotistical to care about the 1%. They scorned him all his life and he hates them. His life illusion is that he can become a Mustafa Kemal/Peron like figure. He wants to be loved by the common man and to that end has created his Archie Bunker blue collar billionaire mask. Don't be deceived by the propaganda of the coastal elites. They are even more detestable than he. pl

Babak Makkinejad

It just demonstrates once again that US is a superpower and others are just pygmies; specially Muslim states.
Who cares about UNGA except feeble powers that cannot do a damn thing to advance one iota of their interest?

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