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29 December 2017


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Publius Tacitus

I've allowed your misguided post to remain up in order to correctly inform the other readers of SST that you are grasping at straws and that it is clear you have not taken time to actually read the so-called dossier. You are wrong in your claim that "some of the Steele info has proved correct." Bullshit.
None of the substantive info alleging collusion and cooperation between Trump and the Russians has proved correct. To the contrary. There are egregious errors throughout.

You compound your obvious bias by citing as a source of refutation the dreck published by John Sipher. Hell, Sipher can't get even basic facts right. For example, he writes, "Let me illustrate what the reports contain by unpacking the first and most notorious of the seventeen Orbis reports, and then move to some of the other ones. "


What is truly sad is that you are relying on the credibility of someone like Christopher Steele. Habbakuk has provided extensive information detailing how unreliable Steele actually is in various erudite comments at SST. But we don't have to take his word for it. Just read the court documents from the case filed against Buzzfeed in Miami and the case in London. Steele is disavowing the reports as unverified.


What I don't get is that no one in the Clinton camp has ever disavowed any of the "leaked emails" that somehow cheated her out of the election. None of what has been leaked has been disputed as false or invented.

So the "Russians" allegedly interfered with our election by releasing true information, that if our news media was worth anything, we would have known anyway?

If it had all been made up, I could see the outrage. But it was all true, so far as we know. We owe the leakers a debt of journalistic gratitude, as far as I can see.


Hi Walrus. Like you I give little weight to the Steele dossier, but for different reasons.

Intelligence is information others don't want us to know. It's not journalism. Multisourcing in humint is always extremely difficult, and multisourcing from truly independent sources even more so. To expect multisourcing from a single field agent is a task too far and careers have been destroyed by those with no field experience pushing agents outside the comfort zone of their network. A large agency can task other agents, better still multisource with sigint from a partner agency. That's the dream. Steele seems to have been a field agent working in the protected diplomatic stream with immunity. When his cover was blown his sources became useless and he is probably friendless. There are many of that type infesting agencies as so much deadwood. He can take nothing of value with him and he goes into private enterprise with no useful network in Russia. That is the real reason he cannot multisource nor be expected to.


I think we should take stock of two more considerations:

1) What if Hillary had won? Hillary seemed intent on destroying the "vast right-wing conspiracy" that nearly ruined her husband. In my estimation, this narrative would have served as fodder for her to then go after her political enemies or at least goad them into submission. Simultaneously, it would have allowed her to paint the Wikileaks revelations, as well as claims that her foundation was a pay-for-play scheme/slush fund, as Russian propaganda.

2) Much of this Russian collusion narrative is reminiscent of the Birther narrative in that both narratives not only put into question the legitimacy of the elected President, but also threatened to reverse any efforts the President undertook once he would have been theoretically removed for being "illegitimate." Both narratives, perhaps by no coincide, have origins with Hillary Clinton's camp.

Everything about this narrative reeks of a plot against the President. Perhaps Trump brought upon himself to a certain extent for headlining the Birther movement, but it should be plainly evident that this Russian collusion narrative is simply that, a narrative bearing little to no witness to reality.


In light of recent George Papadopoulos news, here is analysis by Marcy Wheeler.


And by Jim White.


blue peacock

It seems others have ridiculed the NYT "expose" of Papadopoulos as the trigger for the FISA warrant.


According to the New York Times, the FBI investigation into Russian collusion began after drunken Trump campaign volunteer, George Papadopoulos, reportedly told Australian diplomat Alexander Downer at a London bar in May, 2016 that "Russia had political dirt on Hillary Clinton." When DNC emails began to leak, Australia apparently contacted US intelligence to report the drunken admission by Papadopoulos - igniting the Russia probe.....Unfortunately for the New York Times - much like CNN's botched "Bombshell" report from a few weeks ago that Donald Trump Jr. was told about the WikiLeaks emails before their release, only to issue a major correction because Trump Jr. was told after they were made public (by a random person), this "startling revelation" ny the NYT that Papadopoulos spilled the beans about Russia having dirt on Clinton was already public information.

Cue the NYT getting split like a cord of wood by the Conservative Treehouse's TheLastRefuge, who dressed down the entire Papadopoulos narrative in a 21-tweet dissertation...

Publius Tacitus

A more appropriate name for Marcy is Empty Head. What nonsense!! Trying desperately to knit the silk purse out of pig testicles.


And for all of us people out here just trying to lead honest lives, it's sad to know that the people who are in positions that make it possible for them to determine how they want things to be--whether or not we want them to be as they want them to be--all we can do is put our trust in God.

That sounds like a platitude, but it ends up being the truth.

I still am trying to get over the fact that I once had to choose between Obama and McCain when I voted for POTUS. Hmmmm.....Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum?

I can now only hope and pray that there are intelligent, righteous people in Congress involved in all these investigations who will find the truth and set things on a better course for us all.

blue peacock

If Congress wants to get to the bottom of the Trump campaign collusion issues all they need to do is subpoena the FISA warrant applications and read the unredacted versions. That will inform as to what evidence the DOJ & FBI presented to the court and if any of the partisan Trump Dossier content was used and if they informed the court that the dossier was a partisan oppo research product. Additionally, they'd also know what role Page and/or Papadopoulos played in the warrant application. There is really no point in spending much time on the FBI investigation led by Strzok as that was all partisan and can be fully discounted.

The heart of the matter is to learn the details about the conspiracy among the top echelons in the Obama administration to interfere in a partisan manner in a presidential election on the side of their candidate by using the powers of the state including law enforcement, counter-intelligence and information operations and when the electorate did not comply, to use these powers of the state to delegitimize a duly elected president.

This is so much bigger than Watergate, the Pentagon Papers, etc. If the law enforcement and intelligence agencies get away with at best a slap on the wrist, then the next time their use of state powers to manipulate an election could include just stealing it outright. The tables could be turned and it just could be the right that does that and the left could only foam at the mouth.



A simple assessment about the analysis, i.e. saying you think it is nonensensical, would suffice. No need for the name calling. Emptywheel is a respectable on-line journalist.

Publius Tacitus

You are entitled to your opinion. But you are delusional about her status as "a respectable on-line journalist." I've known Marcy for over 12 years. Nice lady but has zero experience with matters of intelligence. She is an active reader. I stand by "Empty Head."

blue peacock


I hope you will comment once the OIG report is out. It seems there are many balls in the air and some of them may land on the door-step of the FBI & the IC and even Hillary, which could of course further amplify TDS mania.


While most of the MSM fixated last week on whether or not President Trump eats McDonald's in bed while watching Gorilla TV, a flurry of investigative bombshells involving Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and conduct by the FBI's top brass during the 2016 election splashed across the headlines. As a quick review:

The DOJ is "taking a fresh look" into the Hillary Clinton email 'matter'
The FBI has launched a new investigation into the Clinton Foundation the day after the Clinton's Chappaqua property catches fire
Former FBI Director James Comey's full Clinton memo was released, revealing felony evidence of changes which "decriminalized" Hillary Clinton's behavior. Oh, and every one of the memos he leaked to his Cornell professor buddy was classified, per a sworn statement by the FBI's "chief FOIA officer" in a sworn declaration obtained by Judicial Watch.
The House Intelligence Committee will be granted access to "all remaining investigative documents," unredacted, along with all witnesses sought per a deal reached between Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Nunes
Opposition research firm Fusion GPS was forced to hand over banking records detailing various clients and their intermediary law firms, including the Clinton Campaign and a Russian money launderer whose lawyer was none other than Natalia Veselnitskaya of Trump Tower meeting fame

Most of these wheels which appear to be in motion are the result of corresponding groundwork laid on Capitol Hill you may not be aware of, including what might be the most important document in the entire process, expected in a little over a week.

On January 15, the DOJ's internal watchdog - the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), is expected to present their findings to Congressional investigators regarding a wide variety of alleged bias and malfeasance by the FBI, the Clinton campaign, and the Obama Administration - both during and after the 2016 election. Moreover, the man heading up the OIG investigation, Michael Horowitz, fought the Obama Administration to regain investigative powers which were restricted by former Attorney General Eric Holder during the Fast and Furious scandal.

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