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22 December 2017


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I agree with Pacifica here. The effects of opioids I know first hand. Had a hip and a knee replaced in the same year. They prescribe opioids so you can get through the rapid rehab they use now after joint replacement.

I was working and the pain killers making my brain fuzzy, so I just stopped taking them. I was down with flu-like symptoms for a week, and thought it was flu. Told my orthopedic that I had to quit taking the pills. He asked if I had been sick, all the while smiling. I said yes, and he then told me he was planning to taper me off them because cold turkey would provoke withdrawal, and that was what had made me sick.

I imagine there are lots of reasons for addiction, but the drug war hasn't stopped any of these. It has incarcerated many for weed, which is ridiculous. It focuses on the symptom and not the reason for the drug use - hence it will never succeed. In our strange oligarchy, the result is things like McKesson - where corporations make beaucoup money and pass the largesse along to their political buddies, making things degenerate further.

Doctors share the blame, as they are lobbied by the pharma sales guys with trips and such. They are also taught that drugs are preferred over physical therapy or any other type of therapy. So there is lots of blame.

It's funny how drugs weren't that much of a problem, nor was alcohol - until the government got into the picture.

I think we need to get government out of it and let people sort out their own issues for drugs, alcohol, tobacco and anything else they decide to do to their persons. I don't need government to tell me what to drink or smoke or otherwise imbibe.


Just to reinforce that, the US consumes about 0% of the world's narcotics. We know that while abuse is widespread, it is concentrated more heavily in some areas. In those areas more drugs are being sold than could possible be used legally. McKesson has been a major culprit here. They made huge profits off of selling these drugs, and did not report what was obvious abuse. Their punishment? A $150 million fine for a company with $200 billion a year in revenues.

Unfortunately, Babak voices what appears to be the sentiment of many in the current administration. It is all the fault of the drug users, so we will continue the War on Drugs, which has largely been a failure. God for bid we do something obvious like make it harder for the drug companies to make huge profits off of the stuff. Treatment has actually had pretty good success, but we won't see much money going into that. Oh well, at least this approach will keep my ICUs full.



The sniper rifles to Ukraine is classic Trump, read the article and not the headline and it is much ado about nothing.


On which note I thought this article was worth flagging. Will there be an audit and what will come of it?


"Zionist invariably regard themselves as superior beings; in this regard, they are the flip side of the Nazi coin."

Not once in official Nazi Party documents, or in the audio visual recordings of Hitler's speeches, have historians found a solitary reference to concepts of German racial supremacy vis-a-vis other races, other than the Jews. In the case of Jews, it was believed not so much that they were inferior, as they were corrupting and incompatible with European culture. Indeed, Jews were considered to be highly dangerous.

Neither did the Nazis ever talk about having a destiny to rule the world. The concept does not appear in a single Nazi party document, or a single speech of Hitler's.

This 'Nazi supermen' trope was created by Jewish propaganda officers in the USSR. It was simply a repetition of Jewish beliefs about Jewish supremacy, falsely attributed to the German people. It was the age-old Jewish-supremacist tactic of accusing your enemy of your own worst sins.

As to the deaths of Russian Jews: Genrikh Yagoda, head of the NKVD, was just one of the Jews in the Bolshevik government (which was 80% Jewish) that helped perpetrate the Holodomor against 7 million Ukrainians, and helped to murder 30 million Soviet citizens in total during Jewish Bolshevik rule. (99.9%+ of the victims being gentiles.)

In other words, the Wehrmacht did not murder the Ukrainian Jews – ordinary Ukrainians killed their Jewish neighbors, as payback for the loss of millions of gentile Ukrainians, including their family members, friends, neighbors, and work colleagues. No gentile Ukrainian community, whether Orthodox, Catholic, Muslim, or whatever else, escaped the death of loved ones at the hands of the mostly-Jewish secret police – apart from Ukraine's Jews. Only the Jews of Ukraine grew fat during Soviet rule.

In future, 'Publius Tacitus' might care to educate himself about history, before repeating outright fiction with such high-minded pomposity. There is nothing worse than receiving a lecture from a man ignorant of the facts, especially when those facts concern the deaths of 30 million USSR citizens exterminated for the crime of being gentiles.


No sir....gun manufactures do not sell their product under false pretense. Cigarette manufacturers have been forced to compensate society for false pretense selling their addictive wares. Why not the Sackler Family? Sackler Family assets should be liquidated to compensate society and individual victims of their deception and greed in the courts going forward.


I think the cigarette company compensation model is one to consider in this case, as individual or corporate criminal intent will be a high hurdle for criminal prosecution. Civil liability is another matter.

No, I don't think Executive Order should be used to circumvent the legal process of the judicial branch of government.


I swear, those people in small towns were already hooked on coffee. That is the reason for the opioid crisis.


"It's funny how drugs weren't that much of a problem, nor was alcohol - until the government got into the picture."

First, the usual disclaimers. Yes, the addicts bear some responsibility. Yes, the government played some role. That done, this is mostly just about the good, old fashioned profit motive. Absent any government involvement we still end up at the same place. Big Pharma pushed the idea, with poorly done, and in some cases faked, research claiming that their new narcotics were not addictive. Unfortunately, people were not skeptical enough about those claims. Some of those people meant well, but for some not being skeptical meant making a lot of money. (In general when something like this happens, just follow the money trail.) The big pharma companies involved in this made a bundle.




I was a nurse for 37 years and I know that people in pain were assured by their doctors that Oxycontin was not addictive and this was a lie. I am not implying doctors are solely responsible, the pharmaceutical company that manufactured it lied and encouraged doctors to prescribe it.


Very happy to see the Sakwa book referenced. It is one of the most important books of the last few years. Vital stuff given the potential for catastrophic outcomes. Everyone should read it.


Trump gives the Borg a good name.


Gov regulation of drugs has long been owned by Big Pharma (w/ help from criminal justice & LE sectors) through their participation in our political industry - especially in their influence upon elected officials who in turn control the budgets of those regulatory agencies. Humans, their crying needs, foibles, tastes & the rest are the rationale for a compelling business model - serving as a sizable (if problematic) transfer function. It’s messy, but it works.


Babak, Mongo...

Twice in my adult life I have been on pain medications for 2-3 months. Once it was Percocet (oxycodone) for badly bruised and possibly cracked ribs after a horseback riding accident, and once it was Vicodin (hydrocodone) followed by tramadol for plantar fasciitis.

In both cases, when the pain was gone and the health problem was healed I stopped taking the painkillers (all opioids) without any trouble at all. In fact I was relieved and delighted to be off of them.

Other people that I have talked to have had a similar experience. It is my understanding from various research I've read that 75-80% of people react like I did to coming of pain killers. It was no problem. Just like most of us can stop drinking when we're ready to.

My acupuncturist was on pain meds for over a year (maybe even 2 years) after a troublesome hip surgery and also dissolving disks in her back (the cortisone had stopped being effective). In her case she did have some trouble weaning of the opioids. Partially because she was still in some pain. Doc put her on subutex to help with that and then gradually she is weaning off that. And then she started using CBD oil on her back and hips and that has also helped her get off of the pain medication.

Sometimes pain meds are the only option for severe pain. It is important that they stay available to those who need it. But it is clear that more research in pain management is needed so they are not relied upon so much.

blue peacock

The Portugese experiment with decriminalization has proven to have had the best statistical outcomes in that drug usage in Portugal is declining. The opposite trend of what's happened in the US with the tens of billions spent on the "War on Drugs".

Opioid deaths in the US are running at 60,000 annually, double automobile fatalities. That's a serious crisis. But like with any crisis in the US there will be more ineffective government intervention as some new czar position and office is created that would consume most of the funding appropriated. Innovative thinking like Portugal will be disregarded.

Seamus Padraig

The USSR disappeared 25 years ago. The main threat to Ukrainians today comes from the Ukrainian government. Maidan was another huge Washington blunder.


This is a complex question, not easily reduced to a single cause. I agree with Babak that the individual addict is responsible. However, the question begs examination of the context of history, culture, politics and economics to establish there is enough blame to go around for many actors and ideas.

This topic is in the Zeitqueist as an interesting article examining 'Opioids and the Crisis of the White Working Class", appeared today on the Unz Review. It examines Babak's contention that the spoiled, white rich kids are to blame for sexual liberation and the drug culture that plagues America today.


"I argue there are two things at work here: one is the decline in our culture generally brought about by the 1960s’ counter-cultural revolution affecting health in childhood, marriage, child rearing, and religion. But added to that is a very specific situation involving opioid drugs that in turn is linked to academic researchers willing to falsify data for financial gain, a corrupt pharmaceutical industry, especially Purdue Pharma owned by the Sackler family, and lax government regulation of drugs because of manipulation by the pharmaceutical industry."

Seamus Padraig

Sadly, Steve Bannon was right: the Trump administration we fought for is over. Our domestic policy is now being run by Paul Ryan, while our foreign policy is being run by Jared Kushner.

blue peacock
Just hours after the FBI’s top lawyer, James Baker, was reassigned, WaPo reports that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe will retire in a few months - once he becomes fully eligible for pension benefits.

The kid gloves for a top law enforcement bureaucrat in attempting a coup against a legitimately elected POTUS. How can citizens not get cynical about the rule of law in the truly exceptional USA?

. . . Namely Trump claims to have gotten off the phone with his new best friend Vlad the other day to tell all and bask in the glory of how gosh darn thankful and grateful his new best friend Vlad was to receive the priceless super secret intelligence tip-off about the dirty no-good evil IS cell in St. Petersburg Russian, Vlad's home town, where lawdy lawd sakes to goodness chile, Vlad and his FSB boys busted em afores they could say "Jack be Nimble" . . .

FourthAndLong, I don't know if you're a troll or not. All I can say is that this post is very unconvincing.


On this I will agree a little. Thankfully my German Great Grandfather and his entire family got out of the Ukraine before WWII. They suffered from the Bolsheviks, and the word "Bolshevik" became the equivalent of something like the Boogeyman to my father's generation. But I have never heard them say mean things about the Jews.

I did watch an AHC documentary on this episode toward the end of WWII. It seemed to make it appear that if one didn't denounce Jews, a person would be included with the Jews in the slaughter. It's a very difficult situation in which to maintain ones's sense of honor.

On a slightly different note, during WWII, many of the German farmers in Russia, along the Volga and in the steppes above the Black Sea and in Ukraine were caught between the Nazis, whose language they spoike, and the Bolsheviks who were taking their sons and murdering many in their villages.

War is definitely Hell on Earth.

Publius Tacitus

Save your outrage. What specious "conclusions?" You fail to point out a single specious conclusion.
Also, the correct grammar is "THERE'RE" vis THERE'S.

Publius Tacitus

I am quite educated on this. You are betraying both your ignorance and prejudice. It was the Einsatzgruppen, not the Wehrmacht, who organized and, in many cases, actually shot the Ukrainian Jews.

"Einsatzgruppen[a] (German: [ˈʔaɪnzatsˌɡʁʊpn̩], "task forces"[1] or "deployment groups")[2] were Schutzstaffel (SS) paramilitary death squads of Nazi Germany that were responsible for mass killings, primarily by shooting, during World War II (1939–45). The Einsatzgruppen were involved in the murder of much of the intelligentsia and cultural elite of Poland, and had an integral role in the implementation of the so-called Final solution to the Jewish question (Die Endlösung der Judenfrage) in territories conquered by Nazi Germany. Almost all of the people they killed were civilians, beginning with the intelligentsia and swiftly progressing to Soviet political commissars, Jews, and Gypsies as well as actual or alleged partisans throughout Eastern Europe."

I allowed your stupid comment to go up so that others might gain an appreciation of your limited grasp of history.



Addiction is real. After food and shelter, exploiting it is the easiest and oldest money around. What has changed is that the fate of the little people is no longer of any concern. Pharmaceutical CEOs are too big to go to jail for murder. Their only care is enriching their shareholders and themselves. It is called corruption. The spread and extent is just not mentioned in corporate media. But, this is why Americans are dying earlier.


Purdue Pharma were fined $600 million for understating the addictive properties of Oxycontin to the FDA.

Babak Makkinejad

Thank you for your comments. Drugs are a scourge all over the world and the permanently crippled addicts a drain on everone. May be the bleeding hearts in such rich countries as USA can get those cripples on government dole, but elsewhere, in India or in the Philippines, the money for that does not exist.

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