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21 December 2017


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Matthew -- Nature abhors a vacuum...Russia will be happy to step in and up and over anyone we "cut off in a fit of pique." The Great Game requires participation or it becomes "pick-up sticks." Haley is an embarrassment but I'm sure
DT is so very, very proud tonight.



I did not say that we would want the place. pl


May needs to read her history.

john F

The last British Prime minister to arrange of special military deal with Poland was Neville Chamberlain.

That went well.



That is indeed he worst case scenario. I doubt the South Korean's or Japan would find a strike acceptable But maybe Trump will go for the decapitation strategy and prevent NK from having he ability to hit a West Coast City with an ICBM.

If he has decided to go down this road it would be in line with Trumps thinking about the world. He may not be in the regime change game but
you can be an America First President and bomb the hell out of other countries. Trump has no intention of being he POTUS who allowed a US city to be destroyed.

It would still be a disaster for the region, the US and the world but it would be consistent with Trumps view of the world and the US role in it.



I agree Britain is not in Realist mode as far as FP isconcerned and hasn't been since Blair took office but I would be interested in what you mean by the 'extremist ultras'


You’ll have to school me on the strategic value of the rock, but I’d guess the problem is that we own a lot of rocks in that area and don't need another Superfund site to babysit. About fifteen years ago, I was supposed to create a series of articles detailing a bunch of the world’s least desirable tourist destinations. Nauru was on the list. Problem was that the first on the list was Moldova, which was experiencing a wave of sex slave kidnappings. So I went to Moldova, but the Moldovans, who weren’t in on the joke, were great hosts who took me over the whole country, including their massive, drive-through wine cellars. I declined to write a mean-spirited article, and so, my great chance to visit Nauru evaporated.

Jim Buck

We once laboured under the Norman Yoke. Our Brexit suffering is set to go beyond the joke. What would make President Trump popular here would be for him to recognise Camelot as the capital of Britain. (it is over there--just beyond the Scots mist)


laguerre, Avi Shlaim is my favorite among the Israeli New Historians too, versus let's say Benny Morris. Who can turn quite crazy. I haven't read Baruch Kimmerling though.

Someone I discovered a couple of years ago is Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin. A book of his caught my attention since it had been a sideline interest of mine in Shakespeare studies, censorship. He is a very interesting scholar. Because he transcends the sometimes rigidly erected mental frontiers:


This has German subtitles unfortunately, I am sure a lot of people here will dislike his references to colonialism:



A lot of time has been wasted in a peace process between so heavily unequal partners. Why? Since parts of both sides by now ultimately mirror each other. Israelis that feel the whole land belongs to them, the Palestinians have Jordan after all? Palestinians that dream about pushing the "colonizers" out, take their country back?

I might have dropped the ironical statement that maybe the US should leave the UN altogether in the larger debate. It surely was on my mind.

Thus I had to smile when I read this at the end of the Guardian article:

Michael Oren, Israel’s deputy minister for diplomacy, called for Israel to cut its ties with the UN and expel the organisation from its Jerusalem offices.

“We must evict the UN from the scenic Governor’s House, where its bloated staff does nothing, and give this historic site to a school, a hospital or – best yet – a new US embassy.”


Even Canada voted against. They normally follow the US obediently.

Voting Practices in the UN regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Nancy K

Trump is living up to his motto, Make America Grate again,


A bit of reverse logic, but giving the Israelis everything they want exposes their greed. Hopefully it will break their influence on US foreign policy. The dog has been chasing the car for so long it has forgotten what might happen if they catch it.


An unwinnable war for the US. It would be the catalyst needed to crush the current global asset bubble though. The 2008 market meltdown would be a minor glitch in comparison. It won't happen. Unless that is the desired outcome...


Rashid Khalidi says it so well, reviews the tactics of USA in 1947 Partition Plan, and the Non-Member vote in 2012. The difference today is that the tactics are open bullying rather than discreet.
And their purpose is to "feed the xenophobia of his domestic base."


J: This morning NPR tried to explain that Pakistan co-sponsored the Jerusalem resolution at the UN because of "domestic politics"
and "upcoming elections."

Could our press be any more parochial and patronizing? The idea that another country may reject our AIPAC-bought foreign policy completely baffles the Fourth Estate.


LeaNder: If you were an Arab, wouldn't you want the USA and Israel to leave the UN?

And I'm really curious how many elections they need to have in Turkey, Lebanon, and Iraq before we stop hearing this nonsense that Zionland is the "only democracy" in the ME.

Fact question: Can a non-Jew legally be PM or DM in Israel? If not, then Israel is not a democracy.


out there, I forget at what specific point Rashid hit a cord that made me turn away. Maybe, given, as non-activist I may have misunderstood?

In this instance the first paragraph reminds me of it. You feel I should get over it? There is something relevant I should know?


I'm afraid Canada only abstained, the classic Canadian mushy middle road.b


Merry Christmas to everyone, or whatever they like to substitute for the winter solstice in their own traditions, if they did, that is, religious one way or another or non-religious, or those that don't care about their respective rhythms of seasons around them and the lager globe or their religion.

Obviously, first and foremost, the very, very best to Pat Lang and Madame Lang and their family.

Babak Makkinejad

A first step in the direction you are proposing would be for Muslim states to sub-lease Egypt and Jordan from USA; for diplomatic as well as military reasons. The tab is roughly about 2 billion Yankee Greenbacks a year for the both of them. That will not happen and nor anything else.

Babak Makkinejad

Then there is the little tiny matter of Turkey breaking diplomatic relations with Israel and declare war. That won't happen either. Let us not kid ourselves on this forun.

Babak Makkinejad

All the lands of the Seljuk Civilization are in the North and are geographically isolated by deserts or bodies of waters from other Muslims. Takfiris are not a thread to Seljuk Muslims but to such states as India, Russia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, France, Jordan, Algeria etc.

Babak Makkinejad

If Europeans were sane they would have supported this Perso-Turkic Civilization to the hilt for reasons of global peace and stability. Putin finally grasped what this and acted accordingly.


Briefly OT, relating to the incoherent farce Western foreign policy is descending into.

Our Prime Minister Theresa May has been histrionically claiming that Russian penetration and Putin are responsible for everything from Brexit to Jeremy Corbyn. Then it is claimed that a Russian spy has penetrated her very sancta sanctorum, 10 Downing St.

However, it turns out he was a Ukrainian translator and Chief of Protocol who was translating for her meeting with her Ukrainian opposite number - about all the secret military aid Britain is providing for the Ukraine.

Our Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson - who occasionally lurches from incoherence into a semblance of a realist foreign policy - was meanwhile having a pleasant and jocular meeting with Lavrov, saying that he hoped we and Russia could improve our relations.

Then suddenly the Ukrainians arrest their translator, claim he is Russian and a spy, and spill the story that he's been in Downing St at the centre of top secret talks.

There must be endless different explanations of what this all means, none of them credible.


robt willmann

On the matter of the opinion of people of other countries about the issue of Palestine and Israel, it reminded me that a number of years ago a Chinese lady had come to me about a lease. She had gone from China to Canada, and had become a Canadian citizen. She was in her late 20's, spoke pretty good English, and was entrepreneurial. She was doing some work in the U.S. Subsequently, she called me and said that a chef in Houston who was there legally under a work status was somehow having a new issue with the Immigration Service. She had his file and wanted to talk to me about it. I met her at a restaurant, which was a combination light restaurant and bar, with television sets.

I think it was something on the television on the Palestinian situation that led her to remark, unsolicited, that: "The Israelis are the terrorists".

It was an interesting revelation from a person of her background.

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