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10 December 2017


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Babak Makkinejad

You need to address the Protestant Churches in North America and in Northern Europe, they bear major responsibility in this, together with incompetent Arab leaders that could not find a war that they could not lose.



Don't worry, be happy, you can Rapture your way out of it.


Honor does not require a group or reciprocity.
Honor can stand alone.

'Who is the happy Warrior? Who is he
That every man in arms should wish to be?

Who, if he rise to station of command,
Rises by open means; and there will stand
On honourable terms, or else retire,
And in himself possess his own desire;

Who comprehends his trust, and to the same
Keeps faithful with a singleness of aim;
And therefore does not stoop, nor lie in wait
For wealth, or honours, or for worldly state;

Who, whether praise of him must walk the earth
For ever, and to noble deeds give birth,
Or he must fall, to sleep without his fame,
And leave a dead unprofitable name—

Finds comfort in himself and in his cause;
And, while the mortal mist is gathering, draws
His breath in confidence of Heaven's applause:
This is the happy Warrior; this is he
That every man in arms should wish to be.''


The former director of the CIA Michael Morell has decided to open up about his treasonous activities against POTUS: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-11/ex-spy-chief-admits-role-deep-state-intelligence-war-trump
It is not difficult to picture a treasonous plot against Trump, which has been run by the higher-ups in the CIA/DNC/FBI in violation of the US Constitution. It is quite possible that the ongoing investigation into the illegal leaks, as well as the malicious and dangerous slander (Russiangate), has been leading to Morell directly. What if this mega-crook has become scared?
Also, cannot wait to hear about the results of Seth Rich' murder investigation and, even more important, about the discoveries re Awan affair. The latter should be spectacular, no doubts.


It pains me to see noble horses carrying such ignoble cowards.


Since I prefer to be a spectator of the committee rather than a regular contributor, I should start by reminding those who don’t remember me that I, myself, am Greek Orthodox. I confess, I know little about the Evangelicals, beyond the ill reputation afforded to them by the secular media, so I hope that some other correspondents can enlighten me. Before I continue, I’d like to quote a passage from “The Living Body of Christ”, a collection of works by Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh:

“The very notions of heresy and schism imply a relationship to the Faith of the Church and a lasting relationship – however painful this may be – between the Church and those who have separated themselves from her. We do not accuse the Muslims or the Buddhists either of heresy or schism; they are simply strangers for us. To be heretical or schismatic, one has to be a Christian!”

Without elaborating, this has been one of the most formative statements I’ve ever read during the course of my life and has affected all of my interactions with other Christians since.

Notwithstanding the words I’ve quoted, we consider a Christian who forsakes his faith for, say, Islam, to be an apostate. Then there are those who call themselves Christian who we consider to be strangers: The Mormons, for example.

My question is, do the Evangelicals truly consider the Jews to be God’s chosen people? Because, if so, then they are surely strangers? The entire basis of the Christian faith is that God made a new covenant, with ALL of His children. The old covenant with Israel (exclusively) came to an end; The Jews are no longer God’s chosen (unless they wish to fulfil the new covenant). If the Evangelicals truly do believe that the Jews are God’s chosen people, then they cannot be a part of the Church (which includes Roman Catholics, Orthodox Catholics,and so on, irrespective of whether they are in direct communion with one another).

Can anyone elucidate their beliefs more accurately? Why do they think Christ came to us, if not to revoke the old covenant?


As I noted above, I’m Greek Orthodox. That said, I am ‘of the west’ and, after many years abroad (most spent in the middle east), my place of worship is once again in the west. Most of the members of the congregation of the church I attend are westerners (or are 2nd-3rd generation children of migrants who are thoroughly westernized).

I’ve noticed over the years, since the first NATO incursions into the Balkans, a growing perception among my fellow worshipers that the United States is at war with Orthodoxy. At first, that sentiment would be postulated by one or two of our more ‘passionate’ (read: Greek) members; Most of the congregation could be described as apolitical and paid little heed. But I hear those sentiments more often now, and they’re more generalized towards the United States being at war with Christianity in general. We’re very much aware of the plight of Christians in Iraq and now Syria (and Egypt), and had no doubt what the United States’ preferred outcome for the latter would have meant for them.

Of course, we knew about their plight because our own Church has close contacts with churches in those places. I don’t mean only the Eastern Orthodox Church but also those denominations that, while being apart from us, nonetheless are closer to us than they are with almost all western churches. We’ve prayed for them at every liturgy for years now, and received Syrian guests from time-to-time, so we could hardly forget them.
But if I look to the western media, I would know little of it: Which brings me to my point…

I’ve watched UK and US media coverage of the aftermath of the President’s announcement over the course of the past few days. Much of the focus was on the protests/riots (choose your poison) in Bethlehem.
At no point did any media outlet mention that almost 40% of Bethlehem’s population is Christian (down from 85% in 1947); or that its current and former Mayor’s are Christian. I saw a couple of interviews with Hanan Ashrawi during which her faith (Christian) wasn’t mentioned; Now, I’m not suggesting that every Palestinian should have their faith announced prior to an interview-proper but what struck me was that, as soon as the interviews were over, the anchors continued to push the narrative that this disagreement is one between Jews and Muslims, with Christians as mere spectators. It’s very clear to me that the media (in the US in particular) wants the western public to think that the Christian population of these places is negligible, if it exists at all. So who do westerners think are the descendants of those who listened to Christ as he gave His sermons? Us?

Let’s remind ourselves that the Holy See recognized the State of Palestine in 2015. Let’s recall that it supports the UN position that the Holy City be treated as a separate entity (corpus separatum). And the Orthodox (and pretty much every non-US based denomination, apart from the Ulster Scots presbyterians who believe they’re a ‘lost tribe’) agrees with the Church of Rome on this.
We Christians also have a stake in Jerusalem, and it would appear Trump wants to give our stake away, for nothing.

I believe in the separation of Church and State. I don’t expect, nor would I ever wish, for the United States to proclaim itself the defender of Christianity. But many of its citizens (and politicians) would present it as just that. Well, the overwhelming majority of the world’s Christians are watching what the US is doing and it’s actions don’t appear to be secular in nature at all – they appear to be in direct hostility towards Christians, on behalf of a sect (Evangelicals) which doesn’t appear to be Christian at all (see last post).

And anyone who buys Bibi’s nonsense about Christians being safer under his watch needs to go and watch how Israeli security has treated Christians celebrating events such as the Holy Fire… Christians didn’t move back to Palestine after Israel was born. In fact, they’ve left in their droves.



I have been reading SST for over a decade. I don't recall many truly anti-Semitic comments. I have read however many hasbara comments. Col. Lang has created the space for many differing views. While I don't agree with them all I have learned from them. IMO, questioning why the US needs to meddle in a millenia old religious conflict in the Middle East is not anti-Semitism. Asking what have we as,Americans gained in our ardor for the zionists does not imply that we support Muslim extremism? Our experience over the past decades where we have spent trillions at the behest of the zionists in intervening in the Middle East have brought us no discernable benefits. We can't run national policy on the basis of emotions solely we have to make cold, hard calculations of our national interest not just the interests of the zionists.

You bring an important perspective to the discussion at SST. On this topic however I believe you have allowed your emotions to carry you. I can understand. This is highly emotional for all sides to the debate. And this is precisely why we are in this kind of trouble. As you may know I tend towards isolationism in foreign policy. I agree with Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan that we should focus our energy and capital on re-building here at home. And not destabilizing the rest of the world. That will come to bite us in the ass as the rest of the world slowly but surely will oppose us and begin to curtail our freedom of action.


Well said


I can’t understand why Jews prefer to use the world “Semitic” or precisely use “anti-Semitic” when labeling folks who don’t agree with Israel/Jews political view. To me Semitic has a racial tone, not referring only to Jews but also Arabs and other related people who share same family of languages and race. So why not label tham anti Jews? Maybe because to the westerners anti Jew will sound like a religious war instead of a racial war? Should we label Arabs and Palestinians who are fighting the Israelites anti- Semitic ?

Babak Makkinejad

There are DNA studies that indicate that the populations scattered across the world that consider themselves Jewish have distinctive and common features and thus could be considered a relatively distinct group.

But that genetic level distinction cannot be identified with what one considers to be racial characteristics - they are Jews with a very dark complexions - darker than mine and with kinkier hair than mine - as well as those with very North-European characteristics in terms of colors of skin, eye, hair and other such outwardly visible characteristics.

Significantly, the population with the least amount of genetic exchange with other population has been the Jewish Iranians.

Babak Makkinejad

When the economic war against Iran, led by such stalwarts of humanism as Germany and UK, Georgia, Greece, Armenia, Cyprus suffered.

No one in Diocletia cared one whit about them.


I take what you wrote as a given of history and human nature...a truism. Applicable, or not, to any time or place. A given between Nations, Peoples, or individuals. It says everything....it says nothing. People and situations are unpredictable.


There is a facscinating discussion of the origins of “cultures of honor” in sapolsky’s latest book Behave at around page 283. The gist is that pastoralist cultures (herders) (or those that originated as pastoralists) the world over share this honor/revenge mentality much more so than farming or other cultures. The American South is one such culture according to the work he cites.



So what did they herd in the Old South? Hogs? pl




House Passes 'Combating Anti-Semitism Act Of 2017' To Expand Hate Crime Laws, Penalties



To the post war western european secular inspired mind, Anti-Jewish Anti -Muslim may not sound as moving as a racist label like anti-semitic could be, especially when "semitic " on common non scholarly level is not being related or referenced to common heritage with Arabs and North Africans. Anti- semitic is used on daily bases only to subject the Jewish People, and not the rest of the same race. IMO this labeling has been carefully studied and chosen.

Babak Makkinejad

So you say, and that those were Orthodox, that Russia is Orthodox and that Western and Eastern Christianity had slugged it out for centuries is irrelevant and purely accidental?


Russian VESTI broadcast say Putin agrees with Turkish Erdogan that Trump made a hasty decision appointing Jerusalem as Israel's capital.


"descended from the Prophet."

small caveat they are the descendants of hassan and sayids are descendants of husayn



I enjoyed reading your long posts, they hit a theme I have been pondering for a while, even though I am agnostic. My Great Grandfather said "I didn't leave the Mormon church, the Mormon church left me".

Rick Wiles and his "ministry" at trunews.com have been hammering away at Christian evangelicals and their delight in this latest Trump move to make Jerusalem a new world capital. He says they think they will be raptured up to heaven before TSHTF, and that they are ecstatic. He says this is Trumps voter base. He has a daily podcast and now a nightly TV news broadcast, perhaps you would find it of interest.

Recently James Perloff, a renounced jew, and respected author, announced he was joining the Orthodox church. Perloff, has done some great work on Historical Revisionism:


Jay Dyer, an author I highly respect, also recently converted.

Of course, there's Brother Nathaniel too.

I am telling you this because many "western" Christians are well aware that the Vatican is a corrupt cesspool that serves as a shining star to Washington, and the protestant churches across the US have been subsumed by the deep state to a degree approaching that of the KKK.

Recently, while recovering from Surgery, I was attended to by a Syrian Aramean whose family had been forced to flee the wrath of Israel. He had quite an interesting tale to tell, and it turns out that there is an Aramaic Orthodox Church set up in what was once a Roman Catholic Monestary not far from my home. Once I have recovered, I plan to go by and visit.


Remember the Liberty because Israel wants it buried.


They herded blue bellies. At least until Sherman and Sheridan turned it into a war of genocide.



What do you call people descended from his daughters? pl


iirc only Fatima had children who also had children, all the other daughters children did not survive to reproduce

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